Why Should You Need More Instagram Followers?

Instagram Followers

In today’s techno savvy world where everything is going online, Instagram can be an effective social media platform for businesses which want to reach more customers or to connect with the most valuable visitors or to establish a successful business. However, for achieving success through Instagram the very basic requirements are: 

  1. Increase the number of free Instagram followers, 
  2. Encourage more people to engage with business, and 
  3. Boost the Instagram presence

And, if we talk about today’s scenario i.e. 2020 then I would say that you need more Instagram followers now. Do you know why? Because the organic reach of your business along with the ability to drive web traffic and revenue everything depends on free Instagram followers.

Should Increasing Followers be The Sole Purpose on Instagram?

However, we understand that just growing your followers can’t be your sole focus because there is much more to do when it comes to make a social media strategy. But, it still has some or the other effects on your progress. So, you should try to have as many followers as possible on Instagram.

This is because there are many reasons we say increasing followers matter. But, the most important reason is that Instagram still offers a good organic reach and as the thumb rule goes “more followers means more reach”.

However, there isn’t a fixed numbers of how many Instagram follower you should have but it depends on what you want to achieve from that particular account. If someone started Instagram account with a dream of becoming an influencer then he/she may want millions or more followers. 

But, in my opinion, with at least 10k followers you can start enjoying the marketing benefits of Instagram. Want to know why? Let’s read further…

  • Widen Your Reach
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As I already mentioned above that Instagram is very much of an organic platform. There is no denying that it also has some paid media solutions, but there are a lot of chances where you can reach and engage with your audience and that too without having to spend money. And, as a well known fact is: the more followers you have the more likelihood of your content to be seen and get engage with. 

  • Increase Your Credibility

In addition to the wider reach, the higher no. of followers also increases your credibility on Instagram. Let’s understand it with the following scenario: If your content is good then people will automatically engage with it and they probably will share it with their contacts. And, guess what if they do so then again more people will visit your profile and they’ll also start following your Instagram profile as well. That means, the number of followers your account has definitely influences any decision to follow your profile or not.

  • Instagram Stories Swipe-ups

Last but the most important reason of gaining more followers is the Instagram Stories. Stories on Instagram are a great medium to share your brand story. This method of sharing your brand story is also proven to generate more engagement than all the other formats. This sounds great, right. But do you know Instagram stories can also generate a lot of traffic and revenue? Let’s check it out how?

On Instagram platform only Instagram stories let you share links to external websites and that is through swipe-ups. But the problem is that you’ll need either a verified account or at least 10k followers to get access to the swipe-up link feature. That’s why I said above you’ll at least need 10,000 followers to start enjoying some amazing feature of Instagram like: “Swipe-Up Stories”.

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Final Verdict

So, in the end I would wrap up by saying that having a lot of followers is not just a cool factor but it really matters. This is because it maximizes your organic reach, makes you credible, and most importantly it let you drive the real marketing results. So, on Instagram getting successful depends maximizing the number of people who follow you on Instagram.

However, there are many ways to grow your Instagram followers over a certain period of time. For instance: to do start with a sound hashtag strategy, and then choose the content that is right for you or for your audience and make it a habit to post regularly. Try to engage with the community by liking their content and commenting on their posts and you’ll get noticed then they’ll definitely return the favor & follow your account.

I understand that coming up with great content regularly is quite important for keeping your followers engaged with you. But if I’ll say that gaining more & more Instagram followers is much simpler then the whole cumbersome process then? Yes, you heard it right. 


Now you need not to depend only on content for more followers but with “GetInsta” app you can easily increase your followers and that too without spending even a single coin. And, the advantage is that all the followers are genuine & active Instagram users. So, try GetInsta app now and enjoy its benefits for free and keep rocking on Instagram.

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