What is dark web and How to access dark web?

Dark web

In today’s globalization internet is an essential medium. Nowadays, 50% percent of the world’s people can access the Internet. But 50% percent of the world’s people can use only 1% percent of the Internet. We cannot use the remaining 99% percent. Today’s discussion is about 99% percent of internet usage. Before starting this discussion, I would like to know about the Internet. The Internet Communication model is called the “World Wide Web (www)” – which is usually divided into two categories.

(1) Regular or Surface Web

 (2) Dark Web website.

Dark web

What is the Deep Web?

Hopefully, all of these regular webs is under surface web. 99% of the Internet is under Deep Web. Standard web search engines do not index the content of this deep Web. Among these content, various companies’ databases, medical records, scientific reports, legal documents, and official information are not found by ordinary people.

These portions can only see the authorized person. The dark part of this deep Web is called the Dark Web – to get access to this web site, there needs some specific software. This software can be configured separately and approved and then accessed on the Dark Web. Here usually, the website is kept secret. A market on the Dark Web handles a dirty business.

The name of this market – “DarkNet” is a variety of illegal activities and related to the crime world, such as terrorism, hacking, scandal, assassination, helplessness, unfair trade, and transactions. Our civil society must keep a distance from this dark Web.

You like to read more about of red room dark web. Here people can watch and comment on various torture live videos.

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How to work Deep Web?

When you search for a topic and Google brings millions of results to you, it is only 10% percent of the Internet’s total information! That means 90% percent of the complete information on Google online does not know! By searching only 10% percent of the time, the Internet presented his results to the customer. The remaining 90% percent will be forever unknown to you.

The Deep Web is all the parts of the Internet that the search engines do not find, but you can go to this section if you know their address.

 And the Dark Web is that part of the Internet where you cannot access conventions; conventional browsers cannot access it. It would help if you took special software to get there. Search engines monitor search with a kind of virtual robot or Crawler. These Crawlers write the websites of the HTML tags of the website.

On the other hand, they use the Robot Exclusion Protocol, which prevents the Crawlers from finding or writing sites. Some sites have dynamic databases that can be found on the basis of specific conditions of fulfillment, and this is not possible for the Crawler. There are some sites where there are no links to other sites. These are isolated sites; they do not even come in search. Moreover, search engine technology has not yet left his nest house. Search engines cannot find web pages in other formats except text (such as Flash format)!

Dark web

How to access dark web?

You can’t access these sites with your current web browser. They are all out of the Internet, no rules and regulations. And their address is so bizarre (such as


That ordinary people are very hard to remember them. This is the real invisible part of the Internet. You will not be able to access this network unless there are some special knowledge (such as programming, networking, proxy).

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Another feature of this part is that they use “Pseudo Top Level Domain” without using top-level domains (such as .com) sites on the World Wide Web, which is under the second network, rather than the original World Wide Web. Such domains include Bitnet, Onion, Free net etc.

Dark Web Network:

On the network used in the Dark Web, Surface is a network that has become quite popular in the Dark Web network is Onion Network. In Onion Network “Pseudo-top-level-domain” is (.onion). The spooky sites address Originally designed for the US Navy. However, this network is the first choice for the worldwide incognito net users. You will not be able to login through your browser, so you have to download “Tor browser“.

This Dark Web world is the most different! You never thought that it could be possible to enter the site except for passwords! But Here it is happened available. Wikileaks.com announced that they will release more new data this year. But You might wonder, all this data of Wikileaks has been stored in the dark web several years ago. You can see that the latest version of any book, which one not published due to copyright law on the Surface Web site.

Dark Web service:

There is more degradation of entertainment! Hot Topics are Children’s Pornography, a variety of Genital Mutilation videos, which are not on the Surface Web.

There are some sites where marijuana, heroin and all kinds of drugs can get. Home delivery is provided. The original users of Dark Net are mainly drug addicts.

Again there are some sites where hardliner groups are teaching how to make Weapons; some sites are sold by ready-made weapons like AK-47, rocket launchers, mortar is available to buy.


  1. Awesome hub! I’ve heard about the darknet but didn’t know how to access it. I’m always looking for something different on the internet. Thanks so much! I’m going to pass this info along to others. Great hub!

  2. Thanks! After reading this, I have realized that I had a few pieces of information, and this just put it all together. Will I choose to search the Darknet? Probably not. It’s that thing, you know you probably should not do, but take great pleasure peeking through thr blinds at. Bravo.

  3. “Good lord that’s awful. Part of the problem with defending certain freedoms to people who are getting their information on some topics exclusively from the media(I’m not bashing the media, but they can’t cover all the nuances of some topics) is that to them it can appear that you are defending monsters. I fully support the right of all people to have easy access to unbreakable cryptography, something which allowed these men to get away with and spread the contemptuous things they did for so long. To someone whose knowledge of Tor and the Darknet is this court case(and perhaps the unproven murder for hire accusations against Ross) then the only logical conclusion to draw is that I want children to be less safe and for child abusers to be able to get some kind of sick darknet fame while law enforcement is helpless against these men’s digital security. However, the same core technology(strong encryption) that holds Tor together is also what keeps us all from having our identities stolen every time we put our credit card information into Amazon.

    On the topic at hand, I think people prefer to keep the darkest of the darknet a mythical unknown for several reasons. First, almost every single time there is a major deepweb child pornography bust the people arrested are just normal looking people; we don’t want to think that the people we see walking down the street every day may do unspeakable things when they’re alone. To a certain degree I think it’s less that humanity has a fear of the unknown as much as it has a compulsion to fear the unknown; these people, while the worst of the worst mankind has to offer, are a known fear, which makes them significantly less frightening than the untold monstrosities our imagination cooks up at the back of our minds.”

  4. “Like so many other people in here I too had no idea that there was A world called Darknet.

    It would not be of any benefit to me to even go there as i find the regular net troublesom enough.

    However I do thank you for the article on this matter and it did make interesting read.”

  5. Fascinating and scary! Thank you for the greatly needed guidance. I’m burning with curiosity but there is really more than I can contend with on the regular internet. The mere possibility of encountering unsavory characters or disturbing images is enough of a deterrent for me. =-)

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