Reddit Chapo Trap house- Things went wrong in the year 2020

reddit chapo trap house


Humans are social beings. We live in a society. And we love to have people around us. Also, communicating with others helps us get through hard times. We always find our loved ones beside us when we need them. Because we have our family and friends, but in this modern world, socializing is not limited only to the real world. Now, we have many different social sites—for example, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And billions of people use these social sites to connect with people of common interests. Reddit is one of the most famous social sites. And recently, Reddit has updated their policies. And one of the most famous Reddit communities, trap house, was banned. So, stay with “Reddit Chapo Trap house- things went wrong.” And you will know why Chapo trap house was banned from Reddit.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is one of the most visited websites. It is the sixth most visited site on the internet. So, you can get an idea of how massive is Reddit. It is a social platform. And the users of Reddit submit their posts on Reddit, and other users upvote or devote. And if the post gets a significant amount of upvotes. Then it moves up on Reddit ranking. So, more people can see that post. On the other hand, if the post gets so many devote. Then the post will disappear from Reddit.

This is a fantastic site. Around 430 million people use Reddit monthly. Because Reddit has information about pretty much everything. For example, if you are looking for a place where you can find people interested in literature. Then, you don’t have to look around. Because Reddit has tons of subReddits about literature, and you can find thousands of people with the same interest. And just like that, Reddit has thousands of subReddits about different subjects. For example, philosophy, coding, art, language, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, etc. so, if you haven’t tried Reddit yet. Then it would help if you gave it a try.


What is SubReddit?

There are millions of people around the world who use Reddit daily. And they take it seriously. You can find communities about different topics on Reddit. And this subReddit refers to the Reddit community. In short, the Reddit communities are called subReddit. SubReddits are about a particular topic. You share your blog on that topic. Even you can share pictures and videos on that topic. SubReddits are denoted by /r/*subReddit’s name*. For example, if you are in a community that is about art. Then the subReddit name will be /r/art.

So, what is the difference between Reddit and subReddit? Well, Reddit is the entire site of On the other hand, the subReddit means a particular group of posts. But why are Reddit and subReddits are essential?

Both Reddit and subReddit is essential. Because Reddit is a social news platform. People post about their interests on Reddit. And other people upvote that post if they like that post. And that moves the position upwards on Reddit ranking. 

On the other hand, if people devote the post. Then the post moves downwards on Reddit ranking. So, why is Reddit ranking is essential?

If your post gets more upvotes, then it reaches other users. And more people can see your content. And that is why Reddit ranking is essential. But Reddit is a vast place. Your content should reach people with the same interest. One person who loves sports but doesn’t like art won’t want to see your art posts. So, you can post your content on the art subReddit. Then your content about art will reach people with interest in arts. And if you get enough upvotes, then your post will move up on the Reddit ranking.

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What makes Reddit unique?

More than 400 million people around the world use Reddit. And a significant percentage of more than 50% of the traffic comes from the USA. Hence, you can see how famous Reddit is in the USA. But what makes it so unique that people use this site. There are so many social sites. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. But Facebook news feed contains content about someone’s personal life. Even Instagram is also like that. You might not be interested in their personal life. Let’s say you are interested in memes. Facebook might have memes. But the news feed is full of people’s private life contents. So, you might not get enough amounts of memes. On the other hand, Reddit solves the problem because you will see posts about what you want to see.


 Reddit brings you the posts of your interests. And it does not get stuff that you are not interested in. Hence, it is a fantastic place if you want to see things that you care about. Also, it allows you to avoid social drama. And keeps you busy with the things you care about. So, all these things made Reddit more exciting than most other social sites.


Reddit Chapo Trap house

The Chapo trap house is a podcast. It is an American political podcast. And this was founded in March 2016. This podcast is hosted by Will Menaker, Felix Biederman, Virgil Texas, Amber A’Lee Frost, Matt Christman. This podcast has 548 episodes. And the average duration of the podcast is 60-80 minutes.

There is a style of left-wing politics named dirtbag left. The Chapo trap house podcast associates this kind of left-wing politics. This particular style includes vulgar speaking style. But still, people love their podcast. And people around the world followed the Reddit Chapo Trap house subReddit. This community one of the most active communities on Reddit. But as the policies of Reddit has changed. So, Reddit quarantined /r/chapotraphouse. In short, Reddit banned the Chapo trap house for violating their policies. Reddit banned around 2000 subReddits. Because they all violated their new policies. And among them, the Reddit Chapo Trap house and Reddit the Donald are the top most subReddit.

The Reddit Chapo Trap house was not the official subReddit of the Chapo trap house, but it was an active community. And people posted different writing about left-wing politics. But their reports were violating the policies of Reddit. Hence, Reddit banned the Reddit Chapo Trap house.


Where can I find the Chapo trap house?

The Chapo trap house is a comedy left wind podcast. And they also have a website named They frequently publish their podcast. They have published 548 episodes till now. And you can also find them on different sites. For example, you can listen to them on your phone. Because their podcasts are available on SoundCloud. Even you can find their podcast on Apple Podcasts.

If you are interested in their podcasts, it will not be hard for you to find them. Also, you can find them on different social networking sites. They have a Twitter account with a massive number of followers. They have a huge number of 158.2k followers on Twitter.

The controversies of Chapo trap house.

Recently the Chapo trap house came under the spotlight during the 2020 US presidential election. We all know by now that the Chapo trap house uses violent words while doing their podcasts. Once, they referred to the followers of former Vice president Joe Biden as “gelatinous 100-yeaar-olds.” Even they called the former mayor Pete Buttigieg “a bloodless asexual.”

And recently, Reddit banned their unofficial Reddit Chapo Trap house. Because their posts were violating the Reddit policies.

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Is Reddit a safe place?

After hearing all this, you might think if Reddit a safe place? Is it full of hatred? And if violence is promoted in Reddit. But don’t worry, Reddit is not a bad place. It is a fantastic place. But note that it is an adult site. You might see a lot of stuff in here. For example, once Reddit allowed people to share stolen nudes on Reddit. Hence, you might see some nudity on Reddit. And you might scramble into porn. But it is totally up to you. Because you can get whatever you want in here. It is a place with millions of people from around the world. And they all have different interests. Now, you find the people with a common interest.

Reddit has information about pretty much every topic. There is always someone who is writing about their interests. And post it on Reddit. So, you can find what you are looking for.

Reddit is referred to as “the front page of internet.” And that is not a lie. Because it is full of fresh contents. People from all around the world are always posting something. But there is an interesting fact about Reddit that makes it unique. All the posts with the most upvotes appear on your homepage. In short, this is the Facebook news feed, but it is all about the things you care about.


The bad side of Reddit for kids.

Reddit is mainly used by adults. But kids also love Reddit. So, maybe some things might concern the parents. As Reddit is mostly used by adults, there might be some inappropriate content for kids. Kids can scramble into pornography, hate speech, violent material, suicide tips, and many more.

Also, Reddit has a group chat feature that can expose one to potential cyberbullying. Even that can bring forward unwanted content.


Frequently asked questions and answers of reddit chapo trap house

Question 1: what is Reddit?

Answer: Reddit is a social news site. People post about what they love. And other users upvotes or devotes the post. As a result, the post gets upwards or downwards on the Reddit ranking. And when a post gets more upvotes and gets upwards on the Reddit ranking. Then the post appears on more people’s homepage. Hence, the post gets more audience.

Question 2: What is subReddit?

Answer: Reddit has information about pretty much everything. And there are people around the world with different interests. So, there are tons of communities on Reddit. And these communities are referred to as subReddit. You can find subReddits about the subject that interests you.


Question 3: what does Reddit Chapo Trap house mean?

Answer: The Chapo trap house is an American left-wing podcast. And you can find their podcasts on SoundCloud and apple podcasts. Their podcasts are very famous among their followers. Just like other social media, the followers of Chapo trap house had a community on Reddit. Also, it is one of the most active subReddit. So, I think now you get what Reddit Chapo Trap house means.

Question 4: Does the Chapo trap house have influence?

Answer: Yes, they have great influence over young leftists. Their Twitter account has 158.2k followers. So, you can see they are famous. And people follow their podcasts. Even there are many examples of their influence.


Conclusion of reddit chapo trap house

People around the world spend a huge amount of their time on the social media. And they are creating content every minute. When you are reading this article about “Reddit Chapo Trap house,” someone is creating content. And the internet has information about pretty much everything. And Reddit is the front page of the internet. At least that what Reddit says. But it is true. Reddit also has tons of subReddits about almost every topic in this world. And people are constantly voting for other’s content. And discussing them on Reddit. But Reddit never promotes violence. And they change their policy now and then. They ban accounts that violets their policy. And they did not make any exceptions for the famous Reddit Chapo Trap house. As people of this community were violating their policies, Reddit banned the Chapo trap house. Also, Reddit banned around 2000 communities.






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