How To Make Paper In Minecraft? It’s Unbelievably Easier Than You Thought Of

How To Make Paper In Minecraft? It’s Unbelievably Easier Than You Thought Of

Minecraft keeps the players quite intrigued with its enticing adventures. Throughout the game, one needs to craft one thing or another. Now take this, for instance, do you know how to make paper in Minecraft? Well, if you don’t, then give this article a read as it’ll walk you through the entire process.


A paper might seem like a very tiny insignificant sheet, but that is not the case in Minecraft. In fact, it is quite a helping hand while you are looking around for ways to survive in the adventurous biomes of this sandbox video game.


How To Make Paper In Minecraft?

Since we are talking about how to make paper in Minecraft, it becomes inevitable to know what are the key resources that you need for this and where you can fetch them.


Material Required:


  • A Crafting Table (With 3X3 Grid)
  • Sugar Canes- 3


Locating sugar canes in Minecraft is not at all a hefty task. You can procure it near a water body. After all, where else would the sugar canes be if not near a water body? Just break the tall green sugar cane plants and rake in sugar canes. Three sugar canes are quintessential for making paper.


How To Make Paper In Minecraft? It’s Unbelievably Easier Than You Thought Of
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If the odds are in your favor, you can also get sugar canes in the treasure chests. So keep your eyes wide open whether you’re in a shipwreck, village, or stronghold while traversing in Minecraft biome.


That’s all you need for making paper in Minecraft.


TIP: Mineraft’s paper comes in quite handy in this game for a plethora of reasons, so it is advisable to gather sugar canes as and when you come across them, or you can also consider harvesting sugar cane plants in a farm-like area.

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How To Make Paper In Minecraft: The Procedure

Well, the procedure to make paper is as easy as ABC. So why not quickly learn about it…..


After raking in enough sugar canes, you simply need to open your crafting table (of a 3X3 grid) and assemble the collected 3 sugar canes in the middle of the horizontal row of the table.


How To Make Paper In Minecraft? It’s Unbelievably Easier Than You Thought Of
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Once you’re done with this, you’ll see paper in the box towards the right on the crafting table.


That was a walk of roses, wasn’t it?


Drag it down to your inventory section, and now you can reap the benefits of the paper.


In case you aren’t aware of what benefits this paper can serve you within Minecraft, here they are:-


  • For the times when you are in immense need of an enchanted book, simply place 2 Papers in the first two boxes of the crafting table (of 3X3 grid), 1 paper in the middle box of the table, and then place 1 unit of leather right under it (refer to the image below).


How To Make Paper In Minecraft? It’s Unbelievably Easier Than You Thought Of
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  • Merging Paper and Gunpowder can get you Firework Rockets.


  • Librarians and cartographers of the Minecraft village can be approached to swap papers for Emeralds. And there is no need to elaborate on how Emeralds can be of your assistance when you need to make trade swapping for items that are found rarely.


  • Empty maps are also another helpful thing that can be made using paper. Just place 1 Compass right in the middle of the crafting table and Papers in each of the remaining boxes.
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  • Banner patterns can also be made by simply using a simple paper altogether with Wither Skulls, Oxeye Daisy, Brick block, Golden, Creeper Head, or Vines (can be accessed only in Bedrock Edition).


  • Apart from all this, you can also make a cartography table. Wondering how? Open the crafting table, and place 2 papers in the first row, 2 wooden planks in the second row, and 2 wooden planks in the third row. It’s noteworthy here that the wooden planks must be of the same kind, and to use the cartography table, you must drag it down to where all your inventory is.


How To Make Paper In Minecraft Without Sugar Cane?

There are a lot of queries about how to make paper in Minecraft without sugar cane. Sad to state, but there is no such way to rely upon for making paper in this game. So you are only left with two alternatives to get sugar canes: either collect them from near a water body in the biome, or else you can set up a sugar cane farm so as to not run out of them.


Minecraft is no less than an adventure itself. But the same adventures just drive a thrill in the players that is evident from their craze and hype for this game. You might also find it helpful to have insights on how to make a fence gate in Minecraft, how to collect honey in Minecraft, or how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

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