What awaits virtual gambling online in 2020

virtual gambling online

The game industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and the online gambling industry is even more so. But ground-based Online Cricket Betting ID, however, is not asleep: visitors to Spanish casinos identified in gambling clubs by the face recognition system, and Las Vegas surprised its visitors with robots that strengthen security systems at times. And in 2020 there will be more! High technologies and not only are already ready to hit the world of virtual gambling online with new perseverance.

PC is a thing of the past

Fact from Statistica for 2019: 19% of smartphone owners said they regularly use their gadgets to play gambling. The data collected by online casino operators for 2018 indicates that 50% of customers of virtual establishments play on phones and tablets. The picture is quite definite: we are more and more related to mobile devices. So, in the future, we can expect a much higher quantity of online casinos, sharpened for the game from a mobile, as well as more relevant applications and the online slots themselves.

Realism in everything

Live casino games are one of the most promising areas in the development of virtual gambling online. More recently, live online dealers were an exotic novelty, and today players prefer this type of interaction much more than playing with “computer”.

Operators of the live casino industry are also working on the implementation of artificial intelligence. Voice recognition, individual selection of games – these are the features announced by the developers of gambling software.


Gamification vector

The line between slots and online games has not been so clear for a long time. And in the coming year, the trend will take its course: the developers of virtual slot machines are constantly announcing new models with quest elements, achievement systems, and dynamic storylines. Most likely, in the development of such innovations, they will be based on similar, already existing developments – Steamtower from NetEnt, Mars Attacks! from Blueprint Gaming, Max Damage from Microgaming and many others.

Of course, this trend cannot but affect the issue of popularizing thematic sites with demos and reviews. The audience is becoming more demanding, and it needs resources to help select new and best slots. One such resource which can help you to select a perfect game and place for gambling is Bgaoc site.

Blockchain here and there, blockchain everywhere!

Blockchain and gambling are things created for each other. And even if the Bitcoin exchange rate fell more than 5 times over the past year – interest in cryptocurrencies does not fade away. The fall, as they say in Blockchain, is temporary, but with the launch of new cryptocurrency futures, the situation is stabilizing.

Online casinos offer more and more opportunities to pay with bitcoin and other cryptos for bets. It is both transparent and safe, and the commission is minimal. So, a considerable number of enthusiasts of excitement are waiting for the opportunity to directly play in bitcoins on slots (so far, only poker and roulette are suitable for this format of payment).

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Under control

The state monopoly of gambling in Sweden in 2018 came to an end. And by the end of 2019, 28 new companies received the appropriate licenses.

Some countries quickly followed this experience: in 2019 online gambling was legalized in Belarus, Pennsylvania, and Buenos Aires. Brazil, Japan, and some US states are also considering appropriate legal metamorphoses.

The general trend is the same: gambling is a significant source of additional state revenue. More countries are striving to establish a tax collection system while improving the system for protecting user rights.

Naturally, the rules for storing and processing personal data of players for licensed casinos are being tightened. Video surveillance, biometric passports, fingerprints, voice recognition – all these technologies are already in use with the goal of maximizing the security of the world of gambling entertainment.

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