How To Get Back a Mac Password? Here is What You Need To Know


It could be common to panic for anyone who forgets their favorite Mac password. Because Mac is believed for high security and you will be rejected to sign in without a valid password. Again, it could be a frustrating experience as you are getting late to log in on time for office work; still, there is no need to panic. There are ways to use tools created by Apple MacOS software to help you in such situations. All you need to be aware of it. Remember, if you have a good memory to learn the password, Great! Still, knowing in advance how to recover your Mac Password can help you from uncertainties.    

Let’s learn some interesting ways to unlock your Mac and regain control over it;

Use Apple ID and Reset your Mac Password

Normally, every Apple device is connected to Apple ID, the same lies to your Mac. This is a simple step that helps you to reset your Apple ID password. Once you enter the wrong password, the system will allow you to enter three times the right password. In case you fail, your system will automatically restart, and you will get a recovery option. Click on the reset option and enter your new password.

Use Another Admin Account

When you are sharing a system with more than one friend, family members, or with office staff and someone forgets the password. Keep in mind, the key to recover your password lies in the hands of the administrator user. So, ask your administrator to go to system preferences> User and Groups. Admin will see a list of accounts in “User and Groups,” ask to reset your password by following the given instructions.  

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Recovery mode is the best. 

If everything fails, rebooting your Mac to recovery mode surely works for resetting your Mac. You can start recovery mode by turning off your Mac. Remember, rebooting could vary from system to system. But if you are using an intel processor, hold the Command and R keys for a long duration, then press the power button. You can also activate recovery mode by restarting your Mac and pressing a combo of the Command +R key. Then keep on following the mentioned steps to reset your system password. 

Bonus Tip: Take a tour to password managers 

Password managers are a great app that can save you from the hassle of forgetting and remembering passwords. You just need to download the one and save an authentic password on your Mac. To know more about password managers, you can also click here. You will get different types of password managers and how to use them. The best part, using an authentic passwords manager on your Mac applications and search engine means you are adding an extra layer of protection for your system. 


Above mentioned methods are an effective way to regain your system access. Even if your child forgets the password, you can still reset it with apple id, admin, recovery mode. On top of it, try to start using a password manager to save your data and the hassle of recovering. 


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