Fashion Statement: The Best Luxury Watches To Express Your Fashion Style

The Best Luxury Watches To Express Your Fashion Style

Fashion is all about being comfortable with what you are wearing and feeling good about yourself. The way you express yourself to other people and how you stand out in the crowd is what makes people get addicted to fashion. We express ourselves through our clothing, lifestyle, body proportions, hairstyle, accessories, makeup, footwear, and a lot more. Those mentioned are the reflection of who you are and the way you live your life.

One way to stand out and be noticeable is by wearing a wristwatch. Wearing a watch is a timeless fashion that everyone follows. There are a lot of timepieces out there with different designs, quality, and price range, but you can never go wrong with wearing a luxury watch. They are durable, some are vintage and traditional design, which will put an edge to your appearance. So here are the best luxury watches to express your fashion style.

Tissot Tgold Vintage Powermatic 80 18k Gold Automatic

A watch that exceeds changes when it comes to fashion, the Tissot Vintage Powermatic gorgeously catches Tissot’s very heart: exceptional quality,  ethereal beauty, and flawless precision. Brilliantly made to a beautiful combination of steel and gold, this watch is exceptionally resistant and reliable, but can maintain its delicate beauty even in a hostile environment.

The right combination of function and form, the intelligent design is what makes it a flawless masterpiece, making Tissot a genuinely timeless brand. Check out the Tissot Tgold collection if you want to buy this watch.

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Cartier Tank Solo

The Tank Solo wristwatch made it a vintage right from the time it appeared from the Tank collection. This model celebrates the aesthetic that is unique that hides behind Tank collection’s success. The brand is also expanding the model with a lot of variations. The Cartier brand is a name that is associated with luxury watches and jewelry, as such, commonly finds its name to be one of the top watch brands in the market. 

This watch is a famous Cartier timepiece that many choose because of its modern and modest design. A classic and vintage, this watch features roman numerals that are slanted and rectangular face. Its steel case houses the hands that are sword-shaped, which are blued steel that connects to the steel bracelet. It is perfect for any occasion, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

Bremont SOLO-32-LC-WH-BR

The Bremont SOLO-32-LC-WH-BR timepiece has every piece right in its correct places, and there is no doubt that the standard of this luxury wristwatch has a substantial meaning in it. Yet with a lot of people being familiar with Bremont watches quality, it looks like this luxury watch has more to offer, not just its contemporaries, but also outside of the brand. The price is a little too high if you are a customer that has a lot of options for the same quality, but you want a lesser amount.


This watch is Swiss-made, and its stainless steel design looks stylish. It features a white and clean dial that’s on top of a 32mm case, which is sleek with crystal glass that is sapphire. It houses an automatic movement, and its case is water-resistant that is up to fifty meters to protect it in any activities that include water. The roman numerals are black, blue minute and hour hands, and the date aperture is clear, everything contributes to the beauty of this watch.

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Chopard Imperiale 36 mm Watch

This Chopard Imperiale model is the utmost and has a refined design. Its style is sophisticated and boasted by 18ct stainless-steel and rose gold bracelet and also a beautiful 36mm case. The dial is silver-toned, and it is proportioned generously and fits with curved and delicate hands. It is inspired by the era of empires, especially the makers of the roman numeral.

The amethyst set completes its exquisite design in the crown, and it invokes the purple imperial of the court of Byzantine. This watch is perfect for any of your fashion style. It will make you look like a smart and successful person because of the elegance that this watch brings.


Wearing a watch is always a timeless fashion. People are easy to judge looks, and that’s the reason why you have to look elegantly fashionable in front of them. Wearing a luxury watch will also emphasize the details of your appearance, and it is enough to make people know that you have something interesting in you.

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