How to Start an App: The Only Guide You Need

Start an App

With all the technology that we have today you might be asking yourself, should you make an app? There are quite a few steps that you will need to take when creating an app for smartphones but we’re here to help! This blog will tell you How to Start an App: The Only Guide You Need.

If you’re trying to create an app for the first time, then you will obviously have tons of questions. Luckily for you, we’re going to answer them all in one place so you can get the information that you need to learn how to start an app. 

Keep reading for our guide so you can learn how to start an app for your company. 

Start With a Goal

Before you even start creating your app, you’re going to want to get out a pen and paper and start writing down your ideas and goals. Figure out exactly what you want to accomplish by creating an app!

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself when trying to figure out the goals for your app. What do you want your app to do and what problem will it solve? How will you make it interesting to others and how will you market it? 

Laying out these goals will be a guideline for you when it comes to creating your app. The more details you can give yourself, then the better it will be down the line. 

Do Your Research

Once you’ve figured out what type of app you want to create you need to research and see how many other apps there already are just like yours. Can your app idea do something better than what is already out there? 

This is where market research comes into play! 

Don’t get discouraged if you see apps that have the same idea that you do. There is always room for improvement and ways to do somethings better and more efficiently. 

Take notes of your competition’s names, ratings, downloads, prices, last updates, feature sets, and their publishers. You may want to create a spreadsheet to keep track of the data so it will be easier to look at. 

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This research will be a great starting point for you to figure out where to start with creating your app. You’ll know what features you need and how to make your app better before you even start creating it!

Start Designing Mockups

Now you get to do the fun part of creating an app that is designing the mockups and starting to figure out how you want your app to look. A mockup is basically the rough draft of how your app is going to look and function. It is a very basic way to show how your app will look without the complex color schemes and complex UI elements. 

What mockups do show is the basic functions of what your app will do such as the navigation. It can help to show how the user will get from one page to the next.

Most mockup software will also give you the ability to annotate your mockups which is great if you’re trying to explain whats going on in the rough draft of your app. This is awesome if you’re creating an app for a client or want to share your mockup to get feedback. 

Create the Graphic Designs

Your app is starting to really take off and now it is time to add more details! Graphic design is an important aspect of bringing your app to life and whether you want to do the designs on your own or hire someone it is up to you. 

There are tons of professional graphic designers who are looking for work that would be able to make some killer graphic designs for your app. This is a great route to go down especially if you’ve never done any graphic designing before. 

Learn to Code and Build Your App

Now it is time to actually build your app! If you’re not up for the challenge, then you can always hire a freelancer to do this part for you as well because it will take some work to figure out all of the coding. 

On the other hand, you have everything that you need to create your app. You’ve created mockups and have graphic design for how you want it to look. 

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Swift is a powerful tool that you can use to build your iOS app. If you’re new to coding, then you may want to look for a course to take that will help you learn this program much faster. 

Launch Your App in the App Store

You’ve created your app and now it’s time to launch it in the app store

When uploading your app to the app store you’re going to want to fill in the title, description, keywords and much more. When it comes to the keywords that you’re using you’re going to want to make sure you have a strategy behind them. 

You will want your app to appear high in the search results and that will depend a lot on the keywords that you use. For example, Google Play keyword monitoring is important to figure out which keywords you should be using for your app. 

Once you’ve uploaded your app to the app store it may take a bit of time for it to get approved. Within about 2-3 days you will either get approved or denied.

If approved, then your app will be ready for everyone to download and it is time to celebrate!

Learn How to Start an App

When it comes to learning how to start an app there are tons of steps that you will need to take and questions that you may have. Once you have an idea for an app, then make sure to sit down and take your time to figure out the entire process. 

Many people may get frustrated because apps don’t normally just get built overnight. It could take a bit of time and dedication before something gets started with your app. 

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