CS: GO Team Arcy disbands

Team Arcy disbands

Saddening news for CS: GO ARCY fans, as the team announces its disband.

Not so long ago, the team saw Pawel ‘dycha’ Dycha leave, and then towards December end, Jacek ‘MINISE’ Jeziak left ARCY too in search of a better future. 

MINISE took the twitter platform to express his gratitude towards and the team and its members. He was with the team as the roster for the past two years. The twenty-five-year-old player shared his journey in 2019 as a rollercoaster and hence decided to step back from the group. MINISE admitted that it’s a risky move but he is positive with ‘New Year and New possibilities.‘ 

After the departure of dycha and MINISE, only three core players rallen, TaZ, and mouz were left in the team. 

However, just after two weeks of MINISE (the roster) leaving, the remaining players have announced the disband of ARCY. 

As per the sources, the problems began in ARCY when they lost financial support in November last year. They were continually in search of a new organization for more funding. 

Experts say that the move was entirely expected after the departure of players from ARCY when the company behind them ‘Aristocracy’ ceased the funding last November. Therefore, Pawel’ dycha’ Dycha, Jacek ‘MINISE’ Jeziak, and team’s coach Mariusz ‘Loord’ Cybulski left the group; which saw the unfortunate finish of the popular team. 

After the departure of Dyche and MINISE, the team added Filip ‘NEO’ Kubski and Olek’ hades’ Miskiewicz to their squad as their replacement (on loan). They were added to the team for playing the IEM Katowice qualifier and also the United Masters League. 

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ARCY took part in the European qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2020, where they ended up at the last place on the list. 

The ARCY team that participated in the IEM Katowice 2020 was as follows: 

  • Victor “TaZ” Wojtas
  • Mikolaj “mouz” Karolewski
  • Carol “rallen” Radovic
  • Philip “NEO” Cubsky
  • Olek “hades” Miskiewicz (rent from AVEZ)

After ARCY’s last match against Copenhagen Flames, they witnessed a 2-0 loss. 

Just after they lost their last match, rallen publicly announced his departure from the team via a TwitLonger. He initiated the tweet with the phrase ‘It’s time for a change’ and addressed recent poor performance and results as one of the reasons for him deciding to part his way from the current team. He promised to hone his own game and is open to all new proposals on [email protected]

Taz, on the other hand, took a philosophical approach to tweet and hinted towards an international future.

Mouz blatantly said that their team’s game didn’t look like it should have, and a lot of things haven’t been happening the way they should have in the past. He also criticized his current gaming skills and ended the message with a positive outlook to begin a new chapter of life. He’s free from any contract now and is open to accepting any new offers.  

So, for now, the outlined players below are all free agents: 

  • Filip “NEO” Kubski
  • Karol “rallen” Rodowicz
  • Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas
  • Mikołaj “mouz” Karolewski

Well, ARCY is now officially off the list. Soon we expect to see new developments in other teams as well. Until any next news of these players joining other team surfaces, you can play CSGO roulette and much more! To keep up the spirit of CSGO.

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