How to Style Cowboy Boots Like a Celebrity

how to style cowboy boots in 5 simple ways

Are you looking for a way to change your ordinary look into a celebrity-like look in just ten simple ways? Are you also expecting some secret tips to tell you to make your look more attractive? You already have dresses and cowboy boots but need to know which gives you a better look. If questions like these come to your mind, we will gladly help you through our blog.

In this blog, we will talk about how to style cowboy boots like a celebrity in ten simple ways, how these best options are going to change your look from ordinary to a celebrity-like look, what you should do for a better look, what are the secret tips to make your dress more attractive.

How to Style Cowboy Boots in Ten Simple Ways

Here are the ten simple ways to change your dressing style with cowboy boots:

1. Style with Dresses

Cowboy boots look good with dresses, especially with mini dresses. It goes well with other kinds of dresses. For instance, you can try it with a floaty maxi to get an amazing look. Because it gives a cowboy look with a satisfying feel. 

Cowboy boots are made for warm weather fashion style but also work well in summer. It is listed as one of the top 25 fashion styles in summer. You can style it with slip dresses that have prairie patterns. Because it gives you a lady look and girly features which goes nicely with your makeup. 

Cowboy boots are considered as casual as well as party wear. Because it gives you the gesture of freedom with any outfit you wear, so if you are looking for a styling option for night-out footwear, you can also use it. There is no problem in trying it out because it gives you a new look in less time.

benefits of mini dress
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But the question is how to style cowboy boots like a celebrity. To dress like a celebrity, you must wear a metallic pair instead of black colored cowboy boots. After that, you have to add a short dress like short velvet.

2. Style with Jeans

Every pair of shoes or cowboy boots look great with jeans. You can try the combo on your own even though it doesn’t seem cool to you when you hear about it. Yet this is not the information you wanted to hear. You’re interested in learning how to style cowboy boots like a celebrity. Thus, you could attempt wearing your cowboy boots with skinny jeans because it looks put together and appealing. You must dress casually by donning jeans, cowboy boots, and either a blazer or a shirt, depending on which you feel most at ease with. This pairing works especially well if you want to keep wearing vibrant clothing.

If you prefer loose jeans to slim jeans, it is an excellent alternative. It balances out your sense of style and works well with short-sleeved tops. Together with slim jeans, loose jeans are equally popular and in style when worn with cowboy boots. For people who value comfort over accuracy, this combination works nicely.

Besides the options above, you can also try your cowboy boots with cropped straight jeans. But remember that the length of your cowboy boots should be equal to your ankle length because it looks more attractive and balanced with your dress. 

how to style cowboy boots with denim jeans
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There is a special tip for short people or those who feel their legs look shorter when they wear cowboy boots, especially with jeans. So what you have to do is, you have to choose the same color for your jeans and boots. This way, your legs look cooler and longer than they usually do.

3. Style with Skirts

Skirts represent confidence in women’s attire, especially when you wear them with your cowboy boots. You can try all kinds of skirts, but denim skirts go well with boots. It matches perfectly with your feminine and strong personality. 

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For more options, you can try florals or ruffled skirts which give a cute and feminine look. It is the best option for teens or underage girls. Apart from that, you can also try a long skirt with your cowboy boots. But the length of the boots must be below your knee length.

These are all excellent alternatives, but how to style cowboy boots like your favorite stars? For these goals, you can experiment wearing your cowboy boots with an A-line skirt. Wear a short-sleeved top or a half-length top as well. However keep in mind that the top must suit your body properly, and cowboy boots must be knee-high. You can also try casual skirts for extra choices. It perfectly mimics the appearance of a star.

mini skirt for women
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Instructions specifically for those who are self-conscious about their fashion taste. Cowboy boots go well with both short and long skirts. Your distinctive cowboy boots go well with the size of the skirts. Thus, if you’re wondering which boots to wear with your skirts, choose knee- or ankle-length cowboy boots for short skirts and maxi skirts, respectively.

4. Style with Blazer

Have you ever wondered about how to style cowboy boots like western girls? If you have the same situation, you must have noticed that they usually like to style with a blazer. But why a blazer? Because it represents western culture more widely than other options. So if you are a western girl, then try a blazer with your cowboy boots.

But what is the best way to style with a blazer? You can choose any size or length of a blazer, but the one that goes well is an oversized one. Then add leggings or jeans, especially with a simple or no design. Then complete your western look with your long cowboy boots.

how to style cowboy boots with blazer
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You should use a single-color pattern or no multichromatic design type of clothes with your blazer and cowboy boots for a better look.

5. Style with a Blouse

Blouses and cowboy boots are one of the best combinations for women, especially in the summer season. It is available in multiple colors and designs, with length and size options. So you have many options to try with your cowboy boots. But the best one is wearing black jeans with a white blouse and black cowboy boots. It gives you a mature and fresh look which is good for adult women.

best blouse for women
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For a better look, you can try out the short-length boots with a blouse, and if you want to try them with a formal suit, you can style your blouse with a formal suit. It is a good option to make your look more impactful and variant. But how to style cowboy boots with blouses. You can style it with the same color blouse or at least match the color of both not to look weird.

6. Style with Shorts

If you do not know how to style cowboy boots with shorts, you should check Daina Duke’s profile. Because she gives an idea about what is the right way to style. But if you are familiar with her, you should know that cutoff denim or super short shorts are not your only options. You can wear Bermuda cut shorts with cowboy boots because they give a more natural and modern look. Shorts look perfect if you add a blazer or an oversized shirt. 

You can also try ankle-length cowboy boots that work perfectly with denim for a better look. It gives a modern, fresh, and casual look for special occasions.

If you are a fan of knee-length boots instead of ankle-length boots, then try our next option: a fitting blouse, jacket, and formal shorts. It goes well if you use shorts that have some leather touch. 

how to style cowboy boots with shorts
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There is a secret tip to style with shorts; you have to wear a puff-sleeved blouse with denim shorts and a casual t-shirt.

7. Style with Co-ord

Do you know that you can add formal co-ord with cowboy boots? Cowboy boots are footwear that goes well with many style options, including co-ord. Instead of looking wrong, it does look good and classy. But you don’t know how to style cowboy boots with a co-ord and are looking for a better option to make it more meaningful. So you can use a skirt suit with cowboy boots which is a good option, especially for young girls. Apart from that, you can add cowboy boots with a tailored skirt or suit trousers to make it more meaningful. But remember that the boots you select must match your co-ord to make the outfit combination more relevant.

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You can also try other options like knitted co-ord for a better look. This option goes well with cowboy boots and works best during the winter and fall seasons. Apart from that, you can also make a combination of ribbed knit with monochromatic cowboy boots. This combination is the best option for women who like going to late-night parties or bars.

best co-ord for women
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There is a secret tip to make your style more appealing. You can add tights with cowboy boots, especially in the winter season. For a fashionable look, choose sheer tights, and for a formal look, choose opaque tights.

8. Style with Romper

Romper is the next option in our list to make your style more unique with cowboy boots. It is counted as one of the best combinations of shorts and a dress. You should include cutoff shorts with cowboy boots because it gives you a casual look. For a dress, you should go with your beautiful or cute dress because it gives you a stylish look. In addition, this combination is one of the most demanding outfit options in the summer season. So, it’s best if you try them on sunny days. 

You can add alternative options, such as leather with a purse or handbag, for a better look. Also, add belts with durability and longevity and attractive design to make your look more real than anyone. Apart from that, the color of your cowboy boots must be the same as your romper because this makes your look more polished than before.

how to style cowboy boots with romper
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Moreover, use monochromatic rompers sparingly because it affects the uniqueness of cowboy boots. For more options, you can add mini dress rompers to match your boots more frequently.

9. Style with Jumper

Did you realize that a jumper is available in a design that matches cowboy boots? Jumpers look great with boots, particularly if you’re wearing a dress that matches them. It is among the best choices for an outdoor winter suit since it keeps you toasty warm. That’s not all, but it pairs well with cowboy boots thanks to its smooth feel and distinctive artwork.

Moreover, a jumper symbolizes the plain touch of a unique dress. So, whenever you want to go out with a simpler look, you can try a jumper with cowboy boots. It enhances the texture of a jumper in your outfit and makes your look more attractive.

best jumpers for women
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Sometimes you find your look more girly and want to change it into a tomboy or boyish look. If yes, then a jumper is the best option for that too. Because it changes your girly look into a tomboy look, you can try tall boots to make your look more appealing for a better look.

10. Style with Bridesmaids

Whenever we think about a wedding dress, we always choose heels or sandals. But do you know you can also wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress? Recently, women have been more interested in trying on boots with their bridesmaids’ dresses, which is quite popular among them. But how to style cowboy boots with a wedding dress and get a celebrity look. 

best bridesmaids for women
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You have to go with a light and rural type of look for a style. Try to avoid heavier and urban types of dress because it does not look good with cowboy boots. So, choose your dress wisely before selecting a pair of boots to match that.


Cowboy boots are one of those options in footwear which we can style with almost any kind of dress. There is no doubt that we have so many options available to try and go one step above that before. But for a better look, we have tried to give you an idea of how to style cowboy boots in ten simple ways. All these options are best for changing your ordinary look into a celebrity-like one. 

Our blog will reach your heart and make your day awesome with these amazing fashion options. 

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