How To Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Factory Reset

how to unlock android phone

Android phone passwords, patterns, or PINs can help users secure essential data and files. However, there are some high risks. For example, if you forget your password, pattern or PIN, or naughty kids playing your Android phone with the wrong password, etc. You may often think that the Android phone will lock forever, or you will need to do a factory reset. The problem you are facing is not only yours, but several users have experienced these kinds of issues. This post shows you how to unlock an android phone after too many pattern attempts without a factory reset.

We can unlock the password of an Android phone in some practical ways. Although the most common, or the first thing you would say, is a factory reset. However, as soon as the factory resets, your Android phone will have to bear the loss of data and files password without a factory reset?

The answer is yes. In this guide, we’ve put together several practical tips to help you unlock your Android phone password without a factory reset. Check them out now.

How To Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset?

You can learn how to unlock Android Pattern Lock without any factory reset. However, you can learn how to remove Android Pattern Lock without factory reset using ADB using these instructions:

  1. To get started, you need to download ADB to your system.
  2. Next, launch the installer and download all the necessary packages to your system.
  3. Now, connect your phone to the system. Make sure its USB debugging feature is turning on.
  4. Go to Settings and tap the “Build Number” option seven times in a row.
  5. Go to Settings A Developer Options and turn on the USB Debugging feature.
  6. Yours. and choose After connecting your device to the system, launch the command prompt in the installation directory in your own ADB.
  7. Type the Adobe Shell RM / Data / System / Gesture command. Press the key and press Enter.
  8. Restart your device without any lock screen format or PIN and usually access it.

How To Unlock Android Phone If It Gets Locked Due To Any Possible Reasons

It comes with many advanced features and security so that you can lock your smartphone with passwords, PINs, and patterns. However, we often forget our lock password.

If you want to unlock your Android lock, keep reading this post.

Let’s look at three situations that can lock your Android phone and you can’t access your device.

1: Forgot Pattern

2: Forgot Pin Numbers or Passwords

3: Broken Screen or Dead Screen

Scenario 1: Forget the pattern

After trying many patterns on your phone you will get a prompt for “Forgot Password”.

Then tap the prompt, and you enter your Google Account and passwords on your phone. However, the pattern will unlock after logging in.

Scenario 2: Forgot PIN or password

To begin with,  log in to your Google Account and connect to the network and turn on GPS.

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First things first: to reset your PIN and passwords:

After signing in, select your device, wait for it too detected by the PC, press “Lock” in the window, and reset your passwords.

Scenario 3: Broken screen or dead screen

If you are stuck in this kind of situation, do not go for a walk. This is a bit of a problem, but if you have the USB debugging option enabled on your phone, it will be easier for you to unlock your screen.

How to easily unlock an Android phone

OK, here are some of the best and most reliable solutions that will help you unlock your Android phone without any hassle. So let them go through each other.

How to unlock Android phone with ease

OK, here are some of the best and most reliable solutions that will help you unlock your Android phone without any hassle. So let them go through each other.

Method 1: Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Firstly you have to require your device and a PC. However, it only works if your phone has USB debugging enabled, but if you don’t have USB debugging enabled, switch to 2 or 3 modes.

To do this, follow how to unlock an android phone after too many pattern attempts without factory reset:

1: Download the Android SDK package on your PC ( Extract the zip file from your system.

2: Then download the necessary drivers for your device. You can find the required USB driver on the manufacturer’s website.

3: After that, start a command prompt on your PC and change the location of the ADB file. Follow the command request; CD C: / Android / Platform-Tools

4:Now, affix your device to your PC using USB cables. Enter the “ADB Device” command (without quotes). Once your device recognizes it, you will see the number in a command prompt message.

5: Type the following two commands. It would help if you typed first and second. Replace 1234 with your password.

6: Soon, your phone will open, and you can go further.

Method 2: Use the ‘OK Google’ voice match to unlock the Android phone

If you know your device well and your device is set up in Google Assistant, you can help you unlock your Android phone. It usually works on the pre-recorded voice feature.

However, for this feature to work, it should be turned on, and after that, you just need to say “OK Google” to unlock your Android phone.

How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Factory Reset with 7 Methods

In this guide, we have collected 7 Methods to help you how to unlock an android phone after too many pattern attempts without factory reset. Check them now.

Method 1. Unlock Android Phone Password with Google Find My Device

If your Android phone is running Android . or lower, then you can try the Google Find My Device service to unlock your Android phone without a password.

1. On your other Android devices,> Sign in to your Google Account> It shows all your Android devices that have signed in to this account> Choose the Android you want to unlock.

2.You will then see “Ring,” “Lock,” and “Delete.” So select the lock option.

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3.However, in the pop-up window, set your new password.

  1. Then go to your locked phone and enter the password set now. And you can unlock your Android phone.

Method 2. Unlock Samsung Phone Password with Google Account

If your Android phone runs Android 4.4 or lower, you can try the Forget Pattern feature to solve this problem. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Firstly, choose Enter Google Account Details.
  2. Then enter your primary Gmail account and password
  3. Finally, Google will send you an email with an unlock pattern, or you can change it directly on the screen.

Method 3. Unlock Samsung Phone Password with Find My Mobile

If your locked Android phone is a Samsung brand, you can try the Samsung service directly:

  1. Firstly, go to on your computer and sign in to your Samsung account.
  2. Select Lock My Screen in the left panel> first enter a new PIN, press the lock button> your password should change to your newly entered PIN in a minute or two.

Method 4. Unlock the Android phone password on the third-party lockscreen

For most phones, the steps to boot into Safe Mode will long-press the Power Off option in the Power menu> Fix if you want to boot into Safe Mode> After the process is complete, your third-party lock screen app will be temporarily disabled> Clear Data or Third Party Uninstall the lock, then turn on your phone.

Method 5. Unlock Android Phone Password without factory reset using ADB

Here’s what you need to do:

A general prompt window in your ADB installation directory> Type “adobe shell rm/data/system/gesture,” then press Enter> reboot your phone, and the secure lock screen will be gone.


What is Android Pattern Lock?

Pattern lock is a security system to measure that protects devices such as mobile phones or tablets and is much more desirable than a pin code or text password.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Connection?

By following these steps, you can do this.

  • Firstly, turn off the phone.
  • Then hold these buttons, “Volume Up + Home Key + Power Button,” together until the phone boots.
  • Now a screen like DOS will come up with different options.
  • After that, use the volume keys to move up and down depending on what your device has, and then scroll down to “Restore factory defaults” or “Delete all user data.”
  • Finally, after clicking on the settings above, now scroll down to “Reboot system now” and wait for your phone to reboot.

How to Change Android Pattern Lock?

By following these steps, you can change your android pattern lock:

  1. Provide only any pattern on the device. Since the pattern will be incorrect, you will get the following prompt.
  2. Tap the “Forgotten Pattern” option at the bottom of the screen.

Forgot Android pattern

  1. This will provide a variety of ways to access your phone. Select your Google Account details and tap the “Next” option.

Enter Google account details

  1. Great! Now you can provide a new pattern for your device.

Conclusive Discussion:

Above all, we can hope that now you know how to unlock an android phone after too many pattern attempts without factory reset. We tried and researched a lot to tell you the whole thing and quickly. If you have any questions, then feel free to knock us by the comment box. We will try to answer your queries.

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