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TubeMate Apk

It is a known fact that Youtube is an indispensable component in ‘today’s world. How many times do you go to YouTube in a day to check any random event or to learn something or to watch videos? It is uncountable. Imagine how much comfortable your life can be if you could watch those YouTube videos or tutorials offline without the hassle of connecting to the internet every time? Then do not worry your wish has been granted you can download your favorite videos from YouTube through TubeMate apk.

File Name: TubeMate Apk
File Type: APk
Version: 3.2.9
File Size: 7.8mb
Last Updated: September 2019

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The process through which you can use and download the app is so much easy that it will amaze you. This app is a YouTube downloader app through which you can directly download any video from YouTube. After downloading those, you will find your favorite videos stored in the SD card of your android phone.

Even if you do not have any space left on your SD card, you could save those videos anywhere else in your device.

Download TubeMate Apk old version

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tubemate_2.3.2.apk tubemate_2.2.5.apk

TubeMate for android is very easy to use since you are using the app through YouTube app and download videos by searching on YouTube as you usually do. Then you will be able to download those in your mobile in any quality you wish to depend on the amount of data you are willing to spend. You can also download the video or audio files through your WI-FI connection. After downloading them, you can enjoy the videos anywhere you want without paying any extra data and hence by saving a lot of money. The videos are directly transferred to your media gallery and thus eliminates the need to protect them individually.

When you try to download videos on YouTube, you might have noticed it takes up a lot of space on your smartphone. But, if you download those same videos through TubeMate video downloader, you will be able to save much more space in your phone and who do not want to save space in their smartphones in modern days? The more storage your phone has, the more it will be able to give a marvelous performance.

TubeMate allows its users to download videos in different qualities, depending on the quality of more storage space from your phone will be needed. Sometimes after downloading the video, the app will redirect you to download another app which is capable of playing that video on your phone or tablet. This case arises if you already do not have a video player on your phone. However, in the majority of the cases, the user already has that. Sometimes you have to download a different video player on your phone depending on the kind of resolution you are choosing to watch.

How to use TubeMate Youtube Downloader?

You may have had some unpleasant memories while downloading similar apps like this. But while downloading TubeMate, you will know how unnecessarily worried you were.

This app is straightforward to download and use; by following these instructions mentioned below, you would not find in difficulty is using it. The instructions are:

First, go to the TubeMate official website, then click on the TubeMate download tab. You may find that your browser is warning you against downloading this, but do not be worried since you are downloading this app from the official website.

After downloading the app open it. Then you the app will take you to the generic YouTube Browser. In the YouTube browser, you can see and watch the videos you like. If any video is there which you want very much, remember that video.

Now, you may have noticed a new addition to the YouTube browser in the form of a download option which was previously absent from there. Select the video you like and click on the TubeMate download option. After this, you will find that the video you chose is in a waiting list of the app. The list is what makes this app pretty convenient for you.

TubeMate download option

While downloading a video, you will find the option of resolution. TubeMate allows you to download videos in varying resolution. If your smartphone doesn’t offer the luxury of large internal memory, you can choose the low-resolution option, and if you have ample storage memory, you can download the videos in 1080 HD quality.

You may already know if you have used any YouTube downloader app before that, when you try to download the videos, they get downloaded one by one. But through TubeMate for android, you will be able to download multiple videos at the same time. Yes, you have read it right. You will be able to navigate other videos and download it at the same time when another video is already downloading. This app eliminates the wastage of your time by allowing you to download as many videos as you wish.

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After the completion of the download of your videos, you will be delighted to know that all the videos would get directly stored in the SD card of your phone. You do not have even to take this extra step of managing the videos, unlike other apps. But if you want to store your video on your device, you have to do that separately.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will start using TubeMate at no time. As you read earlier, TubeMate is very convenient to use and saves a lot of your time. As you may already know, in case of video downloaders similar to TubeMate, you have to go their website, and in the browser section, you have to write the name of the video you want to watch to download it. But TubeMate dismisses that step completely by incorporating itself in the YouTube app.

What are the benefits of using TubeMate app?

As you already know, TubeMate is an app which is quite different and convenient to you than its contemporaries. The following provides a list of the benefits this app offers you. By reading this, you will get to know how this app will change the way you use YouTube. The benefits are:

Save sample space

When you TubeMate download, you will be surprised to see the amount of space it saves in your phone. You might have an idea since this app is downloading multiple videos at the same time, it requires a much larger area in your phone. But in that case, you will be utterly wrong. Due to technological advancement, TubeMate can store more than one video at the same time and store ample space in your phone at the same time. Since TubeMate instantly saves the videos in the SD card, and the app is incorporated in the YouTube app, the need for extra space is automatically eliminated.

Download time is very less

For those who have cheap phones and low RAM, you know what happens while watching an engrossing YouTube video. Yes, the video buffers a lot. Sometimes it buffers so much that you abandon the video altogether and get frustrated for the rest of the day. But what if the video you were enjoying so much, gets downloaded on your phone so that you could watch it any time you want? TubeMate app does the exact thing at lightning speed. The time it would take to download your videos is even less than the time the video guides to buffer. If you have that video stored on your phone, you can watch it any time you want without spending any data. Perhaps you love a music video of your favorite artist or a hilarious cat video which you like; now with TubeMate apk, you will get to see them anytime and anywhere you want.

Can be downloaded at your convenience

Suppose while downloading the videos, your data connection cuts off or your electricity gets cut, or you have to do something else right at that moment. Do not worry, since Tubemate offers users the opportunity to pause the download anytime they want and then again start the download at the exact point they left. So, in case you leave your home or turn off your data connection mistakenly, the video gets paused, and whenever your phone comes to an internet connection, the app automatically starts the download again.

Convenient to download and use

As you have read earlier, the app is very comfortable to download and use. Right from the beginning, this app sets itself apart from its competitors by incorporating itself into the YouTube app itself. This feature makes the app almost invisible, and while using YouTube, you will not even remember that you are using TubeMate when you are downloading the YouTube videos.

The download tab in the YouTube app makes the users the assurance to the fact that they can download their favorite videos anytime they want. While other YouTube downloaders ‘can’t incorporate themselves in the app, so you have to go to their respective app or website to search your favorite video and then download it. Unlike, other apps, TubeMate offers users to download videos in multiple resolutions which makes it very convenient for those users whose phone cannot play videos in every resolution. The main feature which makes the app so comfortable is that the hassle-free video transfer it offers. You do not even have to think where the downloaded videos are going since they are being transferred to the SD card of your phone directly.

TubeMate apk is completely free

With each music downloading app costing a fortune, listening to your favorite music is now restricted to watching the YouTube videos only. That also, after spending a considerable sum of money on data plans. Since you know, if you stream a video, a lot more data gets consumed. But with TubeMate, you can download your favorite music videos or audios and listen to them any time without spending a dime. In music apps, you only get to hear the sound, but through this app, you will get to see the videos as well. As you may have noticed, several movie-production companies or other sources uploads brand new movies on YouTube, but due to your poor internet connection and expensive data plan, you never get to complete those movies. By using TubeMate, you can see those movies anytime you want without spending any money. The amount of data contributed while downloading those videos are way less than the amount of data it takes to stream the video directly. The time consumption applies especially to longer videos, like movies.

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Is TubeMate safe for your device?

‘Is TubeMate safe for your device?’ If this is something you are wondering about then we have the good news for you. And the answer is ‘Yes’, it is entirely safe for your device. Since the ‘app’s inception, there has not been any news about the invasion of any users privacy or distribution of malware. Another additional point which makes the app even safer than other app is that this app does not require the involvement of any different app during its installation. You would not also have to download any separate app to use this app properly.

When you download an app, the first place you go to is an official play store, like, Google PlayStore. But the moment a particular app is not in the store, you lose all the interest in the app thinking that it might not be safe. Though you are not wrong, in the case of TubeMate, that point is not justified.

TubeMate is not in Google PlayStore because it is used to download videos from YouTube. Since YouTube is a platform of Google. Google never allows any app to download any content from any platform of its. That is the reason why TubeMate is not in Google PlayStore. The same thing applies to other YouTube downloaders too. They are not in the Play Store as well. Any app which goes beyond the intellectual rights of any separate app without permission will not be allowed in Google platforms. You may have noticed you cannot download the modified versions of the popular social media apps from Google PlayStore as well because those apps have also not asked permission from the official social media apps.

It is a myth that every app downloaded from the Google PlayStore is safe for your device. Google allows several apps without any authenticity. But if you download TubeMate from its official website, it is guaranteed that your device will be safe from hackers and other malware. But it is not advisable to download this app from any other website or separate unofficial app downloading platforms.

If you do that, you will not get the guarantee that your device will be safe. Nowadays, cyber theft is one of the most common thefts that occur in the world daily. If you download from unknown sources, there will be a chance that any hacker or cyber thief could get your every financial and personal information. It is better safe than be sorry. So do not make the mistake of downloading this app from an unknown source and download it from their official website.

TubeMate is a blessing for those who love watching movies, funny videos and listening to songs. This app allows them to have a great time or even pursue their passion. If you like to cook and you do that through a tutorial on YouTube, but due to bad internet connection cannot complete the video, this app is for you. A better idea is to download the videos you want to watch the previous night and start your passion at the beginning of the next day. The same applies to someone who is trying to learn a new instrument. For example, if you are trying to learn guitar, download the video from where you are learning about the chords. Then play the video numerous times to finally get a grab of the whole thing.

With multiple video-downloading features and the built-in feature of the app in the YouTube app, this app makes video downloading like a piece of cake. It reduces your time and saves you a lot of money. After downloading this app, make sure you have enough space in your memory card. Because if your memory card is full of junks, then the service of this app will be hampered. As you know, when you watch YouTube, there are several videos which you wish you could have saved. So, by freeing your memory card of unnecessary details, you will get the opportunity to save as many videos you like on your phone.

It is tough to find an app which is at the same time fast and efficient. Despite downloading multiple files at the same time, this app downloads videos at a speed which is unimaginable by other apps. TubeMate will make your dull day enjoyable since you will get to see your favorite videos any time you want. Before going for a vacation, do not forget to download movies through TubeMate, since the journey could get annoying. So, why are you spending any more time? Download TubeMate right now from their official website.

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