Best caller id app

best caller id app

Caller ID apps have been on the rise these days, and it’s becoming so hard to know which to choose. For a long time, there has been a Caller ID even before smartphones were a thing. So, what is a Caller ID? Best caller id app refers to a system that identifies or displays the name and the number of an incoming caller. The system uses some of the information from online databases and their techy caller identification systems to identify the person calling. 

So, how does a Caller ID work? A Caller ID works in two kinds of stages. The first stage is the phone number identification and then the number identification. The system uses CNAMs to cross-reference the phone number to the appropriate contact name.

CNAMs refer to Calling NAMEs, which help in displaying the name of the inbound callers. However, you need to remember that not all the names are correct, as they will all vary depending on the person receiving and their phone provider. You can change your Caller ID information, and this depends on the type of service provider you are using. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Caller ID Apps that you can use to know the information of the person calling.  


Truecaller is one of the best caller ID App that you should try out. Most people will tell you that this is one of the world’s best Caller IDs as it offers the users a detailed caller’s info and blocks Spam. One thing that I highly recommend Truecaller is the several features that it entails.

Firstly, the systems entail an intelligent dialler. This is an impressive feature as it allows you always to call the right people, and it helps you in identifying the names of unknown numbers on your phone. The other thing is Truecaller enables you to manage all your communication in one place, which is awesome. There is no need to be switching from one app to another as all that is now in one spot.

You can organize your inbox, and it will be spam-free, which is something that is so awesome. You have the capability of choosing the color theme that you like and also save important phone recordings. The other feature I did not about this Caller ID is that it offers you safe and secure banking as you can manage and make payments easily. All these are some of the features that make Truecaller the best Caller ID App.


Hiya is also one of the best Caller ID App that you can get for your phone as it’s also accurate as Truecaller. This is one of those apps that helps in bringing a lot of trust into the mobile call. One thing I love about Hiya is the significant global database of comprehensive caller profile information that you can use and get an insight into the person who is calling you. There is another feature of Hiya that also makes it one of the best Caller ID Apps, and that is the best spam detection system.


Hiya has an excellent phone reputation, and the spam detection system works so perfectly. This system can detect and block dangerous calls that you want to avoid, which I think is fantastic. Hiya has partnered with so many carriers and smartphone companies to be able to provide the most accurate information on the caller profile. This and several other features are what make Hiya an excellent app and one of the best Caller ID Apps to use on your phone.


This is a free Caller ID app, but it also ranks on one of the best Caller ID Apps that you can get in the market today. There are several features that this app has that make it stand out from most of the free ones. First, it contains the caller and number identification feature that allows you to identify the real person calling you. The call blocker blocks all the unwanted calls, contacts by just adding them to the blacklist. There is a feature of a full Caller ID and call blocker info. This lets you know the birthdays, name, photo, social info, and much more.

There is a location tracker feature that enables you to locate where the number is calling you from, which is great. One other feature from this best Caller ID App is the fake call. The fake call is so excellent as it lets you prank your friends, which I find it saves you from embarrassing situations. There are a bunch of themes in this app that you can customize the Caller ID & Caller Blocker to your liking. 

There is a contact widget that lets you access to save unknown numbers or even call back from missed calls. The app features a do not disturb that lets you set a timer and the end time. During this period, no call will be coming to your phone as it will be blocked. There are a lot of endless excellent features that you do get with this awesome app, and that is the reason I rank it among the best Caller ID App. 


The main reason that we have Caller ID apps is to help in facilitating a trustworthy telecommunication environment. Whoscall is one of the best Caller ID Apps that you can get in the app store, and some of the remarkable features it has made it great. The phone features a built-in dialler, which allows you to search and confirm numbers before dialing.

The Whoscall features an all-in-one call interface that you can answer, hang up, speak, and identify incoming and outgoing calls. The Caller ID App features a safe and secure SMS conversation page where you are able to chat with anyone. I love this feature for the fact that you can identify unknown messages and even block them. This best Caller ID App features the identity unknown calls and blocks them in spam and many more.

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I love it, and I did try it, and it works fine, like the many apps above.


 The app features instant Caller ID, which helps you identify the caller of your phone. 

This will automatically block them, and there is no day that you will ever hear from them. There is a phone number search feature where you can easily find out the person that called your phone. The feature instantly will identify the person that called you and display it for you.

There are several stylish themes also available that you can use to color your call screen. 


There is an automatic call recorder, which makes recording easy. The call recording will involve both the incoming and outgoing phone calls.

The records are all of high quality and can be used on any Android phone. The reason I regarded this as the best Caller ID app is the ability to manage your address book.

 There are incognito calls which allow you to keep the ultimate privacy, either business or even affairs.  All these are the excellent features that you get from the app, which I think is excellent. The incognito calls are one awesome thing that I prefer with the app as it helps me lay low profile with some of my things.


Showcaller is also one of the best Caller ID Apps that are in the store today, and several features make it great. The Caller ID features the caller personal identification that is the name and the caller’s number. There is also a call blocker that lets you block any kind of call from spammers and unwanted calls. The Caller ID also provides spam reports for incoming calls.

There is also a call recording with this Caller ID as it lets you be able to auto-record any incoming and outgoing calls with clear quality. There is a smart dialer that allows you to do a smart search which is so smooth and works great. A phonebook lookup is also an excellent tool in the Caller ID that lets you search for phone numbers and even save it easily.


The last best Caller ID App is the Real Caller. This is an excellent app in helping you with identifying the real identity of the people calling your phone. You also have the ability to block and spam the phone calls that you don’t like which is something impressive.

There is a number lookup feature that lets you find the caller ID very fast.  The ID has incredible features that you will enjoy and get a lot of info about the caller.


To conclude we have highlighted a list of the best Caller ID App. You can use to get the info from the callers. 


How do I get a Caller ID App on my phone?

You can download a Caller ID on your phone through the Google Play Store or App Store.

Are Caller ID Apps safe?

Most of the Caller ID Apps are safe, and they don’t steal any data from your phone. But be very sure to read the terms and conditions.    

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