Here’s How to Store CBD Oil

how to store cbd oil

Did you recently discover the wonders of Cannabidiol or CBD oil? Despite all the controversy surrounding this cannabis compound, demand for CBD oil continues to grow.

A recent survey revealed that 14% of Americans claim to use CBD oil. About 40% of respondents say they use CBD products for pain relief. Another 20% use them to reduce anxiety.

Regardless of your reasons for using CBD oil, one thing is certain: You want to enjoy its potency at a high level. But how do you do it?

The answer lies in proper storage.

Continue reading below as we teach you how to store CBD oil the proper way.

Why Preservation Is the Key

Before we discuss how to store CBD oil correctly, let us first tackle the importance of preservation. You may consider CBD oils and other CBD edibles as food supplements. Thus, you may store them together with your food.

Since it comes from a plant, CBD oil is perishable. It will break down and deteriorate. As a CBD oil user, you want to slow down its deterioration.

You want to extend its shelf life.

Once you do this, you will not only preserve the cannabinoid content. You will also prolong the breaking down of other key elements like flavonoids and terpenes.

How to Store CBD Oil the Right Way

The better you preserve the CBD oil, the longer you will get to enjoy it. Moreover, the more effective it will also be. Here’s how you should store your CBD oil at home.

1. Away from Sunlight

Since CBD oil is plant-based, it means exposure to sunlight can damage it. Hence, you want to keep your product away from direct sunlight.

The best place to store CBD oil and other CBD products is in a cool, dark, and dry place. There are many ways to create this environment for your CBD oil.

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First, you may store your product at room temperature. If you choose this route, make sure that no amount of direct sunlight hits the bottle. A good place to store is your dark pantry.

You may also use your closets or drawers in the room. Avoid placing them in areas that direct sunlight may reach. These include your high shelves, windowsills, and countertops.

When buying CBD oil, check the bottle’s label. Go for one that comes with the word “amber” or “UV protection,” or “CBD sun protection.” These labels mean that the bottle provides ample protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Another option is to wrap the CBD oil bottle with aluminum foil.

2. No Room for Heat

Since direct sunlight is bad for your CBD oil, so is exposure to heat. There is no question about the purity of CBD oil. Since it comes from the hemp plant, you can be sure it’s organic.

However, it’s the extraction process that becomes tricky.

Different companies may have different ways of extracting CBD oil. Hence, there is no guarantee that the oil remains 100% pure after the extraction. Certain minerals that come with the oil may have different reactions to heat.

These reactions may alter the molecular composition of the product.

Apart from keeping your CBD oil away from direct sunlight, avoid placing them in areas that generate heat. These are your cupboards and platforms near the stove or oven.

Furthermore, don’t keep your bottle near a window. If you are planning to take your CBD oil with you, never leave it inside the car especially during the daytime.

The rule of thumb is to keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

In case you live in an area with a hot climate with no air conditioning, your refrigerator is your best friend. But keep in mind that your CBD oil’s consistency may become thick if you store it for too long inside the refrigerator.

If this happens, you will have to run the bottle through warm water first before using it.

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3. Away from Air

On top of the heat and direct sunlight, you must also keep your CBD oil away from air exposure. It’s true that there is no way you can stop air from entering the bottle every time you open it. When air comes in contact with the oil, it will result in oxidative stress.

This, in turn, deteriorates the product and its effectiveness.

Hence, you want to prevent oxidative stress by minimizing air exposure. Start by ensuring the bottle is air-tight before storing. Also, don’t move the contents to a different bottle.

In case you need to transfer the oil to another container, choose a bottle that is non-porous.

4. No Room for Moisture

Though heat is the number one enemy of CBD oil, you must also leave no room for moisture. When water comes into contact with your oil, hydrolysis will take place. This reaction will mess and break up the chemical bonds of your CBD oil.

Make sure to keep your CBD oil away from other products that come with water and other forms of liquid. Keep the bottle cap tight at all times.

5. Final Reminders

Last but not least, you must know if your CBD oil expired. If you purchase high-quality CBD oil from a reputable source; and you follow all the best practices when it comes to storage, you can prolong the shelf life of your product for up to 14 to 24 months.

As you approach this timeframe, watch out for some warning signs. Check if there is a change of odor. Typically, the scent becomes stronger until it becomes foul.

Moreover, look at the oil’s color. Dark and cloudy oil means it’s nearing its expired.

Finally, determine if the effects are still the same. Are you taking more drops before feeling the effects? If so, then you may need to get a fresh supply.

Expand Your CBD Knowledge

Knowing how to store CBD oil is a must for anyone who wishes to extend the life and potency of the product. But storage is only one of the many aspects you must understand about CBD oil.

Feel free to check our other articles on CBD and cannabis. We provide tips that will help you maximize the benefits of CBD products to their fullest.

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