10 effective ways of increasing the security of your home

increasing the security

unless you install bulky security guards and ninjas near your home, it is impossible to secure your place and keep out of reach for unwanted people. Security is a really important factor for people nowadays. Security is referred to contain the feeling of safety or being protected. For preventing the danger, many measures are being taken worldwide, daily by individuals. According to the most recent statistics in the United States, a burglary happens once every 23 seconds. On average, 4,300 burglaries happen every day. In this blog, you will get to know about 10 effective ways of increasing the security of your home.

Currently, JD security is working for” Alarm monitoring and integrated security systems for businesses” as they understand that establishing your home is the ultimate dream of every person. On the other hand, the freedom it gives concerning your choices and styles. To achieve this freedom, we have different kinds of security systems according to your requirements, especially characterized by each task. Such of those are home security, office security, and individual security, etc. home security, is a very vast term which includes many functions and practices. Its main priority and focus are to keep your home safe from unwanted intruders.so here are 10, most easy and common ways by which you can increasing the security of your home easily:

Lock the doors and windows, before you go

Double-checking the doors and windows before you go, is one of the simplest ways to keep your home safe. Moreover, your locks should not be loose or rusted but should always be upgraded by the time. There are many different types of locks available for different types of windows and doors for your assistance. High-quality locks such as deadbolts or mortice locks can be a lifesaver.

Don’t use glass doors near the handle

Using the glass, near the knob, can be the easiest access for burglars to break-in as an alternative, you can use materials such as steel, timber or ledged doors. You can also install window security film to your glass or glass break sensors for more protection.

Create hiding places

It is always beneficial to create a plan B for the consequences. such as installing safe places and hiding places, can protect your valuable to slip to the hands of burglars. For this purpose, you can stockpile your valuables in old appliances or create your hiding spot. You can also buy a safe lock that comes with many specifications and customizations. You can store jewelry, documents, and keys easily under your view as home insurance doesn’t provide any such benefits.

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Be aware of alluring things and keep out of sight

Eye-catching things in your house can be the reason burglars might be attracted. To save yourself from this problem, try preventing such alluring or pricey things on the display that might get any unwanted attention. For this, you can rearrange your things to stabilize or invest for a shelf, that’s not visible from the windows. If you bought anything new and expensive, try not to leave it outside your home for the show. Also, don’t forget to hide your ladders and stools in a safe place which is not easily reachable.

Install security measures

Investing in the home security system is the most peaceful and comfortable way to get away from all the theft-life problems. nowadays, sensors are also very trendy in detecting an unwanted visitor. The security camera or alarm system is activated by the key and is easy to operate. You can install one using the DIY video provided. The security camera has special functions in detecting motions or movements. Then, installing security screens to the door and window such as a steel wire mesh security system. 

Forget about the extra-key

Don’t pull such a stunt of leaving your extra keys outside the door for your convenience. This might result in an easy break-in. Try giving your spare keys to your friends and neighbors or install a smart door-lock. It gives you access to both code and key and is suitable for daily life hustles.

Do regular police inspection

If you are unsure about the break-ins, the police department is there to help you with your assurance. This can be a smart step, and precaution before something huge happens.so in this way, you can take all the measures and be prepared for the outcomes. Furthermore, you should always keep an eye on things and on people who might act strangely towards you. change or re-key new home locks or codes if necessary.

Be smart about the light techniques

One of the oldest, ditching ways for a burglar and criminals is to play with the lights. Burglars might feel you are home and decide not to break in. Many companies have now worked on a home automation system creating different lights. The most common lights that come with home automation systems are outdoor lighting, led strips and light bulbs. A sudden flash of the spotlight is enough to scare anyone suspicious.

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Create a trusted bond with neighbors and friends

Maintaining bonds and relationships always proves to be of great success. When you are not home, try encouraging a friend or neighbor to check your home daily, and notice the changes (if needed). Tell your fellows to make your house look like it’s still habited and certain activities are being performed. The checking can include checking the mailbox, cleaning dust, trimming the trees and repairing anything broken. A shuttered house is always the best spot for break-ins, so try cleaning and visiting the house daily.

Stay away from social media

Social media is a very powerful tool in tracking you. Try not to update or post so much regarding your location and travel plans to save yourself from unwanted attention. Your privacy is what people should know the least about you. Don’t advertise yourself for publicity telling unknown people about your whereabouts and preferences. For this reason, act intelligently and try posting all the pictures of your journey, once you’re safe at your doorsteps.


Now Knowing all the hacks and techniques, still doesn’t solve your problem. You’re still halfway there to securing your home. Decide what is the best suitable and affordable option to minimize any outcome. Always use common sense and analyze how a burglar might think and act smartly. Some measures are advancing by the time and technologies keeping you satisfied. However, it is a fundamental concept of home to feel safe ad protected under the roof with your loved ones and family.

To keep track of everything, create a check and balance chart and viewing security footage daily. It proves to be the best incentive when it comes to taking care of your home.

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