How To Setup a Vpn- The Main Goal of Hiding Your Identity 

how to setup a vpn


VPN, in other words, a virtual private network is crucial while making your privacy more strong in the web world. However, most people take services from different types of VPN service providers, but they know a little about how to setup a VPN correctly to maximize the privacy of their well-being. In this article, I’ll be going over the setup process of various websites & moreover, I’ll provide different types of names of service providers dominating the industry. So, why are we waiting for now? Let’s start our journey & know how to set up your own paid or free VPN correctly.  

What is a VPN? 

VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. It means you will separate your zone of browsing by changing your IP address. You can do it through a command prompt if you want but using an app is the best way to perform these tasks in this era. However, if you don’t want the interference of 3rd party at all, then the command prompt is the best option. You should know that just using a VPN won’t guarantee the safety of privacy until you know how to setup a VPN & work with it in real life. 

In the later section, I’ll try to provide a few well-renowned VPNs & their setup process. It’ll enhance your probability of keeping your data safe & your existence hidden by 99.99%. Moreover, It won’t be time-consuming because I’ll show the simplest way to get into them.  

List of Renowned VPN

As I promised, I’ll mention a few well-known VPN’s names in this section who are doing great in Windows, Mac & Linux platforms. Moreover, I Will mention a few VPN names if you are searching for an android. With all those names, you will know how to set up a VPN & how to utilize its usages.


For Windows, you can see these 5 VPNs- 

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • SurfShark
  • Hotspot Shield 
  • IPVanish
  • Private Internet Access 

Most of these VPNs are paid & You should know that you might have to enter your email while registering. I’ll suggest making a separate mail for entering into it & as well as try to pay with prepaid cards for a premium subscription. 


For Mac, you can go through these 5 VPNs- 

  • Cyber Ghost 
  • Windscribe 
  • Proton VPN
  • Hide My Ass VPN
  • Vypr VPN

Most of these VPNs are paid & well optimized for Mac. Just try to enter into them with separate mails & pay their premium subscription with prepaid cards. You can enjoy your time with full privacy with the help of them. 


For Linux, this vpn will be good enough- 

  • Tunnel Bear
  • Bitdefender Premium VPN
  • Strong VPN
  • VPN Unlimited 

Most of them are free because you are already using an open-source medium. Therefore, try to enter into them with separate mail address & enjoy their full features. 


For Android- 

  • Super VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Orbot: Tor for Android 
  • Nord VPN 
  • Setup VPN

Except for the Nord VPN, others are free. I personally love setup a VPN for its speed. But Turbo VPN is also good enough. Moreover, you want to access in dark web with your phone, then try Orbot VPN. It’ll provide the most help while accessing the dark web with tor. 


How to Setup a VPN in General

You might be searching how to setup a VPN for these long & here we are now. In this section, I’ll share the method of how to setup a VPN in general. It’s also the most acceptable way in the whole world. 


Before setting up, know the basics about a VPN & the go-to how to setup a VPN. A VPN gives you a separate IP. What that IP might be. It could be the IP of another state of place in your country, or it’ll provide a different country’s IP address. 

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Another thing you should be considering is that you will have to consider the VPN protocol. Because with these protocols, your IP will pass, so based on these protocols, your speeds will vary. 


So, you have known about the two major things. Now, It’s time to go into the VPN & search for the IP or country & select that IP on which side you will browse. It would help if you remembered these IPs would provide you access to certain places on what’s behalf you can enter into different websites that might be banned in your country. 


Next, go to the settings & choose the protocol, based on it, your speeds will vary from IP to IP. Some protocols do well with a few certain IPs. Therefore, you should gather the info of that specific IP what will do well with that kind of IP & might do better than your previous VPNs. 


How to Setup a VPN Manually

The previous process of how to set up a VPN was done automatically. This time, we will know how to do it manually. Because some people don’t love the interference of 3rd party, therefore, I’ll provide the instructions based on different platforms. 


Note: Process might vary from device to device, but the principle will remain the same. 


  1. First of all, Go to the Wi-Fi & Internet settings or on that sub-page of your settings page where you can find the VPN option.
  2. Click on the VPN, and you might see an expanded sheet with a bunch of instructions. 
  3. In the third step, you will be asked to fill up the username, server name & password option. Fill those up & if you don’t see any, then simply go to the advance option & you will get to set all these options. 

With these methods, anyone can simply set up the VPN manually & fulfill the desire to set up a VPN. 


  1. Open the settings option
  2. Through tapping on general go to the VPN option
  3. Now, Add all the VPN configurations
  4. Put all the necessary information like username, password, IP etc. what you got from your service provider. 
  5. Now, all the work is done. You can on or off by tapping the on/off button of the VPN. 


  1. Go to the system preference by tapping on the apple icon & go to the network tab from that. 
  2. Click on the plus sign on the corner. 
  3. Choose VPN & put in all the necessary information. 


  1. Go in networks & tap on VPN
  2. Tap on the VPN option to add
  3. You just have to fill the VPN provider section & the admin will do the rest.
  4. Now you can access that VPN from the wifi section.

Nord VPN

In setting up a VPN article, Nord VPN plays a crucial role by providing its existence in every platform. However, it has one of the simplest interfaces in terms of setting up the whole VPN. You just have to pick a country & it’ll automatically set its IP based on that country’s Ip. Moreover, you will be happy to know that it also allows selecting cities under a country for getting specific services. These services are pretty good & a general user will be satisfied with all its services in the shortest amount of time.  

Turbo VPN

In setting up a VPN article, Turbo VPN plays a great role for those who want free services. Moreover, it also has paid service. You should know that it’ll show ads in free mode & you can choose up to 5 locations. However, you might be okay with these because you are paying nothing but getting all the services. I won’t think that its paid service worth the money because there is far better provider in this price range & you should know, its sales are on all over the year. So, it’s great to get one if you are comfortable with it. 

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Orbot: Tor for Android

In the article on how to set up a VPN, I mentioned that VPNs are used to access the dark web by hiding the location. If you want to go in deep or dark web & want to access the location, you should know that you must have to choose Orbot because it does pretty well with Tor browser. & only tor browser can give you access to the deep or dark web. So, I guess it’s clear now that you will go with it or not. It’s free & you just have to tap on it to make it on. It’ll provider peer to peer service. So, cracking yourself will be tough. 

Setup VPN

In how to setup a VPN, you should know about the setup VPN. Because it provides a great service without taking any money, it can be a substitute for Turbo VPN. However, it does more because it gives better speeds & also provides ad-free service. Its services are pretty good when you dig deep within them. The setup is similar to the Nord VPN. You just have to pick a country & click on it to access that particular VPN. However, you can also tap on quick connect to make your workflow smooth. 


How to Choose the Best VPN

In setting up a VPN article, I have told you about all the things you need. But You should know how to choose the best articles. You have to go through a few certain parameters to make a precise judgment. 


Free/ Paid: If you get premium services without paying anything, why should you choose paid services? That’s the thing, search what is needed & what should be done to find the most lucrative offer with paying nothing. That’ll save your money & also will give you the perfect services. 

Availability of IPs: How many countries’ IP that IP is providing that is important. If you don’t find your desired location on that, then that won’t come in any use. Therefore, you should find what should be done with these VPNs to provide you your perfect IPs. 

Speed & Ping: If your paid/ free service doesn’t provide the perfect speed, it won’t come in any use. Therefore, go for those VPNs that can provide the best speed at minimal cost & also keep your privacy intact. Therefore, it’s important to know that all things must be considered in a minimal amount of time. 


FAQ of setup a vpn

  1. How to setup a VPN in one click?
  • Just click on the quick setup button of any VPN, and you are good to go. However, this won’t provide perfect protection of your privacy. Therefore, you should customize more according to my instructions from the article. 
  1. What is the best VPN for Windows & Mac?
  • Nord VPN is regarded as one of the best VPN for both Windows & Mac. You can even get the chrome extension of this VPN. 
  1. What will happen if I enter the dark web without a VPN? 
  • If you enter the dark web without a VPN then you might be caught by the cops. Because most of the countries don’t allow their citizens to enter the dark web. 
  1. Can I use a crack version of VPN & get similar experiences?
  • No, you might get similar results, but cops can bypass the firewall so easily. So, your main goal of hiding your privacy won’t get in effect in the long term. 

Conclusion of setup a vpn

How to setup a VPN was the most confusing subject before the publication of this article. Hopefully, all the people who have gone through it have got the main focus point & got the idea on how to progress. More or less, it’s a great way of having everyone’s privacy intact through keeping VPN optimized. Using a paid service, you can also get better security. However, well-recognized services are preferable in every case. Hopefully, you get more articles like this from this website. Stay with us & keep your privacy intact with VPN & us. 


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