VidMate APK Download v4.2104 (Latest 2019)

VidMate APK Download

In today’s day and age, life without the internet is unimaginable. Social media and video apps are making people interested in their phone than in real life. But streaming videos online can be very troublesome, especially if you do not have a reliable internet connection. Also, the amount of money you spend while watching videos makes the task inconvenient because most of the data connection hampers your video watching experience. Due to that, the videos buffer a lot. But, by using VidMate, you can watch those videos without wasting any data. Are you wondering “what is VidMate?” Read to know more.

With the help of VidMate, you can now watch all your favourite videos offline without any internet. VidMate is a type of app which allows users to download any videos from different websites. Some of them are Vimeo, YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tumblr and several other websites. You would not face any hassle and can download it on your personal computer as well as on your smartphone. If you download VidMate, you will see how easy the whole process is for you to operate. The entire process of downloading the app takes no more than 2 minutes. It is convenient for your use.

You may already know, YouTube is the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing and streaming website. It has over 1.3 billion users around the globe. Every day approximately people all around the globe see 5 billion videos on YouTube. In every minute videos worth 300 hours are uploaded on the site. Around 30 million people visit YouTube daily. All those people wish to download those amazing content in their smartphones or their computers or laptops. Due to some excruciating privacy policy of YouTube, viewers can save those videos to watch offline later. YouTube app has that feature, but they could not save those videos in their electronic devices. The same problem happens in other apps or social media platforms. Like in the case of Facebook, it offers video streaming which you can save for watching later. But there is no any available feature that lets users download those videos. The same applies to other popular websites and apps too. Well, you can solve that problem, if you Download VidMate APK. Not only the VidMate, Vidmix is also there to provide you such facilities.

VidMate is such a life-saver in this case because it offers to download videos from any site on the internet. Over 600 million people in the world use their service. The tool is top-rated in more than 100 countries. Alibaba Group developed the app. The best thing about is that you will not have to pay any subscription fee to use this app. Everything is free. But do not download this app from Google PlayStore. Download it from the official website of VidMate. Or you may also do that from the android application store of Alibaba group. Also, while downloading VidMate remember to download the APK version and nothing else. The APK version has features that will make your video watching experience smoother.

What are the crucial features of VidMate?

The amazing features of this app are what makes it so different from the other tools. The ones who try to offer the same functions. The features make your video-downloading experience hassle-free. The level of premium quality service you are getting from a free tool will surprise you. The main features are:

Offers HD quality video download

Nowadays, electronic devices like LED TVs or smartphones, try to fulfill one condition. That is to make the device compatible with HD quality videos. The reason behind this is that HD picture quality is more fun and exciting to watch. You can see the clear accentuated colour while you watch anything in HD. While, if you watch that same video in SD quality, your enjoyment will be less. Though smartphones offer you the chance to watch videos in HD, can you make a difference when you watch anything on such a small screen? You spend extra money on making your phone compatible with HD videos, but chances are you will never get to tell the difference between 480p or 720p or 1080p videos.

But when you watch those same videos on your Personal computer, like on a laptop or desktop, you can tell the difference very well. By using the help of VidMate, you can download any video from YouTube. Or you may also download from Vimeo and any other websites in any resolution starting from 360p to 1080p. The videos you will download after you Download VidMate APK is guaranteed to be of top quality. The HD quality will offer crystal clear picture. VidMate ensures the picture quality of the videos which you will see will never be blurry. It will not get cut in the middle. The whole video will run swiftly on your device, and you will not be able to tell that the video is not original.

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Enable video-downloads at a lightning speed

The main problem which many people face while watching videos online is the time it takes. Not to mention the fact that the horrible feeling of not completing a video that you once started with great enthusiasm. But when you download videos from VidMate, you will get to see those videos offline on a device of your choice. Also, you will notice that the time taken to download an entire video is less than the time taken by a video to buffer. VidMate offers download of videos at a speed that will amaze you. It is 200 times faster than any other tool which promises to do the same. With the help of advanced technology software, VidMate lets your internet speed use its full capacity. They let the videos download at lightning speed. The user interface helps you to access the different applications in the app. You can download their desired videos in no time. The navigation of the app is straightforward. Anyone with no technical knowledge can do that with ease. You have to select the movie you want to watch and download it according to your own time. You can have other apps to stream your favorite content online.

Download VidMate APK Download v4.2104

Download ViMate Old Versions

VidMate HD Video Downloader Live TV_v3.41.apk DownloadButton
VidMate HD Video Downloader Live TV_v3.31.apk DownloadButton
VidMate HD Video Downloader Live TV_v3.19.apk DownloadButton
VidMate HD Video Downloader Live TV_v3.12.apk DownloadButton
VidMate HD Video Downloader Live TV_v2.61.apk DownloadButton

Allows you to watch Live TV in different resolutions

This is one of the most amazing features of VidMate. Apart from letting you download all your favourite videos, they have another feature. That is, VidMate allows you to watch live Television with an enormous number of 200 channels. Those channels include Music, Entertainment, Movie, Fashion, News and Sport. VidMate can offer this fantastic service in HD quality. Now with the help of this tool, you will never have to miss any of your favourite shows. This feature is unique and sets this app apart from its contemporaries. The best thing is that you will not have to pay a single dime to use this service. Also, TV channels download a lot faster. So, you will not have any problem if your internet connection is prolonged.

Some other features which make VidMate amazingly efficient

Apart from all the features mentioned above, VidMate offers some extra features too. Those make this app impeccable and very applicable. Like, multi-download feature. (Through this you will be able to download more than one video at the same time). Watch-it-later feature. (By using this, you can watch your favourite videos later at your convenience). Passcode protected (you will be able to secure your saved videos with the help of a passcode which only you would know). In-built audio and video player. (You will not need to download any other media players if you download VidMate).

VidMate is a single package entertainer who comes with many different features. It eliminates the need for downloading any other app.

How to install VidMate and how to download videos from it?

Downloading this app is pretty easy. You have to follow the steps which are mentioned below to install VidMate and use it without a problem. The steps are:

Step 1


First, go to the “settings” tab of your phone and click it. Then go to the security tab and click the device administration button under it. Then you will find a tab that asks if you want to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Make the small button beside it green by enabling unknown sources.

Step 2

unknown sources

Download the VidMate for android app.

Step 3

unknown sources caution massage

A caution message will appear on your window or page, click the okay tab when it appears. Since VidMate is a third-party app, Android security is bound to show a warning sign. But so not worry, VidMate is safe for your devices.

Step 4

install VidMate

Start the installation by clicking on the install tab.

Step 5

VidMate installation finished

After the installation process has been completed, click on the open tab.


Step 6

launch VidMate

Start surfing the app and enjoy!

Downloading movies or videos from the app is even easier than its installation. First, you will have to scroll through the newsfeed of the app. Then, try to find the right movie or tv show you are looking for. Generally, you will find what you are looking for. If you do not see it, there is a search bar available at the top of the page. Search the name of the movies or the show and the results will appear on your screen. Then you have to tap on the particular media file. You will find the option to either watch the video online or to download the video to watch it offline. If you want to download the video, you may have to install an additional BT torrent plug-in. Sometimes VidMate will redirect you once you reach this step. Now, tap the download button which is right next to the play button and download it on any device of yours. You can see the progress percentage of the download. After the process gets completed, you will see that the media file has been transferred to your SD card. Or to your device.

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Reading the steps mentioned above should help you. You should get all the answers to your questions like, “How to install VidMate?” and “how to download videos from VidMate?”.

Is VidMate safe?

To answer the question “is VidMate safe?” yes, it is safe. Though it is well understood the basis of your doubts, since the app cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store, you are right to doubt this app. It offers security when you download an app from there. Plus, the apps are scrutinized and analyzed before launching in their store. This is done to protect the user’s device from viruses or different kinds of malware. But, the sad truth is that despite so much security and scrutiny, still, some apps slip into these stores. They are filled with viruses and which are horrible and harmful for your device.

But, VidMate offers even more safety than any android application market place can give when you download this app through its official website. The developers of this app warn you about the app’s security and the presence of malware and viruses. The reason why VidMate is not in the Google Play store is that they download videos from YouTube. Also, from Facebook and other sites connected to Google without their permission. So, according to Google’s policy, they cannot distribute an app that distributes videos of other apps. The videos which the said apps own.

Other video downloader tools like VidMate aren’t the only apps that are banned by Google Play. There are several other apps Google also prohibits those who distribute content and media files from other apps. Since the apps are using unauthorized use of the source of the official apps, other apps which are alternative apps of some android applications are not found in Google Play Store. Most of the APK apps are banned from there.

Besides, the facts mentioned above should not stop you from downloading VidMate. But, never download the app from anywhere else other than its official page though VidMate does not demand any money or encourage you to engage with them financially. There might be certain viruses or firewall breaches, which will help hackers to go into your bank account. Sometimes they can extract any of your personal information. If you download the app from the official site, the chances of any breach of your information will be a lot less. Other than that, there have never been any complaints against VidMate’s security. No user ever said that their personal information leaked due to this app. So, do not worry and use VidMate.

To sum it all up, when people ask “what is VidMate? The answer that comes to mind is that VidMate is a tool that is not only helpful but also very easy to use. Since you can use it without any problem, VidMate not only offers you videos from your favourite websites but also provides you with faster downloading speed. By providing you with the opportunity to download many videos at the same time, VidMate saves a lot of your time. It is a free app that brings happiness and entertainment to your life. With millions of videos available for download, this app will cater to each of your needs.

After downloading videos from VidMate, you will notice that the videos take up quite lesser space than other apps that provide the same feature. You will find files with small space even if that file has a resolution of 1080p. The app also offers you the feature to convert the documents which they downloaded to MP3 or MP4 format. If your phone does not support any particular resolution? Then, you will not have a problem with downloading videos from the app since they provide videos of varying quality and sizes. The app works perfectly fine even if you have a lousy internet connection. The feature that you can watch live Tv through this app makes it unique in the field of the video download.

In a world where people love to spend most of their time on their phones, they find it hard to watch their favourite TV shows or movies on the same. But the daily consumption of internet movie streaming is expensive. The time it takes to stream a single film makes the whole movie watching experience unbearable. With VidMate you not only get to stream movies for free, but you get to download them also. VidMate supports more than 1000 internet sites, which means you can download any video from any of these sites without spending any money. Too, the quality of the video which you will get to watch after the download is clear and impeccable.


Now, with VidMate, you will be able to enjoy your favourite videos in the comfort of your home without using the internet. The weekends for you are now sorted and filled with entertainment and happiness.

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