Post to Instagram from PC- Making an Easy Way to Post to Instagram from PC 

Post to Instagram from pc


We all post a lot of things on Instagram. We post our photos and videos on it. Nevertheless, there is a difference. Most of Instagram is one of the most used apps in our daily life. If we talk about Instagram, we all post on Instagram from mobiles, iPads, and tablets. But some people use Instagram from their pc or mac. The main problem starts from here. Pc users face a lot of issues here. They can’t post any pictures or videos from pc. That’s why today we will talk about how to post to Instagram from pc! 

About Social media:

Social media is a way to communicate with others virtually. It helps us to share our ideas, career options, and other emotions via virtual communication. Nowadays, people use modern devices a lot like mobiles, computers, laptops, pads, etc. With the growth of the digital world, people are also growing their way of thinking. Thus the number of mobile users has increased. With this growth, people are also like to use social media platforms. Instagram is one of them. People use it a lot. But some of them have to hassle much with this. That’s why we are going to give some suggestions on how to post to Instagram from pc. 

About Instagram: 

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. People use it to a great extent. The digital world is giving chances to many people to showcase their talent through it. All are using it wisely. They are trying to represent their talent in it. But there are some hurdles here. People post their photos and videos on Instagram. And they need to edit these pictures and videos. They need a pc or mac for a good edit. But they can’t post to Instagram from pc. Instagram is an updated application, but it creates problems to post to Instagram from pc.

Computer use for social media:

 The computer or PC (Personal Computer) was invented in 1946. Charles Babbage is called the father of computer invention. The main reason for creating computers was to do complicated calculations. After that, gradually the Internet arrived, and people learned to use computers in many ways. The Internet was invented in 1983. With the flowing time, the world was gradually getting digitized. The Internet was one of the biggest reasons for that. After evolution, many inventors started to invent many communication platforms. Through these platforms, people could connect to the other part of the world. Email means electronic mail is the first social media platform. 

People use email to pass their messages through the Internet. They can send their message, photos, and videos by email. They use mobiles, computers, tablets to do this now. But in the past, people used computers only.

So, computers were the only way to use the Internet then. But nowadays, many digital devices have arrived. This has created a big problem for PC users. Due to the massive quantity of mobiles, people are showing interest in mobiles. That’s why people are using social media on their mobiles, not on computers. Instagram is one of those social media. And Instagram creates a problem for a post to Instagram from pc. That’s why we will learn today how to post to Instagram from pc. 

Post to Instagram from pc: 

So here the main topic is to post to Instagram from pc. In today’s world, posting photos and videos is a prevalent thing. We post our photos and videos on our social media accounts. We all handle our own Facebook or Instagram accounts. Some people post their photos for their happiness, and some post it as a social media influencer. Among us, there are many social media influencers. They post their photos and videos for their fans. They show their daily activities and life schedule through their social media. Many people have become much famous by doing it.

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So these people are using their social media accounts for their fans. This sentence is somewhere right and somewhere wrong. I have a reason for saying this. Because some influencers had not started their social media accounts for influencing others. But with time, their motivational post started to influence others. So they become social media influencers. Instagram is one of the best social media influencing platforms. Many people Influence others through Instagram. For influencing others, they need to post to Instagram from pc. Not only from pc they also can post from their mobiles. 

But there are some problems with posting to Instagram from pc. Many of the influencers post their photos and videos from pc. But there are some technical issues in computers that hinder post to Instagram from pc. These technical issues create a lot of problems for people.

Problems for a post to Instagram from pc: 

Most people use Instagram nowadays. And all of them post pictures and videos. Instagram gives it’s customers a lot of facilities. But they leave some small gaps. After a lot of facilities, their small issue hurt their customer most. Let’s talk about their Main problems: 

  1. The first problem with Instagram is they don’t allow you to post to Instagram from pc.
  2. Another disadvantage of Instagram is it puts pressure on the content creators. The authority pressures the content creators to make videos and post pictures regarding the brands, companies, and products they insist on.
  3. There are two types of accounts on Instagram. 1. Personal account 2. Business account.

The business accounts are used for selling products, brand shoots, and other kinds of business deals. Many people sell their business accounts. Some people cheat with the customer. And the customer has nothing to do. After complaining, the customer has to bear the loss. 

The problems people face part 1: 

Due to some lag people have to face some problems. We will talk about some people who meet problems since Instagram shows their irregularity and issues. 

Ordinary people need to edit their pictures and videos. They can edit their image from their mobiles; besides, they can’t edit their mobiles’ videos. Nevertheless, mobiles don’t have a perfect video editing app. To edit the videos, they need a pc as well as they have to post to Instagram from pc then. Many companies work on Instagram. I mean, they pursue their business through Instagram. They post their products’ photos and videos on Instagram and sell their products through them. They give advertisements on it. To do these official works, they need a desktop.

 I mean, all kinds of offices work with computers, and they do their marketing jobs through Instagram. Therefore then they need to post to Instagram from pc. The video editor works for any kind of company or individual. They edit the videos on their pc and post them. Nevertheless, they get stuck here. Video editors need computers because any kind of video editing needs to be done on computers. And they have to post them on Instagram. All kind of computer base workers does their jobs on computers. And their marketing strategy is connected with Instagram. They have to post their works on Instagram. They post to Instagram from pc. 

The problems people face part 2: 

Many professionals suffer from this. And later come the vloggers. Vloggers travel and visit different places and shoot many videos; then they upload these videos on many social media platforms. Still, before uploading it, they need to edit these videos. And for editing these videos, they highly modified devices and high graphics applications. Pc is the only highly modified device for that, and computer applications are the high graphics application. And they can’t upload their videos from mobiles. They also post their videos on Instagram. So then they need to post to Instagram from pc.

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The same problem goes with the photographers. Nowadays, photography is one of the finest professions in modern society. Photographers do tough work for taking some perfect pictures with their cameras. Wild photographers stay in the jungle for a long time just to take perfect and good pictures. After getting a good and perfect picture, the photographer needs to edit those pictures. And the photographers don’t edit their pictures on mobiles. They need computers to edit those pictures. Then they upload those pictures on social media. Those photographers upload their pictures on Instagram too. Thus they earn money. And then they need to post to Instagram from pc.

Solutions to post to Instagram from pc:


Instagram is a communicating social application. We all people use Instagram a lot. But Instagram doesn’t allow their users to post to Instagram from pc. So we are going to know some tips and tricks to post to Instagram from pc. Let’s start with the story posting. So for posting a story, we need to know some steps. There go the steps.

First, we need a search engine and a browser for using Instagram on pc. For example, we take google chrome or safari. And then, we will have to go to the browser’s developer mode. Then we can write on the search engine box. After that, we will have to go to our account on Instagram. There will be a camera on the top left. We will have to click on the camera or have to select any pictures to post to the story. 

And then come to the posting point. There are four ways to use Instagram on our pc, mac, and laptop. Let’s talk about those steps.

As we have written it before. We have to change our browser and the browsing option. We have to use google chrome or safari. Then come to the next point. Then we will have to use any kind of scheduling tools. There are also many third-party tools like Bluetooth, dekagram, and upset (Mac only) that can be used to post to Instagram from pc. There are also many other ways to post to Instagram from pc. 



Question-1: What is Instagram used for? 

Answer: Instagram is a social media item. It is used for posting photos and videos. We can share our personal life with the world if we want. Anyone can show their daily life activities through it.

We can communicate with any person in this world. All can make new friends through it. 

 Question-2:Why doesn’t Instagram allow a post to Instagram from pc?

Answer: Instagram is a mobile-based app. Its creation has a connection with mobiles. Instagram was created to share people’s personal moments while outing and traveling. People mainly take pictures by phone. That’s why Instagram has not any option to post to Instagram from pc.

Question-3: Why is Instagram so popular? 

Answer: Instagram has a powerful authority to check all their loopholes. The authority takes good care of it. Sharing options and their IGTV is kind of interesting. All these things together make Instagram popular. 

Question-4: What are the disadvantages of Instagram? 

Answer: Unnecessary advertisement is the main disadvantage of Instagram. And they don’t allow you to keep any specific picture or video secured. Whether you have private your whole account, otherwise everyone will be able to see all your posts and IGTV.


In the end, I will have to say the same thing. Same problems and pretty much solutions. All of these are temporary solutions. No one can avoid these problems. After all, Instagram is one of the best applications among social media platforms. Also, Instagram creates a small problem that hinders their customer. So, they don’t allow you to post to Instagram from pc. But we don’t have options now. We will have to follow the clever techniques for getting access to Instagram. So, I have posted some of those techniques. Otherwise, Instagram gives its customers a great follow-up. Also, we can post to Instagram from pc using these tricks and techniques.      


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