How to Host on Twitch: a complete guideline

how to host on twitch

Introduction of how to host on twitch

If you have a basic idea of game streaming, you probably heard how to host on twitch. Twitch is a platform where you can live stream games, videos or anything, yet you can earn money.

On the contrary, it is a bit tough for newbies to get all the information in their heads and have the Twitch’s desired account. 

In this article, we will try to clarify all your doubts about Twitch, how you can create a Twitch account, what software and accessories you’ll need, how to host on twitch.

So without any further explanation, let’s dive in.


What is twitch?

Twitch is an online streaming site, providing about everything you’d like to see, including food, music, Q&A sessions, and video games, the leading generator of traffic. This site was founded in 2011.

Nowadays, Twitch is very popular among gamers. Non-gamers might not notice the attraction of watching other people play video games, but Twitch is incredibly popular, with 15 million users daily.

Twitch’s popularity is increasing because, to the end, it allows new gamers to interact with other gamers, gives them new gaming tips, how to host on twitch; also they get the chance to follow gaming personalities.


How to create an account on twitch?

Creating an account is the easiest thing. You have to follow some steps.

  • Go to Twitch’s official website and pick the sign up link from the top right of your browser window.
  • Create an attractive username.
  • Build your password.
  • Put your date of birth.
  • Give your valid email id.
  • To complete the procedure, you have to read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and then press Sign up.

Congratulations! You now have an active Twitch account. Now you can stream anything from your profile.

The software you will need

The best software for streaming is Open Broadcaster Software.

  • Firstly to use OBS, you have to download the software and install it. If you are using Windows, right-click on OBS and ‘Run as Administrator,’ the program instantly records your games.
  • Open setup and pick ‘Flow.’ As the ‘Service,’ pick Twitch.
  • Open Twitch in your program and select ‘Dashboard’ from your menu in the upper right corner.From the left nav, select ‘Setup’, then select ‘Stream Element’. Select ‘Show Key.’
  • Paste a key named ‘Stream Key’ into the OBS area.

Congratulations, you can begin streaming at this instant!


What equipments will you need to how to host on twitch?

Until now, what do you think for streaming you will need some satellite or what? No, only the necessary things, like, camera, laptop, microphone, audio mixer. Now let’s get into the details on how to host on twitch.


Simple USB webcams are the most straightforward and most savvy cameras for digital designers and small brands.

USB cameras don’t commonly accompany a long line. You will need a USB repeater extension cable to locate them in different positions.  It’s got an integrated part that enhances the signal.



Although the exact technical specifications vary based on the device you are using, almost every new laptop available today can work. Usually, desktops have more USB ports and more extension options, all of which are fantastic advantages if you intend to ramp up your streaming operations in the future.


Internet Access

To put out a reliable live stream, you need a dedicated Internet link with enough bandwidth. Henceforth, We recommend you to use a wired network service and eliminating Wi-Fi.

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When you think of live streaming, audio quality plays a significant role. If your stream includes people sitting behind a desk or a table — a fixed configuration in which people don’t shift around much — you should use a tabletop condenser receiver.

In that case, Lapel microphones are another fantastic choice, mainly if your stream is more complicated than the fixed sit-and-talk arrangement.

You will likewise require useful links to join your receivers to your mixer/laptop, which can also be sold separately.


Audio Mixer

There is an infinite range of blender solutions for the new streamer to remember. In effect, the central aspect for a beginner is to know how much input a mixer has? Estimate the number of persons you might like to have on microphones while deciding how many inputs you require.

As this is the simplest way to deliver the audio to your device, you can also look for a device that has a USB connection.


How to connect the audience to your content?

After how to host on twitch, now the most prominent tension for beginners is attracting more and more audience. For that, you will need a professional way.

The best professional way, in that case, experts recommend it is the Online Video Platform (OVP). A good OVP offers video surveillance, marketing, and personalization tools.

Well, now, a question can be raised that how an Online Video Platform (OVP) works? To distribute content-the internet, an OVP utilizes a Content Delivery Network ( CDN).

Using a CDN allows the company to use a commonly acceptable group of live streaming staff for the substance. When a viewer demands content from a CDN, it is forwarded to the nearest site. Therefore, this situation occurs by using the IP address of the audience.

Some benefits of using Content Delivery Network are down below.

  • You will get a high-quality video with minimum time.
  • Although the core router is lagging, the CDN is in the passing road, bypassing the network interface and driving up to get to the user on time.
  • Altogether using a CDN can avoid protection breaches when a site or network is overwhelmed by attempts to hack it.


What to Stream?

You can stream anything, and I repeat anything on your Twitch account. It can be games, your workspace, your arts, camera; everything will work.


Set up to stream games

  • In OBS, go to the source panel and push the + button. Pick ‘Game Capture’ and enter the application you need to stream in the ‘Create New’ field.
  • Pick ‘Capture Specific Window’ and press ok.
  • Select Window drop-down and press ok.

You can, too, do this by moving the source corner and snapping it to the complete pane’s edges.


To stream your workplace.

I don’t suggest doing this. But if you are eager to live stream your workplace. Then,

  • Select ‘Display Capture.’
  • Give your name and press ok.


Camera Streaming

Camera streaming is one of the positive things to watch. You will laugh hard by only watching someone’s reaction. Initially, it feels weird; you can get over it. You have to be yourself, and you are going to rock it.

  • Select ‘Video Capture’ and address it ‘Camera.’
  • Press ok to your camera.
  • In the following categories, spot the source above the Window Capture and resize the reference to your taste.


how to host on twitch?

In this session, we will discuss two ways of how you can host on  Twitch account. 

Manually Hosting

  • Tap on your profile picture in the topmost-right corner of the screen after signing into your Twitch account.
  • Then drop-down menu by clicking on ‘channel.’
  • There is a ‘Send a message’ option on the chat section of your Twitch account.
  • Type “/host USERNAME” without quotation marks, so that, rather than USERNAME, type the username of the platform you want to host.
  • Type “/unhost” into the chat area without quotation marks when you want to avoid hosting another Twitch user’s web.
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Remember that you can make three host orders for each hour. 


Auto hosting

  • Again login to your twitch account and click on your profile picture.
  • Select ‘Settings.’
  • Click the ‘Channel and Videos’ of the setting page on your account.
  • Drop down the ‘Auto Hosting’ section. Click on the “Auto Host Channels” button to turn to the right.
  • Select the ‘Host List’ option after turning the auto hosting on.
  • Henceforth, You’ll lead to a page where you get the ‘Add’ option to add as many channels as you want.


How to control your account?

After all, Twitch is social media, and we know that social media is all about sharing. So there always a chance of hacking and piracy. It would be best if you were more and more careful about your privacy.

It is good to know what’s going on by chance, and just what kind of influence you’ve got over your Twitch experience. Thus, here are the final precautions required to keep your account under lock.

  • Select the security and privacy option in the settings.
  • You can change your password under the password option if you need it.
  • Accordingly, there you can find Two-Factor Authentication, activate that option. This security is an extra layer of protection to safeguard your account, which I and other streamers highly suggest.
  • Survey Privacy settings to check whether this is how you wish for individuals to contact you. If it is not convenient to control Whispers, you may block the communication route here.
  • Select Connections and review the different extensions and utilities of third parties that you have linked to your Twitch account here.
  • The following categories Twitch uses to notify their audience.
  1. Email
  2. On Twitch 
  3. Via Mobile
  4. Advanced

Therefore, you can go through all the options to track what’s going on your channel and account. 


How to host on twitch stream

After a full day of streaming, you want to end up your session and take rest. But you cannot say goodbye and cut all the connection, what will you do then? How will you make sure people who are genuinely involved in you and your stream are coming back?

Here, in that case, we came up with some solutions that will help you wrap up but still attract your viewer.

  • We encourage you to characterize an endpoint (goal) and begin indicating your audience at least half an hour before your stream stops.
  • Most of the followers stay with you for hours so when you are ending up, give them a recap to your streaming. You can tell them to give you feedback. It makes your bonding with them even more substantial.
  • There’s almost no more compliment to content producers than people genuinely consume their content and prove that they appreciate it. Lastly, you can give a thank you post. Thank them for everything wholeheartedly.
  • Tell them what’s straightaway, so they’ll have the option to follow your advancement and realize what games or difficulties are coming straightaway.
  • Your followers won’t be able to know who’s next streamer. So when you are about to wrap up, tell them who is coming next.
  • Never forget to promote your other social media to your viewers. This step will attract new audiences.
  • Before, as far as possible, there will now be a few streamers that have left your account, so we recommend that you make a Twitter post to review your game features (counting a few screenshots from the stream) and thank everybody for coming along and for their dedication.


Conclusion of how to host on twitch

As shown above I hope that all your problems with ‘how to host on Twitch’ are solved in this article. One bonus tip that always has a friendly relation with other streamers will give you more tips and tricks, and in case if you ever need to collaborate with someone, there still options.

Customizing your stream and profile is such a fun experience until you get through the technological hurdles and find the right software. I wanted to give you some advice on the alternatives you have and to educate you on some basic approaches that will affect your stream’s look and sound. It’s still up to you how you want to stream.

If you are very passionate about streaming, altogether there is a possibility that you can turn your passion into your profession, and what’s better than that, right?


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