Working in the offshore TECH industry

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The TECH offshore industry often consists of platforms in the sea where oil or gas is extracted. By working offshore we mean work that does not take place on the mainland, but often in the middle of the sea or the ocean. Working in the offshore industry is attractive to many people because the salary for these jobs is often a lot higher than onshore. Let’s see about working in the offshore tech industry.

So by onshore, we mean on the mainland. Also, technical people who work offshore often have a lot more days off. This all sounds very appealing of course. However, these benefits also come with some drawbacks. For example, it is true that offshore is often followed by two to six weeks of work with a few weeks off. During the weeks that you are working, however, you will work long days of 12 hours every day.

How to solve challenges in resources by working with offshore teams

The number of unfilled vacancies in the labor market recently reached new heights. Figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics showed that never before so much staff had been requested in Europe. Many companies experience the barriers of the lack of suitable personnel. Striking examples are: insufficient capacity for the amount of work, projects are delayed and growth is lagging. Yet for some industries, such as IT, there are indeed solutions to this problem. You can overcome the lack of available or qualified developers by working with on-site development teams, also known as offshore teams. Why is it interesting to work with offshore teams? And how easy is it to deploy such a team with an STCWE or CA-EBS training? In this article, we’ll discuss how to lay the foundation for a team on location. In addition, we give a number of useful tips to promote smooth collaboration.

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Working as a developer on an oil platform at sea

The long twelve-hour days you work on an offshore oil platform are often filled with hard physical labour. It, therefore, does not work for people who are not physically strong. Working on an oil platform requires a lot of physical strength. There is also the necessary danger associated with the heavy work that must be performed. This can sometimes lead to unsafe situations, especially in combination with the long days that have to be worked. Of course, a lot of maintenance is always done and safety is paramount.

Knowing this, the higher salary of the people who work in the offshore industry is justified. After all, the danger of the work must be weighed against the reward that you can get. It should also be remembered that although you often do not have to work for several weeks, you are not home every evening to see your family while working on an oil platform. Offshore work is therefore not suitable for everyone.

Find TECH a job in the offshore industry

Finding a technical job on an oil platform or another form of offshore industry is not the way you are used to from companies on the mainland. An advantage is that there is often enough work to be found in the industry. To be hired for a job, however, you are dependent on recruiters who recruit people on a project basis. You often do not have a permanent contract and the security of a job.


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