4 Smart Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shower Screen

Perfect Shower Screen

Gone are the days when homeowners only use shower curtains to enhance the look of their bathrooms. Today, some allocate a significant amount in their budget for shower screens during their bathroom renovations. Aside from beautifying the room, shower screens can also prevent the splashing of water from the shower area to the rest of the bathroom. There are plenty of different shower screen options available in the market today. But it becomes too confusing to pick one for the home. 

To help homeowners narrow down their options, here are several tips they need to consider before installing a shower screen in their bathroom.

Tip #1: Consider the budget

When shopping around for a shower screen, homeowners need to consider their budget to help them pick the right one for their property. The price range of these fixtures varies, but most options are relatively affordable. They only need to make sure that they will not compromise the quality of the shower screen. They must look for a shower screen solution that is both reasonably-priced and will remain durable over time.

Avoid buying extremely cheap ones that could easily break after several uses since it could make them spend more on repairs after a short while. If they want to get an affordable shower screen without breaking the bank, they can invest in semi-frameless varieties. It can provide a streamlined look without the high price tag. 

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Tip #2: Bear the bathroom’s size and specs in mind

After determining the budget that they can spend for the shower screen, homeowners must look into the available size and space in their bathroom before shopping around for this bathroom fixture. It requires them to measure the space of the shower and its surrounding area. 

For those with smaller shower space, they can choose to get a frameless shower screen with clear glass. It allows more light to penetrate the shower area and make the bathroom look bigger. If the house has a larger bathroom space, they can opt to get a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen fitted with frosted or tinted glass. Shower screens with hinged or pivoted doors are also perfect for larger bathrooms.   

Tip #3: Look for a shower screen that requires less maintenance 

Those who want a new shower screen for their bathrooms must get something that is not high maintenance. It means that aside from knowing how to keep the glass clean, each part of the shower screen needs to be easily accessible and anyone can keep it looking spotless effortlessly. Most of the time, shower screens with clear glass fit this description. 

It would also help if the glass got a protective coating application before installing inside the bathroom. It would significantly reduce the cleaning time to keep the bathroom looking fresh. If the homeowners have more time to clean up, they can opt to get a shower screen with frosted glass.  

Tip #4: Pick a shower screen that comes with a tight seal

One of the most irritating occurrences for most homeowners is the constant shower leakage each time somebody uses the bathroom. These incidents usually happen when the bathroom has an improper shower design or faulty tiling. It should be addressed with the installation of shower screens. 

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The homeowners must look for a shower screen that comes with a door overlapping design. It must also have a seal located on the door’s opening edge. It will provide a barrier that stops water from overflowing from the shower area.  

Aside from these tips, it would be best if homeowners would consult with the experts to help them choose the right shower screens for their bathrooms. They need to look for professional shower screen installers in their area to help them assess their needs and suggest the type of screens that could provide the most benefits for their home. It would also let them get the most from what they will pay for when buying shower screens for their bathrooms in their property. 

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