9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play

2018 released Far Cry 5 is the best-selling franchise of the Far Cry Series. Just within a week of its release, the fifth series of Far Cry franchise earned gross revenue which crossed 300 million USD. Ubisoft is always up for making new alterations to its projects for good.

Far Cry 5 is available for players on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows & Play Station 4. The series, which has got much limelight from the critics for being based on the socio-political environment of modern history, has been directed by Patrik Methe, Dan Hay, Ben Bauer, and Maxime Béland.

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play
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In this article, you’ll get to know about several Far Cry 5 mods (abbreviated for ‘modifications’).


If you’re perplexed about what mods are and how they can benefit you in Far Cry 5, look no further! Simply put, ‘mods’ is an abbreviated term for “modifications,” which in context to Far Cry 5 means the alterations or modifications that have been made to this game. This has been done to make the game more relevant and enhance the player’s experience.


To give the players a more engaging and more amusing experience, Ubisoft has added quite proactive mods to this fifth series of Far Cry. Checkout about these interesting mods here:

1. Resistance Mod

Resistance Mod is very much needed to access almost all other Far Cry 5 mods. That’s why you must install it first and then think about any other mod installation. This mod has more than 1 lakh downloads till date; want to know the reason? Well, it lets the player have control over most of the things such as locations, time, weather, alter spawn modes, get restored skinning animations, alter war modes, preserve roadblocks, and whatnot.

One exciting thing about this mod is that it also lets you regulate participants and enemies in resistance. I mean, this takes the versatility to just another level. Together with this, this mod has also brought back a number of restorations from earlier versions of the Far Cry series.

2. Viewmodel-FOV

Using weapons was a bit difficult as the default FOV (Field Of View) made everything appear much zoomed in, which had a negative impact on the player’s performance. Thanks to this one of the Far Cry 5 mods that resolved this issue by allowing players to set up weapons at a convenient distance. Now there is no more biting the bullet while you’re busy targeting the enemy.

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3. Improved Ballistics, Hunting And Optics

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play


With this mod, the ballistics have been improved to provide the player with an exceptionally realistic gameplay experience. This mod takes almost everything into account, be it fire rate, rifles drop, magazine size, and weapon behaviour. The developers of the game have gone the whole nine yards to make sure they bring a literal “realistic gameplay experience.”

4. Player Clothing And Heads

This mod of the fifth series of Far Cry works only if you’ve installed Resistance mod. This simple yet important mod allows the players to choose their appearance from a wide range of given options. After all, you need the perfect role looks to have that gaming feel.

On this note, there is one more such mod that’ll be an add-on for those who really want to get into the character. Scroll a little to know about that mod.

5. Player Beards, Hairstyle And Colours

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play
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Not just head and clothes, but you can also change your hairstyle, complexion, and beards using this one of Far Cry 5 mods. If we talk numbers, this mod provides 6 hairstyle options for male characters and 11 hairstyle options for female characters, and 4 colour options for both. Also, there are 5 distinguished beard styles for male characters. Crafting your gameplay character as per your choice is as simple as ABC with this mod but make sure you’ve Resistance Mod installed.

6. Advanced Shotguns FC5

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play
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The players of Far Cry 5 are fully backed up by the two advanced shotgun additions, namely, AS-12 (Berserker) and SA-12 (Barrage). Both shotguns cost 10000 USD but have differentiated functions. The former is the best fully automatic panic weapon with lofty magazine capacity and recoil, whereas the latter offers more control while firing operation (as it works on semi-automatic functionality) with less recoil and minimum magazine capacity. These shotguns are so cool that you won’t stop using them once you set your hands on them.

7. Additional Perk Points

This mod is one of the most valuable Far Cry 5 mods as it rewards the players with one or more magazines and prepper stashes, which in turn provide additional perk points to the player. The player can find the magazines and prepper stashes close to the white dots. This mod eases the stress of running short on perks and forking them out.

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8. Gray Marvel’s Hours Of Darkness

9 All-Time Far Cry 5 Mods You Need To Play
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If you want to witness Hollywood pinch in a game series, then you can’t turn a blind eye to Gray Marvel’s Hours Of Darkness mod of Far Cry 5. The mod incorporates brand new gun designs, Desert Eagles, and other historical glimpses that will just take the player to a whole another world. This can be best observed in Action Movie Mode, but don’t forget to install Resistance Mod first to enjoy this.

9. Boomer The Pitbull (Cult Dog Reskin For Boomer)

This is another mod that can be fully enjoyed in Action Movie Mode. This also requires Resistance Mod installed in order to operate. Presenting the former Boomer in the skin of a more dangerous attack dog, this mod makes the gameplay more interesting. Along with other customizations, the player will get 3 dog collars which can be used one at a time.


The method of installing different mods varies, but you can easily find the procedure for different mods by visiting this link. Clear procedures are listed for each and every mod that you need to follow if you wish to have a superior experience while playing Far Cry 5.


  • Have A Backup File Handy: You must have a backup file in place as while installing different mods, you might face some glitches which normally arise due to the distinguished nature and coding base of different mods. Getting backup becomes more easy with the vanilla versions of the files.
  • Watchout The Instructions: If you don’t wish to ruin your excitement and fun for this game (Far Cry 5), then you have to follow the procedures with your eyes wide open.
  • Go For The Resistance Mod First: As stated above, Resistance Mod is a prerequisite for several other mods. Therefore, it is strongly advised to install that first. Otherwise, you might end up with nothing but annoyance.

Far Cry 5 is one of the favourite and well-presented games in terms of graphics and attributes. The story-based gameplay is filled with a lot of features and advancements that make this game stand apart from others, and with the above-stated Far Cry 5 mods, your gameplay experience, and fun would be doubled for sure.

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