Know how to be a top trader without experience

top trader without experience

When you think about it, the trading platform is an eccentric place where many astonishing things can happen within a short period of time. Even the most impossible is possible here

If you are a new trader in this platform then you must have wondered about the top traders in this industry. You might have even aspired to be in their place. Well, that is pretty normal. Who doesn’t want to be at the top? Everyone does. So, even if you are a novice trader without experience, it is not a crime to think about being a winner. It’s because you can actually be one if you have the guts to do so.

So here are some valuable tips to help you reach the top. Thank us later!

Practise, practise and practise

Practise is the key to being ace at something even if you are not good at it. Being a new trader would mean you have a least experience compared to other traders. You must keep in mind that pro traders have come this far because of their experience and understanding of this market. Therefore, never give up even if fail in one or two traders. Actually, losses are going to be your saviour in the future if you learn from the mistakes. 

Before you begin trading, you can practise using a demo account with other traders without potentially losing any of your capital.

Refrain from making mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Trader without experience are no exception. Even pro traders make mistakes. But they have more capital than you do. That is why a pro tip for you is to make as few mistakes as possible. Go to site of Saxo and read professional articles to enhance your knowledge.

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For that, you need to have a good understanding of how the market works and good technical skills. Put more emphasis on the price charts and learn to speculate about the market. Another thing you can do is follow the top traders to learn what strategies they follow. In this way, you can refrain from making any potential mistakes which can help you go a lot farther in the race.

Make your strategies

By coming up with a good strategy you are half way to getting a good deal. That is why you should always strategically do your trades. 

A reliable strategy can make your profit twice or multiple times than your previous profits. 

For example, if you are into range trading, you can easily gain profit by buying stocks at a cheaper price and selling at them at a higher place where the demand is high. 

You don’t need the experience to be a good strategist but you definitely need a good research to be one. So, don’t hesitate to do your homework when it comes to making strategies.

Don’t be impatient

The one thing that you should avoid in trading is greed. Don’t be greedy and impatient to earn a profit. Follow your plans and strategies. Be ambitious rather than greedy. 

You must have heard the tale of the hare and the tortoise. The ignorant hare always took pride in his fast pace and used to shame the tortoise for his slow pace. So one day, the tortoise becomes angry and invites the hare to participate in a race. After the race began, the hare ran as fast as he could and left the tortoise far behind. Then, thought of taking a nap. Meanwhile, the tortoise never stopped walking and eventually, it passed the hare. When the hare woke up, he saw he was too late and the tortoise had already won the race.

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The main lesson this tale teaches is that slow and steady always wins the race. 

So, when you begin your career as a trader, don’t be too impatient to win. Always remain calm and focused to reach your goal and you will win your own race.

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