Magento vs. Shopify – Which One Should You Use?

Magento vs. Shopify

When it comes to your e-commerce business, picking the right online store platform is a crucial choice. Ideally, the right platform should be able to support multiple payment options, provide you with a lot of customization options, and be easy to use by both the store owners and the customers alike. This blog will be about Magento vs. Shopify – Which One Should You Use?

Two of the most prominent ones in the e-commerce industry are Magento and Shopify. So, which one should you choose to give your customers the best possible shopping experience? To make a smarter decision, take a look at our comparison below. Magento vs. Shopify – Which One Should You Use?-

Magento vs. Shopify Platforms Comparison



1) It offers great customer support to its users

If you ever run into some kind of trouble while using the Magento platform, you have nothing to worry about. The Magento forum practically has answers for every query you might have to help you get up and running. It features a massive database of content posted by Magento’s users themselves, and from this, you’ll usually find the answer to what it is you need help with.   

2) It provides incredible flexibility

In the e-commerce realm, it is essential to have a store that stands out from all the rest. With Magento, you can do just that as there are virtually no restrictions on how you want to design your online store. Having a unique store will definitely make existing and potential customers remember what you and your business are all about.     

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1) It needs some tech-savvy

It is safe to say that Magento is not made for people that do not have any kind of coding knowledge. Without any technical know-how, tinkering with this platform can be very daunting and even intimidating compared to the straightforwardness that Shopify offers customers. 

2) It needs a steep learning curve

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to your e-commerce business e-commerce business‘ needs, Magento might not work for you. This platform is anything but quick and easy, as you literally need to set aside ample time to learn its ins and outs before you can get your store live online.     



1) Take your pick from more than 100 storefront themes

Perhaps the most important aspect of this benefit is that all of the themes are already optimized for various devices and their respective screen sizes. This is remarkable considering how prevalent mobile shopping now is. Consider this statistic: 69% of all consumers in the age range of 18-39 utilize mobile devices to look into different products before making a purchase.    

2) It is very easy to use

In case you need any help with something related to the platform, assistance is just a phone call away, 24/7. You can also reach someone who can help you through a live chat or email. Shopify also has an active forum where you can exchange information and tips with other users. 


1) Only a few themes are free

If you are a little low on the budget, you really don’t have much to choose from when it comes to Shopify themes, as only ten of them are free. The rest are premium themes that you need to purchase to give your storefront a look that you want truly. 

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2) It offers a lot of apps that can clutter your store

You might be tempted to fill your online store with a lot of apps at first, especially when you stumble upon the extensive array that is available. But a word to the wise: choose only the ones that your e-commerce store can really benefit from and avoid making your store too complex to deal with. 

A Few Final Words… 

Choosing an e-commerce platform wisely is indeed very important, but what about providing the best customer support possible and avoiding expensive disputes with clients? To learn how to handle all those things, read the next review of the Purchase Guard dispute mediation platform.          

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