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100 lb Propane Tank

Firstly, propane is a gas at standard temperature and pressure. But, people can compress it and convert it into transportable liquid. You can use it as a fuel for industrial and domestic works. Also, people use propane in low-emission transportation. Marcellin Berthelot, a French chemist, has discovered this fuel. He found it in 1857. But, it became marketable in the United States in 1911. It has a low boiling point that vaporizes it fast. So, propane gas is a common choice for portable stoves and barbecues. This article will discuss the 100 lb Propane Tank, its categories, dimensions, and features.

Propane tanks are one type of storage container. They store propane in liquid form. However, these tanks are available in different shapes and sizes. Besides, these tanks need a good design so that they can contain propane at higher pressure. Also, they have the setup to install and fill-up at the site and location of the customer. You may install larger tanks temporarily. You can set up them for particular higher demands and uses. Besides, people can use them at home or any business.

Uses of propane

People can use propane in many cases. For example,

Portable stoves

Propane has a low boiling point. You can vaporize it just after it emits from the pressurized tank. So, it has become so popular to use in portable stoves or for barbecues.


Propane can provide off-the-grid refrigeration. Besides, it works as a source of energy for refrigerators and recreational vehicles.

Domestic and industrial fuel

Propane is popular as fuel for heating systems and backup electrical generation.

Motor fuel

Propane has a liquid state at a certain pressure that is essential for cars as fuel. It allows fast and affordable fuel usage.

Other uses

  • Firstly, you can use it as fuel for ships.
  • Secondly, it is a flammable gas. You can use it in soldering.
  • Besides, it is the crucial fuel to use in hot-air balloons.
  • You may use it in the semiconductor industry.
  • People use them in the movie industry or theme parks to make special effects and fake explosions.
  • Besides, you can use it as cooking fuel.
  • Also, you can use it for aerosol sprays, air fresheners, and shaving foam.

Advantages of using a 100 lb propane tank


100 lb tank is a giant propane tank. But, they are enough to be adequate in a small space.

Best value for your money

Besides, a single 100 lb propane tank can carry a massive amount of propane. So, it is better to buy a 100 lb tank instead of many smaller tanks. It will be cheap.

Best 100 lb Propane Tank

Worthington’s 100 lb steel propane tank

Worthington’s 100 lb propane tank is a giant propane tank. Besides, it is excellent and industrially suitable. Its features are here,

  • Firstly, it is white, and its dimensions are 48.5 x 14 x 14 inches.
  • Its weight is 92.9 lbs and can carry 23.6 gallons of propane.
  • Finally, its price is $150.

This propane tank is suitable for temporary heating, cooking, stoves, and grills. But, it has no limits in usage.

Manchester’s 100 lb steel propane tank

It is not as popular as Worthington. But its 100 lb tank is quite decent. Besides, it is better in several aspects. Also, it has good quality and is cheap. Only the lagging is its lower capacity. Its specifications are,

  • Firstly, it is grey, and its dimensions are 46 x 15 x 15 inches.
  • Its weight is 70 lbs and can carry 22.9 gallons of liquid propane.
  • Finally, its price is $140.
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Flame King 100 lb Steel Propane Cylinder

The Flame King 100 lb tank for propane gas is a cheap propane tank. So, it is simple to understand why people prefer this tank. It is a low-cost tank. But, it has a massive capacity and a safety valve. Its specifications are,

  • Firstly, it is white, and its dimensions are 48 x 15 x 15 inches.
  • Its weight is 80 lbs and can carry 25 gallons of propane.
  • Finally, it is not costly. It is only $130.

The Flame King propane tank is not heavy. Besides, you can refill by yourself.

Total expenses to fill a 100 lb propane tank

The initial price of a propane tank is maybe $5. It has a high cost of $3500, and the average price is about $800 to $1,000. The companies or industries measure the capacity of the tanks in gallons or pounds. If you take the weight of propane per gallon, you will find around 4 lbs. That means a seller will put the label of a 410-lb propane tank as the 100-gallon unit. So, be sure about the amount before buying.

Cost of small tanks for grills

The suitable tank capacity depends on the user’s requirement. For example, for a bit of cooking during camping, a single gallon of propane is enough. Besides, the homeowners may choose a propane tank containing 5 to 50 gallons for the outdoor grill. They also can use it to give energy to a backup generator.

Generally, the smaller tanks are static. They have the option of taking it to the filling station. You may need to fill more for the lesser unit. Be sure of safe disconnection and reconnection of the propane tank. The price range of the small tanks is from $5 to $700. However, they do not have any extra costs for installation.

For example, the price of a tank containing 100 to 120 gallons starts at $400. Besides, it increases up to $3500 for about 1,000 gallons. The giant tanks may need a fixed installation. Larger units can be apt for different uses. For example,

  • 250 gallons for some home usages
  • 500 gallons for all schemes at home
  • 1,000 gallons for heavy consumption

How does a propane tank work?

The propane tank companies use a particular machine to give force to the propane into a tank. Besides, they provide enough pressure inside the propane tank for the release of the valve. In this way, they fill up the primary tank with liquid propane. After that, the gas starts vaporing with the turning of the valve. Thus, the gas comes out through the opening. Propane escapes under a certain pressure that depends on the size and shape of the valve.

The number, size, and shape of the valve in the propane tank depend on the usage. The tanks used in industry have many gauges and valves. The fill valves are the main valves. Besides, the service valve helps to emit the propane. Also, there is a relief valve that is for overflow and safety purposes. The gauges offer the measurement of the liquid’s level in the propane tank. This gauge is the float gauge. Also, there is a vapor retrieval valve. It helps to release extra vapor during service.

Amount of gallons of propane in a 100 lb propane tank

For example,

0.236 gallons = 1 lb propane. It is applicable if the tank has 60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

So, for 100 lb of propane,

100 lb x 0.236 gallons = 23.6 gallons.

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That means a 100 lb propane tank can hold 23.6 gallons. Besides, when it is full, its weight is 170 lbs.

Besides, additional factors can affect the total amount of propane in a propane tank. These factors are temperature and water capacity.

Water Capacity

Firstly, the gas cylinders have a fixed water capacity. The companies stamp this number on it. Suppose the number is ‘WC 240’. It denotes the mass of the liquid gas. Besides, the tank can hold the gas with water. You can only fill up the gas cylinders to 42% of the total water capacity. But, it will change if the temperature and pressure change.

Now, 0.42 (max. capacity) x 240 (water capacity) = 100.8 lb.

So, the filled propane tank can carry the highest 100.8 lb.

Besides, per pound of propane needs 0.236 gallons.

So, 100.8 lbs x 0.236 gallons = 23.789 gallons of propane.

To conclude, this calculation does not make a massive difference. But you can consider it a vital factor to decide about the tank’s size before purchasing.

Effects of temperature on tank pressure

There will be an effect on propane in the propane tank. It happens due to temperature. However, the ideal temperature for propane is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The gauge will give a reading of 40% at this perfect temperature. If the temperature increases, the measure of the tank gauge will also go up. But, the weight of the entire propane remains the same. Only the molecules of propane spread out more with the rise of heat. Besides, the reading will go down if you drop the temperature. So, it is an ordinary matter when the gauge shows less reading.

Storing propane at the right temperature

Refilling a propane tank, again and again, is annoying and costly for the user. But, there is a method to keep the propane tank active nicely. The tank heaters may pass the heat to the propane tank. Besides, they may raise propane’s British thermal energy or BTU. Transmitting heat from one tank heater to another one increases molecular movement. Thus the heat energy works here and keeps the ideal temperature.

An ideal heater may save the user from facing problems of consuming time. It raises the overall pressure and temperature of the propane tank. However, this heater is like an electric blanket. It wraps the total surface of the propane tank for safety. Besides, it allows the user to use all gallons within the propane tank. Also, this heater is worthy when the user always uses propane during cold weather.

Calculation of 100 lb PROPANE TANK SIZES

Sometimes, most of the tanks do not have stamps according to their size. This thing makes it hard to figure out the remaining propane in the tank after using it. The user cannot know when the propane will finish and when the tank will be empty. However, the user does not need to carry the tank to the filling place. Do some simple calculations to measure the exact size of the propane tank. If you know its size, do some weight calculations.

  • Firstly, place your tank at the bottom. After that, measure from the base to the collar of the tank.
  • After that, encircle the propane tank with measuring tape to measure its diameter.
  • Thirdly, compare the measurement with the ideal size according to BTU. A typical BBQ tank measures about 18 inches in height. Besides, its diameter is 12.55 inches, and the BTU capacity is 40,270. Likewise, a 40 lb tank has 29 inches in height, 12.5 inches diameter, and 860,542 BTU of capability. Finally, a 100 lb tank is 48 inches in height, 14.5 inches in diameter, and 2,160,509 BTU capacity.
  • Finally, please find out the active time of the propane tank when it is complete. Divide the BTU capacity of the tank by the BTU rating. You may get the list from the service provider.

Wrapping up with propane tank

To conclude, a 100 lb propane tank is a container that stores liquid propane for further use. This tank has many shapes and sizes. Besides, a propane tank with a decent design allows it to carry it at a higher pressure.

Also, people can install and fill-up at many places. They can install a big tank for the time being. Besides, they give a set up of it for immense uses. Similarly, people can use the tank at home or in industry.


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