The Best Online Image to Text Converter!

Image to Text Converter

If you want to know about the best tool for the image to text conversion, then you are surely in the right place. We are going to discuss today the top and the easiest to use tools that are available on the internet for photo text conversion and translation. Today there are many tools available online on the internet for the image to text translation more commonly known as OCR converters, but you should know that you can’t just trust every other OCR converter online and you have to be very careful while selecting the right tools for you! In this blog, you will know about the Best Online Image to Text converters.

The reason why we are laying so much emphasis on the selection of a good tool is because an image conversion or text translation tool must be accurate, reliable and most importantly secure to the point that not even the tool saves the information that you have entered for uploading! An image to text converter has some of the most important uses, and you can’t just trust any application or tool to convert your image into text.

The top uses include!

  1. You can convert a PDF scanned document into word from by using the OCR converter!
  2. You can convert bank documents into text form by uploading the picture in the OCR converter!
  3. You can extract text from stamp papers and invoices by banks using the OCR converter online!
  4. You can extract any text information on an image easily using the OCR converter!

You must have seen many pictures having recipes written on them or pictures that have quotes on them or poetry on them. This is one of the trendiest practices today that images containing text and quotes are shared on social media, and you can enjoy both the visuals and textual information. But now if you have to simply extract the text from the image and avoid the media, you can use the OCR converter online.

The OCR converter works on the simple principle of conversion using some simple algorithms. Actually, the conversion of the text is easy using the photo text online converter because of the reason that it has a huge database of images saved on it and every image has a set value so the tool considers the text as an image and can easily translate within seconds. Now let us tell you about the top best online image to text converters, their features and their simple use!

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OCR Converter by Search Engine Reports!

So the first tool in our list is by the search engine reports. The search engine reports are one of the most important platforms that exist on the web! The search engine reports on the web is a trusted platform which gives you a complete and most reliable set of tools for search engine optimization, and the best part is all of the tools are free to use.

The OCR converter by the search engine reports is said to be one of the most reliable tools when it comes to the conversion of text from images. you can use the tool easily if you don’t know about the use of any conversion tool in the past! The search engine reports offer you a very user-friendly interface that will attract you every time you need an image to be converted. Now use the following simple steps for the conversion of the text from your desired image!

  1. First of all, find the OCR converter tool by SER on the web.
  2. When you open the tool, you will see a dialogue/search box in which you have to add the image.
  3. Upload the image that you have which need to be translated, and you must know that you can add any format of the image in the OCR converter may it be PNG, JPG and even GIFS.
  4. After uploading the image, you will hit convert, and it will give you results in seconds!

The next tool for extract text image from image is the:

Small SEO Tools!

The small SEO tools is yet another well-established and known platform for providing free and reliable services to millions of customers around the world. The small SEO tool’s OCR converter is one of the securest mediums on earth that helps you in the conversion of your confidential documents. Converting documents with the OCR convert is very easy as you can just upload it in the search bar. Moreover, this is one of the only tools that allow you to upload the URL of any image and convert the text in a downloadable word form!

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The tool by the small SEO tools is very much easy to use you can simply find it on your browser and can start converting photo to text in no time.

Now there are some limitations to the OCR converter tools that you need to consider before judging the results of a free online OCR tool. You must know that you can’t always get accurate results and this can be because of multiple reasons. We would like you to read this reason so that you can avoid them while converting your images for free!

First of all, make sure that the picture that you are adding in the tool is not cloudy. There is a slight difference between a blurry and a completely cloudy image. You must make sure of it that the image quality is understandable for a computer.

The second most important thing is the submission of a picture of a torn or tapped document. If you are submitting a fixed document in the tool, then there is no guarantee of giving the best accurate results. Moreover, a picture having no text at all will also be not converted by the tool in any case because of the reason that the tool has algorithms that will judge and convert the picture in a very artificial way that would be totally stupid. You must also avoid uploading a scanned document with a low printing quality!

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