Pet Hair Vacuums Buying Guide

Pick the Right Vacuum for your Needs

Having a pet often means having extra problems aside from just your pet itself. One of the common things you’ll realize is that your pet normally sheds. This is a necessary process because as our dog grows hair it often sheds older hairs in order to get a healthy coat. Not only that, but there are many factors that can affect just how much your pet may shed also, from weather changes, seasonal changes, as well as whether your pet has problems like skin problems that can result in more shedding as their new hairs grow in to try and compensate. Therefore, you’ll start to notice that with any old vacuum you’re going to have some problems and may need to get one optimized to clean pet hair.

The Price Matters

You’ll notice that the cheaper vacuums that you buy have problems when it comes to vacuuming up pet hairs. Why? Well, for starters, you get what you pay for. At the same time, these machines are often optimized to pick up more dirt and you’ll still have constant clogs when it comes to having pets that shed a lot (like St. Bernards, Collies, long-haired breeds that aren’t “hypoallergenic”, and more) than you would if you spend the money on a premium pet vacuum. Well, in this guide we’ll tell you of a few tips to help you choose the right vacuum meant just for that.

Pick the Right Vacuum for your Needs

Finding the right vacuum depends a lot on what types of dog or cat hair you’re going to be picking up. Not only that, but the amount of shedding that goes on is also something to consider. Do you need an upright vacuum or a handheld? This also depends on things like where your pet normally lounges and scratches at (every pet has an itch that occasionally needs to be scratched, but this is where they’ll shed the most). One of our favorites can be found here at in the Shark Apex az1002 review.

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Attachments & Suction Matters Most

Most standard vacuums may have all the attachments, but they simply don’t have the right amount of suction. At the same time, some pet brands have the right amount of suction, but they still have trouble getting all the nooks and crannies in your house, making it hard to pick up all of the pet hair which eventually continuously spreads and can make it a non-stop issue of vacuuming frequently.

Make sure your vacuum that you purchase is optimized for pets, which means that they’ll have more suction and a powerful motor that cheaper vacuums don’t have, but also has the ease of use and availability to use several attachments. For bigger homes, you want an upright vacuum that can get everywhere and hold more in their storage tanks. For smaller homes, you can probably use an upright, but depending on how small your vacuuming space, you may want to consider a handheld model instead.


You need to think about all of the aspects when trying to purchase a pet vacuum. As mentioned, it’s never a bad thing to have all of the attachments that help clean upholstery, but it does totally depend on numerous factors. Do you need to vacuum your curtains frequently? This all depends on things like curtain fabric, and what types of curtains you have, as well as what type of pet you may have. If your curtains are low to the floor, or if your furniture isn’t cloth material, you may not need an upholstery brush. Also be sure to shop around for price and don’t just select a model because it’s low in price, as mentioned above this can make you sacrifice quality which is important. Also, don’t miss the best robot vacuum for carpet to easily and effectively keep your carpet clean.

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