Must Watch Indian Web Series on Netflix to Stream Good Content

indian web series on netflix

Indian cinema and web series have seen a drastic change within the last five to 10 years. There has been a shift towards good scripts as more and more people want to watch relative content and not just Bollywood action. If you are an ardent follower of Netflix shows, you have to watch some of the best Indian web series on Netflix. These are originally produced or bought by the brand because they’re entertaining and have a huge audience base.

Why is Netflix the best web series platform?

Talking about web series, they are entertaining and engaging. On that account platforms like Netflix do popularize the series. Thus squeeze them into a wholesome recreational package. Netflix is a streaming platform offering people to watch arrays of the eye – treating dramas. Besides you can also catch up with documentaries, movies, etc.

The USP of Netflix is the ad-less and unlimited sight of the contents. Netflix breaks the TV monotony. It revolutionized the pigeonholed mindsets of the Tv viewers. Elaborating on that, you will always end up finding something innovative on Netflix.

With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of the content. You will love to discover the innovative contents like the Indian web series on Netflix updated on each month.

What do you expect to get from Netflix?

Today Netflix is one of the most sought after with its wide presence in 190 countries. It is all because of the engaging storyline and superb presentation. On top of that viewers can access outstanding content at any time.

Netflix comes with a bouquet of programs featuring special award-winning content as well. Of course, to entail a more detailed streaming service. It will update the contents according to the regions. Additionally, it will change its streaming policies with time.

Expect to get many flexibilities from the web world Doyen Netflix. That means you can play the content, pause or resume to watch at your whim. The plus side is that you can download the preferred program to your Android or Ios device.

Thus Netflix endeavored to make you watch freely without depending much on the internet. Thus enjoy on the go web series gala without numbing your mind.

Why watch Indian web series?

Indian web series on Netflix notched higher in terms of its content quality and genre. Amazing performance of the superstars with infused pure dramatic expression makes it worth watching. Talking about the varieties of the Indian web series On Netflix, you will get diversity ranging from thrillers to crime. Underlined topics such as drugs, sex, humor, and romance are stealing eyes. From debutants to professionals stars all are giving best. It is because to make the journey worthwhile.

Why Netflix is so popular in India?

Watching Tv is no more a fashion or a requirement. It is because with the surfacing of web platforms like Netflix the disposition changed to the manifold. Bygone was the popular area of daily soaps. Nowadays people love to hook to Netflix. It is all because of its quick-witted viewer- oriented approach.

Indeed it does relieve you from becoming a couch potato. Certainly, it is the ball game in the entertainment industry. Thanks to Indian viewers who sorted to get digital. Their perspective is changing quite a lot. India is now more like a one-tap click to watch their favorite show on Netflix. Therefore stay tuned to know more about the popularity of Netflix in India.

Presence of the  Brand

Talking about the acceptability of the brand, Netflix is on the ruling edge. The polished global image of Netflix is due to eye-catching content like grand movies and Tv shows. Comprehending its preset popularity, two years ago when it stepped into India it already had a huge fan following. The Netflix originals took the web world by storm. The original starring popular Bollywood faces helping them get huge viewership.

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International platform

Netflix India used its ultimate strategy to set a strong footing in the Indian Market. They took to introducing the local content like Sacred games. It just created a range of sensation among the Indian viewers. Other stories like Ghoul and lust stories glued the eye of the Americans.

The success of these shows skyrocketed in the international market. Thus it offered a vivacity to the Indian entertainment world. Indeed that made Netflix appealing in the eyes of the Indian watchers.

Wide base

At times stringent policies hinder the popularity of any content. That also happened with the story Unfreedom. In that regard, Netflix as the sole platform raised the voice to license the story. Indian censor board wanted not to put up such stories for the sake of the society. But on the other hand, acceptance, widening the spectrum of Netflix in India. Also, other mesmerizing Indian web series shows On Netflix added many feathers to Netflix. Indeed some of the Indian contents on Netflix are gaining critical appreciation as well.

Superb business strategy

Netflix’s business policy is exclusive. In India, it offers a free watching period for one month. That means you don’t have to spend anything. This is the wittiest way to let viewers know of the contents. But the makers opined that the main intention is to present to the point content.  If so happens then viewers would not mind paying at all.\

Outstanding Streaming Devices

Netflix offers a congenial streaming platform. You can use either your system or smartphones to make the Indian web series on Netflix a permanent companion. In order to make your web compatible, you use the Systems- requirement.

At the same time can resort to using the Netflix app. Some of the devices already have the Netflix app. You should strongly adhere to the usage and limitations to understand the usability of the Netflix app.

Most popular Indian web series on Netflix

Let’s get some quick ideas on the famous Indian web series on Netflix.

Sacred Games

Sacred game is the first prime breath-taking Indian web series on Netflix. The storyline is completely new. It was in the novel of Vikram Chandra in 2006. The series took off under the direction of prolific creators like Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. It was under the name of the Phantom Films Banner.

The masterminds like Vasant Nath, Smita sign and Varun Grover adapted the novel. The executive producers of the same were the Eric Barmack, Motwane and Kelly Luegenbiehl.

The first episodic journey of the series started on 29th June 2018. The entire season packed with 8 episodes started to air on Netflix from 5th July 2018. About 191 countries had the opportunity to catch up with the series.

The plus side was the addition of the subtitles in more than 20 dialects. The critics reviewed it with positive remarks. Lots of praise followed write up and the performance. The premiere of the second episodic season took on the 15 August 2019


Saif Ali Khan the protagonist named Artaj Singh was a police offer in Mumbai. Somehow his life was into a mess from the very moment he received a call from the Assassin Ganesh Gaintonde.

Note that the prolific star Nawazuddin Siddique essayed the role of the desperado. He whipped the police offer to protect the city within 25 days. Now the series starts from here and follows later events. Other underlined starts like Jeetendra Joshi, Radhika Apte also starred in the series.

It also won the best series award from the 18th Indian Television Academy awards. It was for the first season. For the second season, it got the nomination in the category of the best drama.

Little things

Little things are again one of the startling Indian web series on Netflix. The show won applaud with the starrer leads Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar. The initiative of Pocket Aces was just amazing, first aired on the channel in the year 2016. Netflix got the franchise in the second season. It put up 8 episodes and started to air on Netflix from 2018. The year 2019 welcomed the third season of the Web series little things.

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Story tale

The story is about the couple Sehgal and Kavya Kulkarni who is in a live-in relationship. They are staying together in Mumbai. The series portrays the journey of the couple. The cone to one conversation between the couple will lead the story. Majorly dialogues are in English. However, at times use of the Hindi language maintained the originality of the show.


It won the Best Youth Show Digital Awards in the year 2019 from at MTV-IWMBuzz

Delhi Crime

The Indan web series On Netflix Delhi Crime belonged to the crime genre. The director and narrator Richie Mehta unfolded the story in a touchy way. The crime series stars Rashika Dugal, Shefali Shah, Adil Hussain will really give a jaw-dropping thrill. It was actually on the consequence of the 2012 gang rape in Delhi. On Netflix, it aired from 2019 22nd March. The second season is in the pipeline with the same cast.


The prime storyline is on the gang rape that took place in Munrika south of Delhi in the year 2012. The Deputy Police commissioner Vartika Chturvedi needs to lead the case. She had to catch the culprits who were accountable for the rape and death of the lady. It came with 7 episodes.

Critical appreciation

The premise, characters, and storytelling art all projected a powerful package. It even bagged an IMDB rating of 8.5 out of 10.


Jamtara- Sabka Number Ayega won the attention of viewers extensively. The crime-based series under the meticulous direction of Soumendra Padhi took the hearts with flying colors. Indeed the writer Trishant Shrivastava essayed the story with preciseness. It first aired on Netflix in 2020 of 10th January.


The story is about a suspicious activity that took place is in the district Jamtara in Jharkhand. The story is about school children used to trick people. The kids themselves hooked to the problem. The writer researched the character Superintendent of Police SP Dolly Sahu. The narration was on the real character Jaya Roy. The series came into light with the 10 episodes. And successfully it rose to an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10.


Director- Writer Imitiaz Ali known for his evergreen romantic onscreen characters is all set to lure you with the new Indian web series on Netflix. The story is on a crime series. It will give the real adrenaline blow.

The series aired under the banner Windows Seat films. It got the wings under the direction of Avinash Das and Arif Ali. The principal leads of the series are the Vijay Varma. Aditi Pohankar, and Vishwas Kini. The story started its journey from 20th march of 2020.


The story is on a female protagonist who is a constable in the Indian Police force. She was the part of the Anti-Narcotics department to combat the drug desperado. So far Nextflix came up with 7 episodes and it’s on the course of Season 1. The IMDB critics rated it 6.6 out of 10.

Bard of Blood

Netflix offers a rainbow of Indian web series. One among the lot is the Bard of Blood. It is a spy- thriller based series. The story is the characterization of Bilal Siddique’s novel. It got the entry to Indian hearts under the superb direction of Ribhu Dasgupta. And red chilies served as the production house. The Netflix aired the same from 27th September on 2019.

The principal starrers are Imran Hashmi, Vineet Kumar, Jaideep Ahlawat, Kirtu Kulkarni, etc. The series is all set to entice you with its engaging 7 episodes.


The story will unfold the life story of the ex RAW personnel. It was about the 4 jewel Inidna intelligence officers who are part of the Indian Intelligence wing. They got into trouble before disclosing the piece of detail to India. They stayed as a hostage. And they might get their heads cut off.

The drama is currently having an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10

Final words

To wrap up, it is a few words that describe the Indian web series on Netflix. Talking about the web shows they are quick beating serials. You will come to see different shades of life through their eyes. You will capture various emotions like envy, love, hatred, sadness. So be ready to get the binge on Netflix, All time, every time with you.

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