Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security [Updated 2019]

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

In our life, The smartphone does play an important role in creating our lives much more easier when it comes to communicating, work, study, etc. but people are also getting annoyed when out of nowhere they find unsuspicious activities which make their phone useless and jeopardize all the important files, apps. Been tired of various malware, uninvited visitors who harm your device in every manner? Tried every single app try to get rid of such antiviruses, then why don’t you just approach the best app for your precious smartphone. Software developers noticed such issues which made them invent an app, that not only protect the mobile from antivirus but also keeps it in full protection in a wholesome manner. One of the company came up with such an idea of doing that and they did it. Best antivirus for mobile, considered as the best antivirus for android phone known as “Kaspersky Mobile Security”. Kaspersky Lab is the creator of Kaspersky antivirus, it is basically designed to protect devices from unwanted malware. Kaspersky mobile security got more than 50 million users when it comes in features: it includes real-time protection, detection, and removal of different kinds of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers and even rootkits which contain a high rate of viruses as well.

The creators of Kaspersky Mobile Security didn’t start off with the mobile app and created software for other devices such as your computers and laptops. Seeing the success, they had and with increased demand, they later developed the Kaspersky app which has also managed to meet expectations.

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Why should you choose Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus?

To begin with, Kaspersky has the power to basically go through each software that is present on your mobile, along with all the files that are within the phone too. This way, it detects viruses in everything which is a major advantage considering how some antiviruses don’t have the ability to scan some hidden files which can then lead to viruses showing up in your phone.

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1. Anti-phishing feature

Through the anti-phishing feature of Kaspersky, you no longer need to worry about identity theft. They ensure that hackers can never get to your personal information. Along with this, the app will also provide a special keyboard which then allows you to type in all your sensitive information such as credit card numbers, without there being any risk of hackers getting at them.

2. Disinfects Existing Files

Kaspersky also has a feature where it disinfects the file or files which have viruses with them. While most antiviruses just go ahead and delete them, Kaspersky doesn’t do so, thus allowing you to keep your data without the risk of the virus spreading further into your phone.

3. Detects Rootkits

Kaspersky also detects Rootkits which other antiviruses aren’t always able to detect. Another feature which Kaspersky has but other antiviruses don’t have is that when your mobile phone gets stolen, the app has the power to store all your data and to back it up while other apps can’t do this and so end up losing all your precious data. This feature makes it one of the most widely used apps around as these days all our personal and professional data is on our phones.

4. Scans apps before installing

Additionally, Kaspersky scans an app while it is downloading. If it feels there is any risk of a virus entering your phone through that app, it will immediately inform you and prevent the downloading of that particular app.

Kaspersky security network also provides services to the users of Kaspersky lab Security products across the globe to facilitate malware identification through which it reduces the time to protect against high-security risks.

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Other than that, Kaspersky is also an extremely good option for your device in terms of how it treats your device. All of us want our phones to be working at top speed, around the clock but there are various apps which can slow down our phones. While many antiviruses do have the power to slow down your phone, Kaspersky doesn’t do that, allowing you to have the same level of speed as you had before downloading the app.

5. Battery saver feature

When it comes to the battery, that is another part of your phone which often does get affected by the installation of new apps. Again, Kaspersky doesn’t do so and at times, it even conserves energy by decreasing the use of power by the other apps on the phone.

Users find this an extremely easy option and don’t have to make any updates themselves. Like most apps these days, the updates will be automatic, thus ensuring your phone is protected by antiviruses around the clock. Lastly, Kaspersky can also be used specifically during gaming. How so?

Well, when you are using your phone for gaming, you can activate the gamer mode which then basically prevents pop-ups from showing up, and you can then enjoy your game in peace without any unnecessary interruptions.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus isn’t available without cost, unlike some antiviruses which you can get for free. However, the features that it provides are worth the cost until and unless you have severe financial constraints.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security is one of the oldest antiviruses in the world and has worked on making themselves exceptional over the course of the years since their inception. Through their hard work and genius, they have managed to become quite popular and when people are looking for a strong antivirus they tend to choose this one, knowing it will only bring them benefits.

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