What is a Digital Creator & how does they influence the audiences?

What is a Digital Creator

Nowadays, we are existing more on our phones and computers rather than in the physical world. Everything we need from outside can be accessible through our screens and there is no need to open the door and get ready for shopping, eating or even learning. If we think about what is a digital creator, one thing that will come to mind is that he is someone who creates content and promotes among us but still there are many things that you should know deeply about. So, let’s discuss in detail.

Digital World

What is a Digital Creator? Or Digital World? This might look like the most simple question but still you need to know it deeply. There are many worlds coexisting together. The world we can see, touch or feel is our physical world but we also have one in our mind where we think about all abstract concepts like dreams, nightmares, intuitions and ideas but can’t touch them. Then we have a spiritual world where our soul lives and again we cannot touch or see it but only feel it with full concentration and enlightenment. All of these worlds are natural and we modify them time to time according to our circumstances and mindset. Now another world began to exist here in the 19th century which was made by mankind not mother nature. This is our Digital world. And again, we cannot touch or feel this world but only see and control it through mediums. Our operating devices which have the power of the internet are what gives us access to this control and enter in this world digitally. The Internet is like an energy or force which creates a passage and gives access to enter this realm where it can establish a connection. We are breathing this energy more than oxygen but it might be considered as an exaggeration. Still it’s a fact because we can’t live without the internet in this modern world. We do not carry cash nowadays but pay through QR codes, do e-shopping, e-learning, e-conference and what not. Our phones would be boring without internet access even if it’s the most expensive and perfect phone.

What is a Digital Creator

Digital Persona

Before getting into knowing what is a digital creator, you should know about your identity. Let’s make it simple with an example: Whenever we give a like to a YouTube video or Instagram post, it is considered that we liked it and this particular post is liked by 1000 people. But it is not liked by people but our digital accounts. That’s why we see videos with 10-11 billion views because one person was like the same post with multiple accounts or identities. Basically, we enter this digital world by creating our digital personality in the form of email accounts. Then we link it with all social media platforms, websites and apps. You cannot access anything on the internet without having your account.

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Digital Creation & Its Impact

This is the answer to “What is a Digital Creator?” in the most simplistic language. Previous sections must’ve already educated you about the impact of our digital environment, let’s see how some creators showcase their talents and skills here. Digital creators are people who create content online and post it among their targeted audiences. It can be a single person or even a whole community with a specific name based on their niche. It can be dancing, painting, cooking, singing, gaming, showing athletic abilities, speaking on a topic in your video, writing, video editing or anything which shows your creative abilities and it influences the audiences. Any celebrity you know has their accounts on social media platforms and fanpages run by their followers. Movies and series too get telecasted on OTT platforms. Fashion vlogs, lifestyle vlogs and daily life shorts videos are one of the most trendy types of content and digital creators make money out of it through monetization.

Talking about its influence on the mind of the audience, they specifically target the people who need to see their content. A fashion content creator is likely to have a majority of female audience due to their need of grooming themselves. A Gym trainer would’ve male audiences in majority due to their need of body building and training. An educational youtube channel will have a 5-25 years old audience as most of them are students in their school or colleges. A meme page on instagram or facebook will have people with a sense of humour and funny comments on their posts. A gaming community on Reddit would have gamers discussing their cheat codes and next move on opponents. This is how the internet works. Content creators are one step ahead from us as they know how to gain attention of their target and influence them. That is why they have millions of loyal followers. If a content creator is active in creating posts daily and has creative ways to handle everything, then people would like to follow and support the account.

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What is a Digital Creator

But also these content creators can influence us with some unrealistic standards like perfect skin of a model, extravagant lifestyle of a vlogger, six pack abs and shredded muscles of a gym trainer and so on. Sometimes, they lie on our faces and insecurity kicks in. Common people find it difficult to cope up with the ideology of perfection but we are imperfect, so they are. We need to digest this fact that they have the advantage of screens and filters, you can get the illusion of a perfect face due to lights and angles. They can change their background from Rome To Japan in seconds with the help of VFX. Just be careful and educate your kids about these secrets, so they don’t get messed up while exploring this digital realm.


While we are sharing our private information and even making our e-bank accounts, there is a need to be digitally smart. Just like robbers and kidnappers, we’ve got hackers here who can control your whole digital world without being noticeable. No matter how much we consider it as a safe and secured platform, still it has many drawbacks. We need to avoid sharing our discreet information with anyone. Our kids might fall victim while chatting with strangers on social media platforms or online gaming. Even subscribing to a website might lead to distortion and theft of your whole email account and identity. Clicking on unnecessary links shared in whatsapp groups should be avoided. Always count your multiple accounts and make a separate account for your kid to use if you are giving him your phone which has your account details. There are many cases where kids unknowingly pay for stuff and order them. And the most important thing is many perverts are lurking on the internet to find their prey. Just research about everything and educate yourself before clicking on anything.

Since you are now familiar with this vast concept of what is a digital creator and everything which is linked to it, it’s time to explore everyday by researching it. This is our future and everything from our money to security is interconnected here. All we have to do is be curious and digitally smart.

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