How To Find a Stud – Easy Way To Keep a Horse

how to find a stud

Do you love to keep horses? But if you want to raise horses, you need a stud. Today we will talk about how to find a stud.

Buying a horse is an extraordinary adventure that must, however, be well thought out. When you have such a project, there are criteria that you have to pay attention to, such as the horse’s age, level, or gender. How to choose between a mare, a gelding, or a stallion? Woopets gives you some answers to help you make the right choice! So let’s know more, how to find a stud?

How to find a stud?

First of all, it is crucial to define what a stallion is. A stallion is a horse that has been selected for breeding by the competent authorities. Therefore, an uncastrated male horse is not always a stallion. We will rather speak of a “whole in this specific case.” An entire is, therefore, an uncastrated male horse that has not approved for breeding. So, how to find a stud?

Often more muscular and rounder than a gelding because of its hormones, the whole male can also be more temperamental. Therefore, having a full or a stallion requires knowing how to impose yourself and not let yourself walked on. If you think of buying a whole, you should always watch out for mares, especially in hot weather. Do not pass too close to them: you will undoubtedly have some difficulty in holding your horse!

In these horses, there are no rules.

Some whole ones are soft like lambs and are relatively easy to handle and work. However, it is not advisable to opt for an entire or a stallion when you are a beginner. You must at least know how to manage it in hand and the saddle!

Put yourself in a situation: imagine yourself working a stallion in a merry-go-round surrounded by three mares, one of them in heat. Everything could go very well or not! You need to have a little riding experience to manage your horse if this type of situation arises!

The real difficulty is ultimately in the accommodation. Indeed, all the stables do not accept the whole. Or else they keep them locked in the box all day long. That is a real problem because the stallion is a horse like any other who needs regular outings in the paddock to be balanced and pleasant to live with. Moreover, some people adapt very well to herds’ life, whether there are mares in the area or not! It’s all a matter of habit.

Suppose you plan to buy a whole colt or a stallion and first shop around the stables near you. You will thus have confirmation that your horse can housed in the right conditions before purchasing it.

Why buy a gelding?

As you probably already know, a gelding is a male horse that has neutered. It can, therefore, no longer reproduce. But beware! It is not because he is no longer able to procreate that he will not seek to mate. It’s as if he has already had the opportunity to do so in the past.

The gelding is reputed to be a more docile and calm horse than its congeners. And with good reason! Since he has neutered, he does not experience the hormone surges that stallions and mares can have. That said, there are still exceptions to this rule, mostly when the castration performed poorly.

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Often it is geldings selected to be part of the cavalry of riding schools and equestrian centers because of their ease of management. Indeed, between geldings, all can get along perfectly. There is no need to think about logistics. Neither during the recoveries nor when setting up in the paddock. These horses generally entrust to beginners and young riders in equestrian centers due to their more temperate character.

If you are a beginner, buying a gelding seems like a perfectly reasonable choice, mostly if you have never owned a horse before.

Be aware that at an equivalent level, a gelding may be more expensive than a mare or a stallion because of the costs incurred by the former owner ( or the breeder ) for castration. 

Why should you buy a mare?

Very rarely sterilized, the mare is like the stallion: a whole. It has a more or less regular hormonal cycle, which can affect its character.

In some mares, heat is painful, making them extremely sensitive. We are talking about ovarian mares. During heat, a mare can be tricky to work with it. The female horse will try to attract any male passing nearby or, on the contrary. Show herself to be very character, no longer supporting any equine passing too close to her. Others, on the contrary, show no sign of embarrassment during this period.

Often showing more character than a gelding, the mare is like the stallion: she can be as delicate to manage as him, even wholly unpredictable. We say of the mare that she can give you everything one day, then nothing the next day. 

Please note, this is all general information. Sometimes mares are much easier to deal with than some gelding that see ghosts everywhere.

Buying a mare also means being able to foal her one day, whether for breeding purposes or to obtain a foal from your beloved mare. That is an excellent point to consider!

Our advice: how to find a stud?

When trying out a horse, listen to your feelings, and trust your intuition. Do not hesitate to try it several times to confirm your feelings. It is the best way not to regret your choice afterward. And maybe your feelings will direct you to sex you would not have chosen at first!

If the horse’s sex criterion is essential to you, dive into your memory, and go in search of the horses that have marked you! Was it a majority of mares? Of geldings? Or stallions? Perhaps this indication can help you make your choice.

Either way, do not hesitate to be supervised when buying your horse and seek advice from the experienced riders around you. The gender of the horse is essential, but don’t forget to pay special attention to other criteria such as your horse’s health or his liabilities.

Horses cannot be grateful

Some horses are naturally more sociable with humans under their temperament. But for others, it will be necessary to give them motivation so that they want to be with us and provide them with comfort, bonuses, etc.

What could you change to make your interactions more enjoyable for him?

Suppose you want to improve your relationship with your horse. It would help if you also devoted time to him. If you only come to see him work on him to achieve your own goals and without worrying about his own, it won’t be easy to make him enjoy your moments together.

To have a good relationship with your horse, it is necessary to get involved in the relationship, not just on the surface. We cannot expect from him what we do not give him.

Prerequisites for the rider

  • I understand my horse’s needs: its nature, personality, temperament, sensory world, and social interactions.
  • Appreciate all the qualities of my horse: I focus on it and not on its faults.
  • Can read my horse: I pay attention to its behavior and body signals.
  • Know how to satisfy my horse: I know what he appreciates and does not appreciate.
  • Connected with my horse: In the present moment when I am with him.
  • Invest in a relationship with my horse.
  • The prerequisites for the horse
  • Have living conditions that respect their well-being: have a social life, eat and drink, move around at will.
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Do nothing to do better: how to find a stud?

To develop a good relationship with your horse, it is sometimes essential to DO NOTHING when you are with him, for example, spending time with him without asking anything and leaving him free to interact with you or not.

Spend time observing it in the meadow. This will allow you to see him interact with his peers, to celebrate his social behaviors and the links he has forged with others.

Do things the horse enjoys

When you are together, it is vital to do things that are beneficial to your horse and that he enjoys taking him to graze and making him scratch at his favorite places. A recent scientific study proves that itching accentuates the social bond between individuals.

FAQ of how to find a stud

1. Does the last hesitation remain?

Despite all our explanations, you still have some doubts about the choice of the sex of your horse? Maybe that’s not the most important criteria to consider!

It will always be better to buy a horse that suits you perfectly ( or almost ) rather than choosing a mare or a stallion, even if it is not perfect for you. Like us, all horses have a unique personality. Based on this observation, it is difficult to say which gender made for which rider.

2. How do I get my horse to love me / want to be with me?

Many riders and owners dream of having a strong emotional relationship with their horse and creating a real bond with it.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a disappointment: the relationship with their horse is not up to what they hoped for, and they feel rejected by the companion they love so much.

They then experience genuine distress and confusion in the face of this situation:

  • I have the impression that my horse does not want to be with me.
  • My horse never comes to see me in the meadow.
  • It looks like I piss him off when I come to see him.
  • My horse is not motivated at work.
  • Despite everything I do for him, I feel like my horse doesn’t like/appreciate me.

3. Why does the horse not like his rider or want to be with him?

If the horse sees little interest in leaving his friends to spend time with his rider, he often does not find his company reassuring, comfortable, pleasant, or motivating.

This can be for various reasons:

The rider does his best but does not meet the needs of the horse: he does not know enough about his nature, his personality, and his goals.

He is focused on his own desires and goals and not on those of his horse: the horse, therefore, finds no gratification in its interactions with him.

May be the rider does not communicate clearly and understandably with his horse: the latter is in a state of permanent confusion when they are together and cannot understand what expected of him.

He is not connected with his horse and is not 100% present during their interactions: he is stressed and ruminates on his problems at work, spends his time on his phone, etc.

He uses his horse to show himself and gratify his ego: he does not question himself and blames the horse, seeing punishes him when things do not go as he wants.

4. How do you make your horse want to be with you?

Have a good relationship with your horse

For your horse to appreciate you and want to be with you, you have to make your goals his own.

Have empathy and put yourself in his place.

Congratulations on how to find a stud?

The horse owes us nothing. It is essential to realize that the horse has its own needs and expectations related to the intrinsic characteristics of its species, which are entirely different from ours. The horse is a selfish animal. That is to say. It is center on its own needs and objectives. For the most important: to drink and eat fiber, to move. And to have social relations with its congeners.

We can’t buy it: what is important to us has nothing to do with the horse. IHe does not care about having the latest equipment or being boarded in the region’s best stable. 

He cannot appreciate that one makes sacrifices for his well-being. Because one brings the osteopath and the dentist regularly and offers him a suitable saddle. It is unaware of our expectations and if all of t natural needs meet. They do not need us to live his life and be useful in his hooves. 


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