10 ChatStep Alternatives & Similar Apps [Updated 2019]

Online chat rooms were and still is a popular spot for social communications. Online chatting is a product of the dot com revolution. But, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s’ when it appeared and became an instant success. Among the instant chatting service providers, ChatStep was one of the front runners. It was used to be the go-to site for teens with similar interests. They could make chat rooms with a specific topic to discuss among the allies. Until one day, it was closed down due to some unavoidable circumstances.

However, the good news is anonymous instant chatting is still a thing in 2019. So, there are a handful of ChatStep alternatives available on the internet. Today we’re going to talk about these alternatives and what specific purpose they serve. But first, let’s discuss ChatStep, and it’s unique features.

A Brief History of ChatStep

ChatStep was known for being the platform of group chats that anyone could use for any formal or informal conversation. ChatStep was the modern-day equivalent of Whatsapp. Only you don’t need to disclose your identity or contact information. And that statement answers the question ‘What is ChatStep’ profoundly.

It was an open site for both registered and anonymous users, and because of the anonymity, it soon became a success and grabbed lots of users within a short span of time. However, anonymous chatting had a disadvantage. Upon closing the tab, you would be out of the chat rooms where you entered without registering. To continue chatting in a particular group for a long time, you had to provide basic information like email id, username, and password for registration. ChatStep would verify your given data by sending a verification link in your email. Your account would be registered after clicking on that link.

The success of Chatstep didn’t last long. During its later years, ChatStep faced a lot of controversies. As the US Federal Laws of Cyber Crime getting strict day by day, ChatStep had to put a lot of effort into monitoring each and every individual chat thoroughly. The rise of app-based chatting platforms was the last nail in the coffin as, by the end of 2018, ChatStep stopped providing services.

List of Features Provided by ChatStep

ChatStep brought some unique features in the online chat room segments. These features were the key to ChatSteps initial success. Without further ado, let’s talk about these mind-blowing features.

1. Creating Chat Rooms

A registered user of ChatStep could create a chat room. The creator had the option to keep the chat room clean or approve explicit content. Chat rooms were created for serving a certain purpose. For example, a group of childhood friends created a chat room to revive yesteryears’ memories. The creator had to write a group description and a guideline which were made public to any user wanting to join the group. He can also set a password for screening any unwanted guests.

2. Private Chat Rooms

A registered user could join any private chat room if they know the name of the chat room. But, if the chat room is password protected, then the user had to know the password to join. Registered users could join any number of chat rooms they want. ChatStep did not charge a single penny for joining chat rooms. The best thing about these chat rooms where no messages were being recorded ever.

3. Public Chat Rooms

ChatStep admin created public chat rooms for a quality conversation among users from different parts of the world. Both registered and anonymous users could use this forum. But, Only registered user had the choice to stay joined in a public chat room. Anonymous users didn’t have this option. Once they close the browser’s tab, they would automatically leave the chat room.

4. Image Sharing

Image sharing was a piece of cake in ChatStep. You just needed to drag and drop the image you want to share in the chatbox. And that’s done. Your picture has been posted in the group. This tool is highly useful, especially for those who were using ChatStep to communicate with their project partners.

Though these four were the main highlights of ChatStep, it had other cool features too. Like color-coding each different user with a specific color or the chime, it used to make when someone enters or leaves the chat room. In a nutshell, ChatStep had a lot of practical elements, which made chatting easy as well as interesting in that era. However, it has faced several controversies during its operational era, which we are going to discuss in the next segment.

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Controversies Regarding ChatStep

Just like the other free chat platforms, ChatStep also had its share of controversies during the operational years. It also had a fair share of abusive users and fake news spreaders. During the initial years when cybersecurity was not that of concern, ChatStep was used as a platform for sending child pornographic images. Some such cases were sent to court, and muds were thrown on ChatStep as well apart from the conviction of those users. That led the ChatStep team to strengthen its user’s policy and security features in the later part.

Reasons for Permanent Shutdown of ChatStep

There is still confusion among users about the exact reason for ChatStep’s shutdown. But, one thing is sure that it didn’t happen for one particular reason. Multiple arguments caused ChatStep to close their business. We have prepared a list of those possible reasons

  • Those court cases regarding child pornography started the fall of ChatStep. ChatStep tried to recover from it by tightening its security, but that costs a great deal of money.
  • ChatStep had a little scope of making money, especially from the people who wanted free chatting service. Running multiple adverts in a small chat room is also a difficult task. So by the end of 2017, ChatStep started to feel a cash crunch.
  • Rise of the social media giants with their ultra-modern chatting tools created a monopoly in the market. It was nearly impossible for a financially weak company to do business in that market for a long time. So ChatStep decided to cease its operation on December 2018.

However, ChatStep wasn’t the last specialized chatting site when it closed down. By then, the market had already seen a series of chatting websites coming to the limelight. Some of them offer as good service as if not better than ChatStep once used to provide. So in the next half of this article, we’re going to dive into the ChatStep alternatives, which you can still use today.

10 Great ChatStep Alternatives to Look Out for


1. E-Chat

E-Chat is one of those platforms where users migrated after the closing of ChatStep. It is almost identical to ChatStep as E-Chat also offers free anonymous chatting between two or more users. All the chat rooms of E-Chat are highly responsive, and they require no additional plug-in to be installed.

To chat on this site, all you need to have is a simple account. You can create a permanent account by giving your contact details, or you can use it as a guest without giving out a single detail about yourself. The user interface is simple yet loaded with all essential tools.


2. Chatzy

Chatzy is free of charge private chatting site that lets users create a dedicated chat group for every purpose. It is a simple website and doesn’t require downloading any extra software or plug-in. Chatzy offers both general and adult chatting space for each and every user.

Chatzy offers you to create a group and then invite your friends over an email invitation. Here, unlike ChatStep, one cannot join in a chat room unless they are invited. So, you can keep your group small and private.

3. Zobe

Zobe is a simple but powerful online chatting solution that allows you to chat with strangers. It is one of the most useful sites to meet new people and become friends with them. With Zobe, you will never feel bored as you will surely find someone to talk to.

Zobe offers an extensive range of smileys and emojis that will make your conversation more interesting and innovative. It also offers a series of functionalities like encrypted chatting and sending images. It is full of users, so there won’t be any instances of not finding a peer at any point of usage.

Bit Chat

4. Bit Chat

Bit Chat is one of the best possible ChatStep alternatives in the market. It is P2P secured and encrypted instant messenger that is nearly impossible to hack. Bit Chat offers end to end encryption for every conversation, whether its a serious formal chat or an informal timepass one.

Bit Chat is secured with AES 256-bit encryption that means you can have your personal and private chat on this platform without fearing a leakage. It is written in an open-sourced code so that users can inspect its implementation. If data security is your primary concern, you should try this one. You will love it

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5. ShockRooms

ShockRoom provides a free webcam chatting service. It is like Skype but better. Unlike Skype, it doesn’t require any downloading of software. This platform is used by millions of users from every part of the world. The best thing is that ShockRoom services require no prior sign up. You can use it as a guest.

ShockRooms offers a wide range of facilities. You can do both texting and video calling on this platform. You can find a significant number of chat rooms available for joining. Also, you can make a video call to your loved once without any charges incurred.


6. Cyph

Cyph is another ChatStep alternative that offers secured and free chatting space just like ChatStep. You can take advantage of their encrypted chat rooms and share important data without worrying about getting hacked or watched. It provides top-level anonymity backed by Tor Security Concern.

The well-organized features of Cyph include image and file transfer, free of cost video calling, and 256 bit encrypted messaging. If you want to chat with your friends in Cyph, just send the link to your chat room, and they will join as soon as they click on the link. Also, Cyph is user-friendly upto a great extent. You don’t need to be a tech head to understand the functions.


7. ChatCrypt

As the name suggests, ChatCrypt is one of the best encrypted-chatting service providers out there in the market. It offers 256-bit encrypted chat rooms, which are virtually impossible to hack. You can share confidential data and information in ChatCrypt’s messaging space without ever being hacked.

To use ChatCrypt, you have to create a chat group with a group name and password. Share that group name and password with your companions, and they can join your group easily with these details. ChatCrypt uses military-grade security features so that no one except the participants can view the chats


8. ZChat

ZChat is free of cost chatting platform that presents a simple user interface with all essential features loaded. It supports almost every country in the world and has thousands of users chatting every day. It is the best tribune to experience a natural and user-friendly chatting experience with your loved ones.

In ZChat, you can chat, flirt, or ever arrange dates with strangers from your area. ZChat also gives you plenty of gifs and emojis so that your conversations never become dull. This platform follows a rule of no abuse and no spamming, so keep your chats clean while using it.


9. All4Masti

All4Masti is an online chat room made for the Indian subcontinent. Even if you are not from the Indian subcontinent, you can find like-minded people in this chatting site. Here you can find a chat room specifically for each country so that you can chat with your countrymen.

This site is focused on their public chat rooms. There is always an admin present in each chat room to moderate users’ behavior and language. If you find someone interesting in the public rooms, you can send him/her private messages also. Also, you can use this platform as a guest.


10. Riot.im

Riot.im is our final pick for ChatStep alternatives. This corporation is more than just chatting. In Riot.im, you can communicate in every possible way. Communication methods include Chatting, Voice and Video calls, and Conference calls. You can even deploy an AI bot for taking calls and messages when you are not online.

Riot.im is available in various forms like a website, conference room scheduling software for your PC, and an app for your cell phones. It is mainly created for professionals and business personnel. You can communicate with colleagues and create a group for your projects. You can send every document related to work in that group, and your team members can access them. You can hold group meetings via conference calls. Riot also offers end to end encrypted private chats.

Final Thoughts

If you are in this portion of the article, then you have got the gist of what is ChatStep and why it was shut down all of a sudden. Closing of ChatSteps upset thousands of active users. However, people choose to migrate over other viable options. Websites like ChatStep showed the potential of online chatting sites. Giants like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger all owe to this earlier app for exploring these market segments and making the online chatting mainstream mode of communication.

In our article, we have given brief details about ten possible ChatStep alternatives. Our picks have been chosen after extensive research. In our opinion, these lesser-known yet remarkable chatting sites have the best chance of being the next big thing in social media. So, give them a try and tell us your experience in our comment box. Subscribe to our site for upcoming blogs and share this article with your friends.

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