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Since the emergence of the internet, it’s definite that so much has been completely disrupted. You cannot match the way we watch and get any content now to how ma player web series people got content in the 60s or 70s. A web series refers to a series of video content that are either scripted or some randomly shot.

Therefore, the internet is one of the primary media through which the viewer’s access to this content. With the advancement of technology, there are many devices that you can use to watch these web series anywhere and at any time. You can watch web series through a smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop, and even a smart TV. There are a lot of these shows which have exciting plotlines, and they can hook you the same way a television series can.



The first series I would highly recommend to watch on MX player web series is I’m Immature. This is one of the best comedy series so far that I like, and I have re-watched a couple of times with my friends and family. The webs series was released on 19th February 2019 and had five episodes, and each episode is fantastic. This series follows a lot of adventures of a 16-year-old man who goes by the name Dhruv. 

Dhruv ma player web series is on a mission to woo his first crush, and that is the girl Chhavi. It’s an exciting and epic show; if you have an MX player web series app, this is the show I would recommend highly.


Aafat is arguably a ma player web series 0f its kind, and that is why it makes it on our list of the best MX player web series you need to watch. The MX player web series first release was on 20th February 2019, and it revolves around five beautiful girls with five unusual eccentricities and one common problem. This series tries to tell that not all marriages are made in heaven, as some also happen on earth. 

Therefore, for a perfect marriage, you need to find an ideal match. This is where all the comedy is as there are comedy punch lines after punch lines. Ricky is considered hairy, bald, overweight, and many other stereotypic issues. 


Lots of love is one awesome romantic and drama show you need to put on the list of must-watch. The MX player web series is still in its first season, and it has a total of eight episodes. The web series first release was on 19th February 2019, and J Laxman Kumar directs the show.  The series revolves around friends who are struggling in their life and that are Reema, Vish, Karthik, and Aravind. The friends take a trip to Goa in search of love, which now forms a basis for better bonding. The show is enjoyable as it flirts with clichés from the get-go as we tend to fall in love.  This is an excellent show, which highly recommends if you are into romantic movies, this one will not disappoint you at all.

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If you are looking for a reality show, then this one is one of the best reality MX player web series that you can watch. The series is still in its first season, but it has up to 14 episodes already. Love ok please is a romantic reality show that tries to explore the possibility of people falling in love while on a road trip. This show features eight contestants, and all of them are single, and they enjoy road trips as a hobby. The contestants embark on a ten days road trip across the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

The reality show is set on this mountain, and the contestants will then be involved in many exercises and activities that can help in bonding them. The activities that these contestants do are so exciting, and you can see a bond growing among couples. It’s a fascinating show as you will want to see which contestants get to be couples at the end of the show.


If you happen to love historical drama series, then I got you. Queen is the number one best MX player web series when it comes to historical drama. This is a series I can even recommend it to your kids if you want to teach them about history. The web series is a biography of Tamilnadu State, former CM the late J Jayalalithaa. This web series depicts the whole drama life of Jayalalithaa that is his political career, and his acting career. The drama is riveting as we get to see the life of this high profile human being and get the insight into what he was like.

Ramya Krishnan plays the leading role of the film and Indrajith Sukumaran, who plays the ma player web series  role of GMR. The web series starts from the childhood days of Shakthi Seshadri, and why he came into the cinema world. The web series is so exciting as there is a lot that goes on from the story; the acting and even the series direction is to the point. I highly recommend you watching this web series if you want to get a glimpse of the life of this high profile human being in India.


Flames is a comedy, drama, and romance web series that is already in its second season.  it stands out from most of the comedy web series on MX player. One good thing about this web series is the love story that revolves around Rajat and Ishita, who go to a tuition class in West Delhi.




Hello, Mini is a thriller web series that most people keep talking about endlessly. The story of the series is full of suspense and mystery. The story is based on a book trilogy named Marry Me Stranger by the writer Novoneel Chakraborty. The web series story is about the life of a girl who lives in Mumbai, whose life seems so perfect until one day she is followed.

There is a stranger that follows Rivanah, and the stranger is faceless, nameless, and voiceless and keeps stalking every move of the girl. It’s an exciting show, and it has fifteen episodes already, and it’s receiving good critics from the audience. If you want to get thrilled, then you will need to catch this show on the MX player series where you can watch ma player web series.


The other comedy show that you won’t want to miss out watching is The Insiders. The show is one of the most successful MX player web series comedies, and it has a gripping plot. The series is in its first season and has five episodes. The story of the series follows the lives of these urban young teenagers whom their parents lock them up in a room.

Their parents go to meet up for diner and therefore locking them up in their room. The show seems pretty pointless as the kids don’t have any problem to deal with. One funny thing is how these kids want to explore the life of unfamiliar truths.      


The other MX player web series comedy that I cannot leave out on the list is Hey Prabhu. This show is exciting, and it has so many gems, and the script for this show is like no other. The series is for those youngsters who cannot seem to let go of their phones from social media. The story is about this guy named Tarun Prabhu and his incredible journey in life. The thing that makes this show so impressive is the fact that the actors’ performance is award-winning. The screenplay is beautiful, too, as it tends to portray how there is a gap between millennial, workers, and parents. This is the MX player web series that you will watch and want another sequel.



How do I get an MX player?

There are several ways in which you can get the MX player to your device. You can download MX player from Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users. If you experience a problem with the download, you can go to the MX player site where you can download it.

How much is MX player pro?

So, MX player pro costs around $5.99, and it allows you to access unlimited content on the site. But, The good thing about the pro version is that there are no ads that are often annoying. Also, you can get more video formats, which is pretty awesome.

Do you need the internet to use the MX player pro version?

No. internet connection is not a must for versions 1.6e and above.ma player web series


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