What does hmu mean in text? Actual meaning of HMU?


HMU is one amongst many common words used in text electronic communication, instant messaging, chatting, and on Facebook and Twitter. At one time or another, you have in all probability seen this web slang. Did you wonder what it meant? Did you recognize it may have more than one meaning? many of us say (or text) this acronym once they find one thing particularly funny.

only one question! “what does HMU mean”? however many of the people don’t grasp the specific answer to the Question. i actually shocked!! 110k people still search on google this question for knowing really the meaning of hmu. therefore let’s move to grasp what will hmu mean in text.

What does hmu mean in text? 


HMU Shortcut mining hit me up. This means that the person wants you to hit up their inbox on the receiver, or to communicate wtih them for whatever purpose it is. This abbreviation is very popular among youngsters, especially over text and on social media. But it is also used every day more of the Students or teenagers conversation. After then I was Search deeply in online about this HMU, I really again surprised !! I got something funny. Most of the Bodies totally change the Mining of HMU. so what does hmu mean in text?

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They start to use this word ” HMU” around with other, most of them dirty. Like “Hold my unicorn” is one, and I’ll leave you to guess what unicorn means. More explicit are “hit my uterus” and “hump my uterus.” No, I couldn’t make this stuff up. This acronym is used to say ‘contact me’, ‘text me’, ‘phone me’ or otherwise ‘reach me to follow up on this’. It is a modern shorthand way to invite a person to communicate with you further.

HMU shortcut mining hit me up. this means that the person needs you to hit up their inbox on the phone or to contact them for no matter purpose it’s. This abbreviation is extremely popular among teenagers, significantly over text and on social media. however, it’s also used each day more of the students or teenagers have spoken communication. after then I used to be Search deeply in online about this HMU, I really again shocked !! I got one thing funny. Most of the people altogether modification the Mining of HMU. so what does hmu mean in text?

They start to use this word around with an alternative, most of them dirty. Like “Hold my unicorn” is one, and I’ll leave you to guess what unicorn means that. a lot of explicit is “hit my uterus” and “hump my uterus.” No, I couldn’t build this stuff up. This descriptor is used to mention ‘contact me’, ‘text me’, ‘phone Me’ or otherwise ‘reach me to follow abreast of this’. it’s a modern shorthand way to invite an individual to communicate with you further.

Some Acronyms to Express Laughter Online:

1. LOL (laughing out loud)
2. LOLZ (more than one laugh)
3. ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)
4. LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)
5. LSMH (laughing & shaking my head)
6. LMHO (laughing my head off)
7. HAHA (this one goes without saying)
8. 😀 (laughing emoji)

Find Something New about HMU!!!

“Hit me Up” is a song by Canadian singer Danny FernandesThe song features Josh Ramsay, lead singer for pop-punk band Marianas Trench and rapper Belly. it had been the fourth single released from his second album  AutomaticLUV. The song was released in Oct 2011 on radio and was later released on iTunes on December thirteen, 2011.(source on Wikipedia)

If you not a particular word meaning that the very big issue. I actually have a true experience about this.

It truly happened with my friend, He simply asked me: what does hmu mean in text?

“Is HMU a relationship/ sexual thing? Or is it just if you wanna have a chill language that stays strictly (in the friend zone). I simply send my girlfriend posts hmu then she’s bored to examine this and cannot chat with me and i am curious. Then I say him it is not sexual is just a normal convoy I pot ” hmu” on my snap chat once I’m bored or when I need somebody to text me.

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Some Common Text Terms, Internet Abbreviations, & Chat Acronyms:

As a matter of fact
As far as I know
Away from keyboard
BC (B/C)
Best friends forever
Be right back
Back to topic
By the way
See you (or cover your a**)
Do it yourself
End of discussion
For what it’s worth
For your eyes only
I don’t know
In my (honest/humble) opinion
In real life
Just kidding
Laugh out loud
noob (n00b)
None of your business
No problem
Oh my god
Off topic
On the other hand
Read the (effing) manual
Thanks in advance
Too much information
Talk to you later
What the f***
Down low
At the moment
Thank you
Shaking my head

HMU use example:

If you don’t idea about What does hmu mean in text and how to use on the various conversation, will face the problem. so just read this Below picture and try to apply in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Friends.

what does hmu mean

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