Best Antivirus for Android for High-End Functionality of Smartphones

best antivirus for android

Are you looking for a multitasking phone enabled with Android? If yes, oodles are there in the market with excellent attributes. Talking about android, you know well that is one of the smartly designed Operating systems from Google. It is no wonder that today Android revolutionized the pre-defined notion of an operating system with its high-end technology. Additionally, it included the best antivirus for android for superb functionality.

Primarily smartphones, tablets designed on Android are well conversant with the Android operating system. On that note, remember that Android uses high tech hardware designed on the ARM architectural interface.

One more striking feature of Android is that it has Linux in the core of its operating system module. Highlighting about Linux is that it’s free and an open-sourced operating system

In that context, Android is also available to huge masses free. Certainly, it opens the closed door for small start-ups and businesses to try their fortune by developing apps based on Android without any trouble.

Also, keep in mind that this app facilitates business to fix the rate of the apps in a competitive way.

Features of the best antivirus for android

It is important to update the best antivirus for android from time to time. Acknowledgment goes to the antivirus manufacturing companies, as they are always ready to accept the decoding challenge from hackers.

Therefore, consider the most talked about features in the list below to understand what the qualities to look for are.

Protection from Malware

The essential constituent of the best antivirus should be to fortify your system from malicious attacks. The programmed software like spyware, Trojan may cause your computer to suffer from such spammed hackings to ruin your data.

Safety from browser exploitation

The antivirus should protect from browser exploitation. That means it is a certain type of code penned to take the benefit of your weakness. That means hackers majorly use this to steal your data the moment you click on it.

Security from virus attack:

The high profile antivirus always keeps an eye on your computer activity. That means any unknown activity going on or not. Additionally, it will also take care of the complex files and block if necessary. It flawlessly discards the source of such activities as well.

Protection from trojan, worm, and spyware:

The antivirus software also gives protection from Trojan. It immediately scans the software and isolates that from performing any jeopardy to your computer.

Next, its task is to be on high alert with spyware. The main task of the spyware is to steal the record and files from your computer. Also, it infects the mobile. Spyware can even enter the accounts secured with passwords as well.

Finally, you get a shield against worm as well. It is a kind of malware, which imitate itself on various networks. It can slow down the efficiency of mobile. Also, runs up the space of the hard disk as well.

Security from rootkit and phishing:

Knowing about rootkit it is a kind of software that can force itself into any OS. Its main chore is to substitute the significant files by corrupting the versions. The anti-rootkit will destroy its infectious functionality at once.

The anti- Phishing software acts seamlessly with the browser and email id of the recipient. Its integral activity is to understand the phishing text and notify the host regarding that.

Email security:

Most of the best antivirus for android is capable of scanning both outbound and inbound emails. It does so to check out any infectious URL or attachments.

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Best antivirus for android

Here goes the list of the top-notch and best antivirus for android so read through the list to get a detailed hint on the names at once.

Avast Antivirus

Are you looking for an antivirus more than a regular scanner? If yes then Avast Antivirus is the right one to cast your attention. Highly programmed software is available free. The free edition is superb as it can block calls and acts as a firewall blocker. Also, it has an inbuilt theft detection system as well. As the theft detection will keep your phone blocked from a remote location if it happens to be missing.

On top of that, you can use the facility like in-app locking. It means you have to input A PIN prior to trying any app. The secured best free antivirus app for android intends to put the malware off from your mobile phones.

You have to pay a small portion of monthly payment for using the Antivirus. Otherwise, it’s free but has to adjust to the ads running on it. Additionally, check out the Avast Ultimate paired with VPN for hassle-free cleaning and for maintaining the password.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Android phone users are inquisitive for regular virus cleans up. It is because the virus tends to put the performance of the phone on a mess. Therefore, to make your phone get rid of the virus, stick to the easily downloadable and light in weight Bitdefender Antivirus.

It is a community based free type of antivirus edition. Do not need to muse, as it won’t freeze up the functioning of the phone. Instead, it will try not to destroy the duration of your battery span.

Moreover, you don’t have to take the headache of scheduling the scanning time. Once downloaded, it will automatically run on your device. You need not wait for extra configuration just download and be ready to use it.

You can initially start with the 14-day trial package. It has all the elementary antivirus features. In this, you will find anti-theft fortification along with Google chrome protection for browser.

AVG Antivirus:

One of the most well-reputed apps locked with excellent features is the AVG Antivirus. Without any skepticism is it has an inbuilt wi-fi scanning security feature. Along with that, the photo locker to keep your files at the safe- vault is amazing. Besides, the app locking facility is something you should like to explore.

The enabled anti-theft detection helps is to track down the phone already lost. It incorporates Google Maps for the same. It allows the host to use a series of attributes like use a siren to receive a notification when the phone gets missing.

Also, use the selfie feature to detect the person of the face trying to barge through your phone by using the lock screen. It instantly, emails you the snap along with the audio recording.

The best is that it offers more security like lock down your phone. It does so especially when someone attempts to tamper with the Sim card.

It also shares the dashboard to notify regarding the majorly used apps. The enhanced performing attribute is one such as it improves the phone functionality by locking down the unwanted functions.

McAfee Security Antivirus:

You would be at the best level of satiation when you embrace McAfee. The eminent antivirus software for Android works well for both Personal computers and smartphones. Certainly, you would like its uber- performance in tracking the lost cell. In addition, the wiping and locking feature is incredible.

The thief should be at alert as this app can take the snap of the stealer at once. One outstanding criterion of the best antivirus for android smartphones is that it can freeze the entry of malicious sites.

Overall, it can keep you at peace by blocking the calls of unwanted callers or messages.

Kaspersky mobile antivirus:

It is obvious to get the worth for your search. So when it comes to Antivirus apps for Android certainly you don’t want to fool your mind. Therefore, this time you have rolled up to install Kaspersky one of the top notches in the list of antivirus software.

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The free version of the app is more than enough to threaten the malicious links or sites. Precisely, it can detect about 99.9% of the Spams. It takes active action in the initial stage only preventing any unwanted activity.

The notable in the list is its possibility to handle security tasks easily. If you scout for the premium edition, then expect to get a little more from automated scanning to filtering text or phishing.

Norton antivirus security:

The cutting edge Antivirus and one of its forms is the Norton Antivirus security. The remarkable antivirus can detect about 100% of the malware.

The inbuilt mobile insight technology capacitates the android app to locate the viruses in the files and apps. Once detected it automatically wipes off the same from there.

The phone locking system through texting is marvelous no doubt.  You can even decide to shut your phone from a remote location if you have lost it. Else, you are having trouble entering the passcode especially if you forget the exact one and it gets locked.

Besides all these, keep in mind that it is not apt to hinder the activity any kind of malicious sites.

Trend micro mobile antivirus and security:

The praiseworthy and best free antivirus for android phones is none but Trend Micro Antivirus.

The majorly underlined trait is parental regulation. It has become one of the patented features of this particular Antivirus.

It effortlessly scans all the newly installed apps to ensure whether it’s free of malware or not. At the same time, it also puts a check on the apps for functioning in other sectors.

The inbuilt secret scanner for social media will give prior information if your profile shows any confidential and sensitive information.

No second thoughts, simply try the free of cost version of the Antivirus. But you need to pay off to enjoy the premium attributes. Again, the functionality such as secured surfing, the filtered text is something that will keep your jaw drop.

AhnLab Antivirus and security:

Are you worried that your phone does not support the latest version of Android? Not to ponder because one of the high-end traits equipped Antivirus will work flawlessly on the older version of the Android as well.

The Android app from South Korea is a benchmark for many because of its 99.6% of malware detection quality. The intrinsic booster does accelerate the momentum in regards to the performance of your phone.

If you want to try the app, make sure to start with the 10-day free trial version. It will forewarn you against the app disclosing any personal data.

The exclusive idiosyncrasy incorporates a concealed photo gallery to store your private snaps. In addition, it safely clears the history of your browsing data. The anti-phishing quality is mind-blowing. Also, it regulates the entry of unnecessary calls or text.

Avira security antivirus

If you diligently want to have a smart Antivirus, Avira is more than a cookie-cutter. It will perform a series of things for you. Right from taking care of the storage to managing the phone’s content.

On top of that, it also ensures to keep the data confidential on a high level. Therefore you can be worry-less as you can keep your data safe with this high-end Antivirus.

Moreover, the inherited identify safeguard feature consistently checks whether te email sender is already there in the contact list or not.

DR web Security Antivirus:

If you look for the veteran in the list of the Antivirus apps, then Dr. Web will surely keep your mouth shut.

Its smarter and faster scanning trait is overwhelming. Besides it poses a threat to malware, it also offers fortification from other ransomware. Moreover, theft identifying is also significant.

Other highlighted hallmarks like filtering, sms, URL and offering parental check will make you praise it.

Talking about the expense, it is within your budget.

Final thoughts

The best antivirus for android is there to save your network from infectious attacks. Additionally, it will update the latest version on time so that you can use it when needed. It will also block the unwanted ports. On top of that, it will meticulously monitor the program activity on your device.

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