Excel Timesheets, it’s uses and types



Are you looking for a timesheets template for excel or word? you are in luck my friends,  certainly need to keep tracking the money you have earned on a weekly basis. You should attempt to Write a good timesheet that can help you boost your career. It will improve your capabilities of which department or organization you are going to meet.

No matter what type of skills you have Professional or new employee who wants to get training a job description of an employee 5 sites to calculate timesheets features could help understand the interviewers past experience about you because he has years of experience of interviewing applicants and students for the rightful job that hold all the previous records.


Calculate timesheets can lead to a new future with more quality coverage for 24 hours. It helps you predict to save money with affordable premiums with negotiable rates that keep your health. Timehourcalculators.com is the best and free source of timesheet calculators online. You can also go for the paid ones if you want!

5 types of excel timesheets:

1) Weekly timesheet (excel):

This timesheet works perfect to gain more relationship and develop a numbers of tracking if you get selected. So it is very important that you carefully add the real and most accurate information about that includes your skills.

Candidate should understand what his role is going to be in which department. After all it is business and your role is to contribute to the organization by understanding which direction you are moving.


2) Weekly timesheet (word)

Try to cover and list the main duties of your job and what percentage if the time can be expected from you to know how much dedicated you are this helps the candidate prepare to meet the several expectations. You should take all company information and make sure you write name, title, status, number and other details.

3) Bi-weekly basic timesheet (Excel):

Using this you can have to share a feature it on your pay per day in total so it can be more helpful and understood thing about the employer that you are a trained person and current by choosing two tabs represents your previous position and skills as well. Although you don’t need to be highly educated for to a job but your experience does matter in all cases.

4) Bi-weekly overtime timesheet (Excel):

With this timesheets you can work for more hours at work and sometimes the job requires a physical responsibilities the ability to lift a weight, can drive vehicles on the job and could understand the machinery and tools. Also you have to show a driving license and clean driving record with how much you’re qualified as well.

5) Monthly project timesheet (Excel):

The most important this timesheet calculator is that you have to clearly stated that how well you can communicate with each individual not only as employee but as a person from with you dealing with you client or how good are you making more clients and bring benefits to the organization.

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