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Using Apps for pet caring has proved to be very useful and helpful for animal lovers. As a result, recently, the usage of apps has increased dramatically. If you do not know about these apps yet, we will help you. Our experts studied hundreds of apps through online sources to give you a better idea. That’s why we have included only the famous and best free pet care app in this article, which provides unique kinds of facilities to the owners for pet care.

Map My Walk by Under Armour:

This app has proved to be very useful with accurate mapping for pet lovers. It is considered a must-have app for those walking anywhere. You can track any location through GPS, and you can share information with other users. Also, it shows your pace, route, distance, calories as well as elevation. If you want to go for walks with your furry friend, it is a prevalent thing that you have to find a park or have to find a road that is safe for your pet.

pet care app

This app shows you new parks in your area and tracks your route. It is similar to an indoor hutch. It allows you to share your way on social media. Not only this, if you want to revisit the park ever, but it will also save that route to your account. This app is available only for iOS and Android users and that too free.

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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center:

This is one of the best and helpful free pet care app for pet lovers. If you want to keep your pet safe and healthy, this app can be the right choice for you. The main reason for this app being famous is that it guides you which home items, drugs, and even plants can prove to be toxic or harmful to your dogs, cats, and birds. Another feature is that you can search for a particular substance or plant by species.

Through the app, color-coded risk assessment can be gotten. Also, it provides you a list of expected symptoms and suggested actions. The most important thing is that if you want other information about toxic substances or your pet’s health condition, your only one touch is enough for the ASPCA’s hotline. Android and iOS users can download the app for free.

Dog Buddy free pet care app Pet Lovers:

Our experts highly recommend downloading this app. This app is the most popular app that has proved to be the most important for pet lovers in pet care cases. This app explicitly keeps the dog’s health needs on top, making it different from another free pet care app. It is a to-do, must-have, and health log app.

It provides information related to the dog’s medical needs, treatment, vaccination program, etc. In other words, this is very helpful in keeping journal information, which is necessary to make sure whether your pet happy and healthy or not. You can track your dog’s weight and store photos through the app. Dog’s bio-data, vet contact details, and medication schedules all can be saved to your account. Only iOS users can download the free pet care app.

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DogVacay App for Pet Lovers:

DogVacay app can be a good option for pet owners. According to our experts, it plays a vital role for those who live away from the house most of the time. As a result, pet lovers like it too much. As you know, animal owners may have to live away from the house to spend their holidays or personal work. We are sure that it becomes a big problem for pet lovers because it will not be safe to leave a pet alone at home.

So someone has to stay at home to take care of them. But this app makes an essential contribution to getting rid of this problem. You can get a list of cage-free pet boarding in your region and also whatever service you want. iPhone and Android users can download the free pet care app.

Whistle 3 App for Pet Lovers:

This is another free pet care app that makes things a lot easier for pet lovers. This app works great with a combination of both GPS and health tracking devices. The app is worn on your pet’s collar. As a result, due to the connected Whistle app, you can easily track your pet. Also, you can record all activities of your pet through the Whistle app. It also provides graphs to pet lovers, which can be shown to a vet. Android and iOS users can download the Whistle 3 app.

Final thoughts

At the end of this article, we are sure this article will prove beneficial because all the free pet care app is helpful for you and keeps your pet safe and healthy. Still, if you think that the article’s information is not enough, you can leave your question and share your suggestion in the comment section.

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