How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat or With a Straightener

How to Curl Your Hair

Don’t you love trying out new hairstyles every time you go out? Who doesn’t love having that perfect bounce and curls in your hair? You can easily change your look by curling your hair and giving it a little bit of bounce. Curling your hair for any event does help a ton in making an entrance. It has a way of making you fall in love with yourself and your new and perfect, curly look. You can curl your hair temporarily for various occasions and events. If you want or need your hair to stay curled for a little while longer than you could also get a perm done in a parlor. You can get different types of curls and hairstyles done to your hair including perms, crimping, breezy waves, well-defined waves, thick waves. loose curls, tight curls, and thick corkscrew or spiral curls. You can also crimp your hair for volume or get hair extensions. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to curl your hair?

How to curl your hair?

There are many ways and platforms in which you can easily learn about how to curl your hair. Depending on the occasion and the type of curls you want, there are various simple and easy steps that you can follow and get the perfect curls you want. There are various products in the market that can help you keep your curled hair intact. You can watch videos on how to curl your hair or read about the methods and ways to curl your hair in various platforms to learn and use the various techniques to curl your hair in whichever manner you feel suited. You can curl your hair without having to go to the parlor for that glam up look by using rollers, curling iron, flat iron or hair extensions.

How to curl your hair without heat

You can easily curl your hair without the use of heat. There are numerous simple ways and methods you can learn on how to curl your hair naturally. You can curl your hair without the use of heating irons by simply using paper bags or rollers. You can also use a hair bun trick in order to get a natural and wavy look. It is a very easy trick and the look you want can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

You can always use this trick when you are in a hurry or running late for an event and need that hairstyle to create a perfect look for yourself. It is a simple 4 step process. All you need to do is tie your hair into a perfect bun, leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes, untie the bun and leave your hair free. Use scrunchies instead of elastic rubber bands to prevent dents on your hair and to reduce hair loss. It will give you the natural wavy and glamorous look just perfect for the evening.

It really feels important to look good in order to feel good and happy about yourself. Grooming and curling your hair makes it easier to do so. Seeing those perfect curls on your hair and having that perfect hairstyle can make you feel glad and lift up your mood in a flash. It’s a simple and a very small change but in a way, it does, sort of, give you a makeover.

Create curls using braids

In order to get those proper curls naturally without using any heating iron, you can follow the steps mentioned ahead. It is a simple process of braiding your hair. All you need is a couple of hair ties and a hairspray that can hold those curls in place. First, comb your hair properly to remove all tangles, then braid your hair and tie it tightly, leave it tied for about an out or two, untie your hair, use your fingers to gently open your hair and then use the hairspray in your hair in order to make the curls last long.

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How to curl your hair with a straightener?

Before curling your hair using a straightener or a flat iron, make sure you practice the technique with the switch turned off. This will prevent you from burning yourself in the process of curling your hair. Feel free to turn the switch on once you are confident.

Too much heat, when introduced to your hair, can damage it. Spray your hair with heat protectant spray before in order to protect your shiny and healthy hair from damage. Too much heat can not only damage the hair externally, but it can also destroy the inner structure and decrease the life span of the hair.

There are two types of curls you can get done in your hair using a flat iron. First, the ribbon curls – they are tight curls that give your hair a lot of volumes and also reduces the length and second, the push wave – they are loose and gentle curls that give your hair natural-looking waves.

Ribbon Curl

In order to create ribbon curl or tight curls using a flat iron, take a section of your hair and spray it with a thermal heat spray or any heat protectant spay you have. Place the straightener in that section of your hair diagonally. Pinch the iron close, rotate the iron halfway and slide down the flat iron slowly and gently. Ribbon curl is created because of the 180-degree turn and the tension build in your hair because of that. Repeat this process with all the sections of your hair.

Once you are done curling all the parts of your hair, shake the curls gently using your hands. Spray your hair with a hair spray that will hold those curls in place and let your bouncy curls stay intact all day long. To provide a bit of shine to your hair, apply hair serum towards the end.

Push Wave

The push wave technique creates an S-type figure in your hair. Since you are using heating iron, you need to spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before you begin. Pinch a section of your hair near the scalp, place the flat iron right above the pinch and then start tapping over that section of hair using the straightener. Push that section of your hair in the same direction over and over again, till it is completely heated.

Move your hands below and pinch that part of your hair. Tap the same section again using the straightener and then pull the hair in the opposite direction relative to the one earlier. Try to create an S pattern. Repeat the process till the end of your hair in that section and continue the same in other sections of your hair. Leave the hair loose once you are done and then use the spray to keep your loose waves intact. Don’t forget to practice these steps before actually doing them.

How to curl your hair with rollers?

Velcro rollers are a great alternative to heating irons to curl your hair. They prevent your hair from heat damage and also gives your hair a good volume. In order to get tight curls, get smaller sized rollers while if you want long and voluminous hair with a lot of wavers then get the larger ones. To curl your hair, all you will need is a set of velcro rollers, a comb, and hairspray which will help you hold the curls in place. The first step is to wash your hair with a shampoo that gives it volume or dampen it with the help of a spray bottle. If you wash it then gently squeeze out extra water from your hair.

Roll up a section of your hair using the rollers until they stay put against your scalp. If the rollers don’t stick then you need to remove a few strands from them and try it again. The rollers would not stick if the amount of hair is too thick. Do the same with all sections of your hair and leave it for about 2 hours. You can do other chores that you need to do during this time period. Open up the curls and comb your hair gently for the perfect looking curls. Use a hairspray to hold those curls and you will be good to go.

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How to curl your hair with the help of a curling iron?

You can use a curling iron to create the look of thin spirals or big beautiful waves in your hair. Depending on the type and size of the curling iron, you can get whichever type of curls you want. Keep in mind to practice the steps before practically curling your hair.

First, you need to turn on the curling iron. If you want thin curls, set the temperature of the iron to 320 degrees but if you need thicker curls then increase the temperature to 430 degrees. Be sure to brush your hair completely to remove all tangles in your hair. Dry your hair completely before starting the process. Apply a heat protectant spray in your to prevent any massive hair damage from the heat of the curling iron. Separate the sections of your hair using clips so that you can focus on the part that you need to curl one after the other.

Wrap the section of your hair around the barrel of the curling iron and hold the iron from the bottom. Do not overlap your hair, it could reduce the heat absorbed and create a limp in that section of your hair. Hold the edge of that section of your hair close to the barrel but prevent burning it. To give the curls a natural look, rotate the curling clockwise as well as anti-clockwise.

Use bobby pins to compact the curls and pin them to your head. Move to the other sections of your hair and repeat the process. Remove the pins once your hair is cooled off. Shake off all the curls and untangle your hair if any of the curls is tangled. Gently use your fingers to tame down the large curls. Apply the hairspray lightly to hold down the curls.

Common mistakes made using a curling iron

There are a few common mistakes that people make while using curling irons. These mistakes could lead to hair damage or burns. A first common mistake is using the wrong size or type of curling iron. Different types of irons give you different types of curls. To get soft curls that are large and have volume, you should use a 1.25-inch barrel. If you want standard and classic curls, you need to use a smaller barrel of 1-inch. In order to get longer curls at the root and tighter curls towards the end like a tousled beach wave, you need to use a curling wand.

Another mistake that people generally make is that they use an iron when their hair is too damp. Your hair needs to be completely dry before you use any heating iron in your hair. This is because the bonds in your hair get weakened due to the water. If you apply heat when the bond is weak, it may cause the hair strands to crack vertically and cause split ends.

People usually make a mistake of believing that the use of heat protectant spray is just an extra and unnecessary step. This is where they are wrong. Heat protectant spray is a vital and necessary step that protects your hair from being damaged by the massive amount of heat. It creates a barrier that protects the keratin in your hair from any kind of heat damage by evenly distributing the heat and maintaining the moisture inside your strand of hair. Spray it gently in your hair in sections. Spray it in the layers of hair beneath so that each strand of your hair is covered and protected.

Final thoughts

Basically, whichever method you use to curl your hair, make sure to wash or dampen your hair. Let your hair dry completely. Use hair protectant spray if you are using any type of heating iron like a straightener, a curling iron or a curling wand. Make sure to comb your hair to remove all tangles in your hair and smoothen it. Curl your hair using any of the methods you seem fit for your hair and depending on the look you want. Loosen up your hair and shake it a little. Smoothly run your fingers through your hair. In the end, remember to apply a hairspray that will allow your curls to stay in its place throughout the day, giving you that natural curly look all day long.

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