Things you need to know about Line Marking

Line Marking

When you go outside, you will see various road markings that convey different messages to riders and pedestrians. For instance, line marking is one of the most essential and useful signs on the road you should know. If you are wondering how line-markings are made, some companies specialize in this service. These companies are capable of painting perfect lines on road surfaces, highways, pavements, concrete or asphalt driveways, airfields, car parks, sports complexes, and race tracks.

Road marks are everywhere, and it is crucial in conveying information. If you are aware of different cues and messages that it imparts, you can help maintain a traffic-free environment, and even save lives.

What are the different line markings?

Road markings vary from color and type of line. Each color—whether it is solid or dashed differ in meaning. This is why it is essential to take note of the following:

  • White solid line

You can see these lines on the edges of the roads and intersections, which will give you a hint to take extra caution. Horizontal solid lines provide warnings that a vehicle should stop before the white line. You can see these lines on intersections and railroad and pedestrian crossings. If you are a motorist, you should know that the white lines provide convenience for pedestrians, and hence, you should know the right thing to do. Moreover, vertical solid lines indicate the boundaries of each lane. You should know that you must stay between the lines and not over it.

  • White dashed line
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This line indicates the center of the lane, path, or road. It is very crucial in setting two lanes apart and seeing the direction of the road during nighttime. The horizontal dashed line is located mostly on areas without signal or traffic lights. Unlike the solid horizontal line, you do not need to stop behind it, but you should be aware whenever you see one. Vertical dashed line set out lanes; you should know that you need to stay right between the lines.

  • Yellow line

When you see this type of line, it means that you should take extra caution. Solid yellow lines are for areas where passing is restricted. Usually, these lines are found on the other side of a white dashed line. Yellow double lines simply mean that overtaking on either lane is strictly not allowed.

  • Box Junction

It is a big yellow box with a letter X inside, and commonly drawn in intersections. It helps maintain the traffic flow for multiple directions. No vehicle should be inside the box for a long time.

The markings mentioned above are just some of the essential lines you should keep in mind. Many other markings can be seen everywhere, and it is a must for you to make yourself informed about these lines.

How is a line marking applied?

If you become amazed about how perfect a line marking. you should note that a reputable company is responsible. These companies have a thorough knowledge of painting lines on different surfaces, and they are the real experts. 

Indeed, line marking is a helpful tool to convey information road wise. If you ever need some in your area, you can acquire this service through the companies that offer line marking services. Just keep in mind that perfect line marking comes from a perfect company.

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