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Have you always wanted to watch your favorite tv shows or movies on your smartphone? Yes, nowadays you can do that after researching from a facts collection website due to the presence of several web streaming platforms. But those make a massive hole in your pocket every month. So, what is the solution? Have you ever heard of VidMix? It is a fantastic android application that will let you download your desired films and tv shows on your smartphone. It does not make you spend a single dime on them. It seems unbelievable, right? But it is not. VidMix for Android is such a mobile app that has many benefits.

In today’s world, people’s lives are more or less confined to their smartphones. The advancement of technology made smartphones a certain part of everyone’s lives. So, what another way to watch the things you love than your smartphone.

Nowadays, there are more options for your entertainment that they were a few years ago. With the rise of web streaming platforms, a surge in quality production of movies and web series are also very noticeable. How times have it happened that you wanted to watch a particular show which has been hyped very much but you could not? The reason maybe you did not want to spend money or the simple fact that the show was not available in your country. In this app, you will find every show imaginable to you.

Another fact which makes this app so unique is that you can earn money through this app. Yes, you read it right. How many apps have provided you these features before? You are only eligible for this feature if you live in India though. If you log in with your social media account and watch tv series and movies through this app, you will get paid through PayTm cash. You can also earn money by inviting your friends to this app by using a simple invite code. There are some other features too through which you can make money.

There are not many apps that let you download videos from social media sites, but this app does that. Also, you can download the videos from other video streaming platforms too. Watching your favorite video without hindrances is very useful. Hindrances like buffering, bad network connection, is a relief in itself. Additionally, if you get to watch those videos free of cost, then the happiness doubles. Also, the site lets you download all the videos at lightning speed without any hassle. The process to download the app as well as the videos from the app is quite straightforward. Even if you are not that inclined technologically, you would not have any problem following the steps. They will make you understand the process.

How to install VidMix on phone?

Downloading this app is quite simple. You will have all your doubts cleared if you follow the steps given below. They are:


download VidMix

Firstly, go to the official website of the app. Then click the tab which says “Download VidMix Apk”. In case your browser warns you against downloading the app, do not panic! Since you are downloading the app from the official website. Your smartphone will face no harm.

Step 2

VidMix installation 1

Now pull the phone’s notification panel from the top of your smartphone’s screen. Notice the panel very when the download process is completed. Tap on the tab saying “Download complete” to finally install the app.

Step 3

VidMix installation 2

It may happen that your setting of the phone may not allow you to install the application. Since it is outside the Play Store, if that happens, a popup will appear, then click the settings button on the popup to proceed further.

Step 4

VidMix installation 3

Go to the settings feature of your phone. Then click the Security tab and then click the “unknown source” tab and turn that on.

Step 5

VidMix installation 4

Again, return to the “downloads” and open the download to complete the installation. After the completion of the installation, remember to turn off the “unknown source” tab.

Now, you are all set to go to the app and download movies and television shows which you wanted to see for such a long time.

How to download movies, web shows and tv series from the app?

After knowing how to install VidMix on the phone, there is one more thing. You will have to understand how to download your desired videos from the app. Do not worry as that process is also quite simple. Follow the steps mentioned below, to get the idea of the entire process. The steps are:

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Step 1

If you want to any movie or tv series from the app, go to the movies or tv series or web series category, select the movie or show you want to download.

Step 2

Click on the download button. It is right beside the video, and select the resolution you want your video to download in. This app has resolutions of several kinds, like, 360p, 450p, 1080p, HD. Depending on the capacity of your phone, choose the quality and wait for the video to get downloaded.

Step 3

After the completion of the download, a popup message will appear notifying you about the same. Then open the downloaded video with your phone’s video player and start watching.

VidMix for Android not only provides downloads of your movies, web shows, and tv series. They also offer a download of any YouTube video. You have to copy the link of the particular YouTube video you want to watch and paste that on the search tab of the app. Then download that video the same way you downloaded the movies or tv series. This app also allows you to download videos from other social media sites — alternatively, any other sites which stream videos. The above is a unique app since it lets you download videos from hundreds of websites on the internet.

Download VidMix v2.1.0930

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What are the benefits if you Download VidMix?

The app has several features that distinguish from other apps. Those who try to perform similar functions as that of VidMix. But some of the essential benefits are provided below. By reading this, you will discover what an app is. The benefits are:

1. Clarity of picture is incomparable

In this app, you get to download 8k videos. 8k is a feature that makes the video crystal clear. This feature helps you watch the videos in ultra HD devices like LED screen TV too. No other app offers this feature of downloading 8k videos at no cost.

2. Discovery of latest shows and movies

If you are wondering what video to watch next, then this app will let you know that very easily. At the home page of the app, you will get to see all the trending movies from all over the world — not just movies. The app also lets you see the trends of the latest music categorized under different artists.

3. The speed of download is unimaginable

If you Download VidMix 2.0.0730, you will get to download the videos you want to watch at lightning speed. The app can do that because it uses more than one network connection to increase the download speed. You can even set the connection-number to the highest. To gain an increased speed according to your network connection.

4. Music downloader

Through this app, you can stream or download music from different platforms. Like SoundCloud, YouTube. You will be able to download those in formats like m4a or mp3. Any other app, which is a competitor of this app, does not allow you to download music whenever you want.

5. Conversion of YouTube videos to mp3 format

If you watch music videos on YouTube and do not have any other means to listen to those songs, then by downloading this app, you will be able to convert any video file to an audio file. The mp3 conversion of that file will also let you save a lot of data and space on your phone. Mp3 conversion is another way you can download music or audio from this app.

6. Intelligent clipboard detection

In most cases, when you try to copy a link from another site and paste it in a video download site. The chances are that the clipboard will not be detected. But by using this app, you will see the difference quite vividly. The smart clipboard detection feature of the app lets you download videos or audios easily through the link shared by you.

7. Download from a vast number of sites

You would not believe how many websites this app lets you download videos and audios from. It is more than 2000 sites. Yes, it seems impossible, right? But it is the truth. With the addition of new apps per week, this one allows you to download videos from a variety of sites. From social media sites to web streaming platforms to other video streaming platforms. The app has got it all covered.

7. Language translation

There is no other app in the market which provides you with the dubbed version of your favorite movies and tv shows. The app lets users watch videos in regional languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Bahasa. Also, Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and many more. If you were unable to follow the shows, you always wanted to watch before but could not. Now with the help of this app, you would be able to enjoy all your favorite shows.

Is VidMix safe for your device?

First, you must know that Google does not allow VidMix in the Play Store. So, any raising of suspicion is entirely justified since most of the people know that when Google allows any app in its store, it thoroughly checks the app’s authenticity and also checks its certifications.

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VidMate is alos an alternative for VidMix and if you ask the question is Vidmate or  VidMix safe? then the answer would be yes both are safe.

The VidMix app lets you download approximately twenty videos at the same time. While the latter lets you download only six videos at the same time. This feature ensures that this app has a clean interface. This makes it capable of handling many downloads at the same time. The number of sites supported by the VidMix app is more than 2000, and that number for Vidmate is only 40. This shows the other app is more technically advanced than the latter app. Hence, it is more secure for you for daily usage. A good APK downloader is supposed to support multiple sites at once. A secured and crystal-clear interface only makes sure a video downloader can do that.

Google does not allow any of these apps in its store because both the apps acquire data from sources which they do not proper permissions. Google does not allow any app like this. It is not an exception. Thus, the sources of the videos or audios do not have any idea that their contents are being distributed anywhere else. Google banned these apps from its platforms. Due to policies and restrictions, these apps are not allowed.

Though the first app is safer than the latter, you must know none of them will harm your device if you download these apps from their official websites. But if you download them from any other sources other than their official sites, your device will be prone to danger.

In the day and age of technological advancement, more thefts and violations happen online rather than in real life. So, you must be very careful while doing any transaction online. Downloading apps and videos from unknown sources are the worst you could do to your phone.

But do not panic, you must know that there have never been any complaints about the former app. There have never been instances when a user’s bank account or profile was hacked while using this app. So, without any worry, continue using the app.

It is a dream come true to watch all your favorite movies or even the latest movies on your smartphone offline. You were watching a video online, and it suddenly started buffering? Or how many times your network connection got lost due to bad weather or merely the wrong mobile network? Buffering dampens your mood a lot while watching an exciting movie or tv shows. Even after paying a hefty amount of monthly fees to the web streaming platforms, you are unable to watch videos uninterruptedly. The application makes the problems mentioned above disappear.

This app is so competent that it serves an even better quality of the pictures than the sources. Not only the user will be able to download videos at high speed, but you will also be able to download them in high definition. The 8k quality videos will make you see the difference between regular videos and crystal-clear quality videos. Listening to music has never been easier. This app allows you to download all of your favorite songs from a variety of music streaming platforms. Those cost a lot of money.

Also, how many times has it happened that you wanted to learn something from YouTube but could not do that, because of the high data cost it comes with? Download those videos through this app and learn anything by playing the video over and over without the internet. The app supports more than 2000 websites, which means you can download videos and audios from almost everywhere on the internet. With the user’s request, they add more and more sites every week. The app even allows you to download more than 20 videos at the same time. You will be saving a lot of time by using this app. Especially when you download a song, it is challenging to come back to the same page after each download. Through this app, tick mark multiple files at the same time and download them at your own pace.

Talking about pace, the download speed of this app is impeccable. With so many downloads at the same time, this application gives you the authority to complete them within a few minutes. It is very convenient to use too. Suppose, you have to go out of your home. Or the data connection gets disrupted at some time. The video download will be paused at that moment. It will resume again after you get connected to another source of the internet.

Final thoughts

With trending video trends, you will not even have to wonder what movie you will watch next. The movie-trending page is updated according to the number of users downloading a particular video. It also provides a synopsis and IMDb rating of any show or film, so that you can easily choose among them. After downloading VidMix, your weekends will also be filled with entertainment to the fullest. With so many new shows and incredible movies, do not miss any one of them by downloading them through this app. Watch the trending videos and presentations and stay updated in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app right now!

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