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Jio Balance Check

Nowadays, we will find at least one Jio user in every house around us, and many Jio users keep asking about how to check Jio balance. The Reliance Jio telecommunication company went on to become India’s leading telecom giant within a few years of its launch, is now a successful operator of the national LTE network. After a successful internal launch in 2015, Reliance commercially launched the 4G services and the Jio sim card service in September 2016, for the general public.

And within a few months of its launch, Jio started dominating the Indian telecom markets by acquiring millions of subscribers, months after months. Now, Jio is having a direct partnership with huge international brands like Facebook and has acquired foreign direct investment from many leading telecom companies all around the world.

  This success was achieved by keeping in mind the target customers, the common man and the middle class of the Indian society. Reliance Jio, which is a subsidiary firm of the Reliance networks, provided the customers with easy-to-use sim cards and made them available after a very less-complicated registration process and minimum document requirements.

And Reliance Jio became very popular with the customers because it provided comparatively more beneficial and long-lasting data plans and Talktime at the same price, or sometimes at a price lower than the other services. It became hugely popular after its launch for its huge data packs and extremely beneficial calling packs. But a common question asked by all the Jio users is how to check Jio balance. There are some monthly packs, and also some daily packs – most of the data packs have a daily renewal system. So, it is important for the users to know how to check the Jio balance, and to know the amount of remaining data or Talktime pack. There are many ways to check the Jio balance:

How to check Jio balance: basic steps

It is very easy to check your daily usage and Jio balance if you are a smartphone user, and you need not look for the application or Jio website to do the same. You can just use the basic functions for this matter, and it will help you to check your balance without any complications.

One of the easiest ways to keep a watch on your Jio balance is – use your smartphone functions for it. A smartphone user can check his daily data limit, and set the same amount (or a limit lesser than the actual one) as the daily data usage limit on their phone. This will help them to get an initial reminder about their daily data usage before their plan directly ends.

Also, when someone disconnects his mobile data connection after use, they get an SMS that shows how much data they have used and how much data is remaining, from their Jio balance. These two are the basic ways to check your Jio balance, and apart from these, there are many ways through which you can check your Jio balance.

How to check Jio balance: advanced steps

Apart from the basic steps on how to check Jio balance, there are some advanced (but easy) steps that you can take to check your balance. We will be listing them here, one by one:

  • If you want to check your main Jio balance through IVR, you can dial *333#. Your remaining main Jio balance will be displayed on your screen, after successfully dialling the code.
  • Another way to check your Jio balance is to check it via SMS facility – users can send an SMS as MBAL on the number 55333. After your SMS is sent, you will receive a reply in which your Jio balance details will be mentioned.
  • And to check your Jio tariff plan, send an SMS as MY PLAN, to 199. To know your Jio balance through an SMS is a free service, and you won’t be charged for that SMS. So, you can try this even if you are running low on balance.
  • The official website of Jio will also help you to know how to check Jio balance. For that, users can type in their browser and sign-in on the official website, by using their Jio number. After the successful signing in, Jio balance can be checked on the top of the page, and by selecting the My Plans section, data usage information will be available.

How to check Jio balance: Via MyJio app

The main reason behind Reliance Jio’s unmatched success is that they kept themselves up-to-date, according to the needs and demands of the customers. And one of the major players in these efforts is the MyJio app – it is like a personalized account for every Jio customer and provides them with all the information and services that they need. MyJio app can also be used to understand how to check Jio balance, which requires some very easy steps to be done.

  • After downloading the MyJio app from the apps store, the user has to log in using his Jio number, to create his MyJio account. When the account is successfully created on the application, the homepage of the application will itself display the Jio balance. 
  • On the homepage, the user can check his Jio balance, along with the details of his active plans, the daily usage limit, and the remaining pack. And if the user wants to get more detailed information about his Jio balance, he can click the usage button on the homepage that will display the additional information about his active plans and usage.

How to check Jio balance: For Prepaid and Post-paid plans

Many Jio users get confused about how to check Jio balance, depending upon the nature or type of the plan that they have subscribed to. They keep asking about the ways to check the Jio balance for Post-paid and Prepaid plans, which are very different from each other. But as said earlier, there’s no need to worry about it as it involves some very easy steps with the slightest difference.

If you are using a prepaid number and want to know how to check Jio balance, just send an SMS to 199, with a text – BAL. In the reply that follows, you will get to know about your active prepaid plan, your usage, and the remaining plan.

To check the Jio balance for a Post-paid number, send an SMS as BILL to 199. You will receive a reply in which the details of your active Post-paid plan will be mentioned.

Here are some important Jio USS codes that will help you to ease a number of functions:

  • To check my Jio number, dial *1#.
  • To check your Jio balance, dial *333#.
  • To activate the 4G data plan, call 1925 or SMS STAR to 1925.
  • To check the post-paid bill details, SMS BILL to 199.
  • To check the call rate, SMS TARIFF to 191.

How to check Jio balance: Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Though there are many guidelines available for checking the Jio balance, not everyone can understand and apply them properly. Thus, many questions arise in the mind of Jio users, regarding this matter. We are considering some frequently asked questions (FAQs) over here, and we will try to provide simple and easy answers to all of them, to clear the confusion in the minds of people.


  1. For what purpose can I use the MyJio app?
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The MyJio app is an all-inclusive app developed exclusively for Jio users. You can perform all the functions related to your Jio number on the digital platform, using this app. It provides a wide range of services and can be used for various purposes – to choose a perfect data or talk-time plan for your number, for recharge, for managing your Jio account, checking the validity of action plans, for getting usage details on calls, SMS, mobile data connection, to locate Jio hotspots near you, to update your personal details linked with your mobile number, and to solve your doubts and queries using the FAQs section. The virtual assistant, Hello Jio is also very helpful in all this.

  1. Is it possible to check the Jio balance on the MyJio app?

Yes, it is possible to check your Jio balance using the MyJio app. For that, one has to login to their account using an OTP. The balance will be displayed on the homepage itself, and you can get more details too.

  1. Is MyJio app accessible even when the data limit has exhausted?

Yes, the MyJio app can be accessed and used even if you have no data left in your pack. A user is not charged from his data pack or balance, for using the MyJio app. He can use the Jio data network for the functioning of the app.

  1. How can I check my balance, if I don’t have the MyJio app?

There are many ways through which one can check his Jio balance, even if he doesn’t use the MyJio application – it is not mandatory to only use the application for that purpose. For that, one can dial the USSD codes, or send SMS to Jio services for which they are not even charged.

  1. What are the SMS charges for checking my Jio balance?
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There is no charge applied on the SMS sent to check the Jio balance, and they are free of cost. You can send these SMS even if you have a low balance.

  1. How can I check my data balance on the MyJio app?

  • Jio provides its customers with some very beneficial high-speed data plans, and users can check their daily data usage and data balance on the MyJio app by some very easy steps:
  • Install the MyJio application, login using a one-time password, and high-speed data balance will be displayed on the homepage, along with its validity, in the My accounts section.

These were some easy guidelines on how to check Jio balance. It is not a big deal, and users are just a few steps away from detailed information on their active Jio plan, its balance, and usage. There are many ways like dialling USSD codes, sending an SMS, logging in on the official Jio website, or installing the application to know about your Jio balance.

The makers have intentionally made available such a variety of options for checking the balance, as not every user is techno-savvy, and some may find it difficult to understand the functioning of the website or the app.

It may not be comfortable for everyone to use the application, so such users can resort to the other, and simpler ways of checking their Jio balance. Because, dialling a small, 3-4 digits code or sending an SMS id an easy task, in comparison with other options.

Reliance Jio has kept its profit graph going upwards since its launch, by providing easily accessible services and a user-friendly networking facility.

This is the reason they were able to gain 16 million subscribers within the first month of its launch, crossed the 50 million mark within 90 days, and acquired 100 million subscribers within 5 months, in February 2017. And the number is increasing ever since, without any signs of decline. 

Reliance Jio’s top position was further strengthened with the launch of Jio Phone, which was made available for the common smartphone users of India, at very fewer price rates. People jumped on these mobile phones, and it was a hugely successful step. Even during the nationwide lockdown resulted from the global pandemic of coronavirus, Jio has gained a huge profit, by providing good-quality services to its users.

It recently achieved a successful 43,574 crore deal with Facebook, which was the highest foreign direct investment acquired by any Indian firm. Though there are some criticism and controversies regarding the services provided by the Jio telecom network, Jio network industries managed to overcome all the obstacles and kept providing quality services to its users. And it will keep dominating the Indian telecom markets for years to come.


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