how to unlock android phone

How To Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Factory Reset

Android phone passwords, patterns, or PINs can help users secure essential data and files. However, there are some high risks. For example, if you forget your password, pattern or PIN, or naughty kids playing your…

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7 Stages Of Grief

7 Stages Of Grief – How To Recognize And Identify Them

Grief is omnipresent in our lives. We have no choice in facing it. When we hear the word mourning, we immediately think of death. Grieving over the death of a loved one is arguably the…

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smart lock

The Top 5 Features All Smart Locks Must Have

If you love staying at the cutting edge of technology, you’ve probably considered upgrading your home security with a smart lock.  Smart locks are electronic locking mechanisms for your doors. While they come packed with…

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