Orby tv review

orby tv review

Entertainment is what, for which we work and earn. But we cannot spend all the money on entertainment. Subscribing to your favorite TV is cool. But it is super cool if the charges are low. So, your search ends here if looking for lower TV bills. Orby TV is a good opinion in such a case, read the orby tv review. It was launched in early 2019 or somewhere it is the last months of 2018. 

It is a satellite TV service the same as DISH Network and DIRECTV. This is not an internet-based TV streaming service. It is based in Los Angeles, California. It is a small private firm. Michael Thornton is the CEO and co-founder of ORBY TV. He belongs to the TV industry and is a veteran in the media. He previously worked for Starz. You can better evaluate the worth of their services by reading orby tv review

The new services offered by Orby are targeting the population that cannot afford it. Or also who don’t have internet access or high-speed internet service in their areas.  As internet is required while streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. 

The people residing in rural areas have a great opportunity to avail of services. They often lack internet services and strongly desire for satellite TV.

Let’s talk about how will it work for you.  Read orby tv review below.

You don’t need an internet connection to catch up for entertainment via Orby Tv, but invest in buying:

  • a receiver
  • a satellite dish
  • an outdoor antenna. 

You don’t need to hurry to the market to buy this equipment. Orby itself sells this equipment to its customers. They will install the dish and antenna, typically on your roof. The antenna will pick the signals for you. It is attached to your dish. Once your dish and antenna have set up, you will use a remote. Remote will help you to access local and satellite channels from the same on-screen program guide. If you want to learn more, read more orby tv review.  

How costly is Orby TV

Before you subscribe to the services, know about how they charge you. Every month, they charge you lower than their satellite competitors. But the cost value is roughly the same as streaming providers. The startup costs charged can still be significant. At least $250 is charged a one-time fee. $40 are charged monthly. Let’s have a deep inside look on orby tv review

Startup Fees: The 2 major startup fees are for buying the receivers and expert installation. Two different sorts of receivers are delivered by Orby TV. 

For a standard TV receiver, they charge you $100. The DVD-capable receiver charges you $200. Well, for every room, you must purchase an additional receiver.

At Best Buy, you can purchase the receiver, they are your desired retailers. To buy such equipment, select the target locations

Orby TV service technicians will visit your home. You need to pay at least $150 for satellite dishes and outdoor antenna installed.

This whole price lets you buy

  • Dish (will be configured)
  • Antenna (will hook signals)
  • Wiring to a single room
  • But $50 extra will be charged to you for every additional room

After you added the one-time expenses, there is a minimum cost of $250 to get an entertaining start. 

If you buy the $100 receiver for one single room and paid $150 for the installation, it makes $250. There are also some time-limited discounts. Watch for them to lower the cost more. You will also get a self-installation kit at a very low price. Well, Orby emphasize on hearing a pro for installation. 

Monthly Charges based on Orby Tv Reviews 

Monthly charges offer two packages by Orby TV. 

  • Essential package monthly plan ($40 per 30 days up to four rooms)
  • Extras ($50 per 30 days up to four rooms) 

Exceptional and thrilling about Orby is that the taxes and fees are incorporated in that whole price. You see for what you paid. 

Orby do not sign any contract while you purchase any equipment. You play entertainment as a prepaid customer for a month. They let you decide after a paid month if you wish to continue.

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Add-On Fees: The main add-on fee is for DVR. There is a must charge of $4 per month for DVR service in case you have a programming package. It is up to you if you drop from this package and is only interested in recording local channels. It charges you $12 per month for DVR service. There are some add-on fees if you subscribe to premium channels like Starz, HBO, Epix, and Cinemax. For these networks, having a base package is a must.

What Channels Do Orby TV offers you in essential and extra packages?

A little bad about Orby is that it provides fewer channels than a traditional cable or satellite provider. That is why it costs low. Orby is striving to keep charges low for their customers. So, they do not include expensive sports networks like ESPN. It happens to be a deal-breaking for few and some as a savings opportunity. Well, they include local channels like ABC, CBS, and FOX. It will vary because they are chosen by the outdoor antenna, rather than the satellite dish.

Orby TV Channel Lineups

Essentials: $40/month               Extras: $50/month

A&E                                                   A&E channel

BBC America (U.S.)                                     BBC World News (WN)

BET                                                   BET Gospel

            • Boomerang 

Cartoon Network Cartoon Network

CMT                             CMT

CNN                             CNN


Comedy Central Comedy Central

                                            Cooking Channel

                                            Crime + Investigation

CSPAN                             CSPAN

CSPAN 2               CSPAN 2

                                          Destination America

Discovery             Discovery

                                         Discovery Español


                                       DIY Network


Food Network            Food Network

FYI                       FYI

                                    Great American Country

Hallmark Channel Hallmark Channel

HGTV                                           HGTV

History Channel    History Channel

                                            History en Español

HLN                           HLN

IFC                             IFC

Investigation Discovery Investigation Discovery

Lifetime               Lifetime

LMN (Lifetime Movies) LMN (Lifetime Movies)


                                          LRW (Lifetime Real Women)

                                          Military History

 MotorTrend             MotorTrend

MTV                           MTV

                                        MTV Classic

MTV2                         MTV2


Nick Jr                         Nick Jr

Nick Teen         Nick Teen


Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite

OWN                       OWN

Paramount Network Paramount Network

Science                   Science

Sundance TV Sundance TV

TBS               TBS

TLC             TLC

TNT             TNT

Travel Channel Travel Channel

TruTV               TruTV

TV Land TV Land

VH1               VH1


We TV             We TV


You can make a list of your favorite channels and compare them to Orby TV’s list.

The startup costs at Orby are higher than for streaming services. So, proceeds this step while truly concerned. Ensure before finalizing the channels, that your family stays satisfied and happy. 


Can I Get Orby TV Services Where I Live?

You paid, so you desire for reliable services. So, place your satellite dish in a location where it is a clear view to the south. Luckily if you live in a place where you already have a satellite dish on your home or your neighbor has one. You have a good chance that Orby TV will work great where you reside. 

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You can also get your Orby dish installed at apartment and condo complexes. But for this, you may need to request special permission. The signals may be blocked due to any obstruction like trees or else, as it is a satellite service. Severe weather events can cause service interruptions. Except for Hawaii and Alaska, Orby TV provides its services in all the U.S. states.


Pros and cons of Orby TV


  • No contracts if you purchase equipment
  • Cheaper packages
  • Flexibility



  • Bad customer service (late contact and re-appointment issues, non-satisfactory)
  • False “risk-free” trial (may face technical issues)
  • No sports channels in any package (sports lovers find it inappropriate) 


Orby TV startup costs

                     Purchase price* Rental fee Multi-room fees Include 

Receiver $100 N/A $100              per room/device           Receiver, remote, on-screen program 


Receiver/DVR $200 N/A $200              per room/device             Receiver/DVR, remote, on-screen 

program guide

Pro installation $150      N/A           $50 per room           Satellite dish, antenna for local TV, 

mounting hardware, up to 100 ft. of cable

Self-installation kit $70 N/A             N/A                       Satellite dish, antenna for local TV,                            

mounting hardware  

Signal meter $20           N/A                       N/A                           Signal meter


Final Verdict about Orby TV

It is an affordable option for millions of U.S. residents. As they have reliable high-speed internet service where they reside. But if you are already paying for high-speed internet, then you’re probably better off trying out live TV streaming service. These services include YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, or Sling TV first. The startup expenses are much lower while those streaming services charge you $50 per month. Their services employ no tricks and no gimmicks as expressed in orby tv review. They provide you no-frills, high flexibility approach once you rent their services as told in orby tv review. You can later on schedule an installation appointment.  

The DVR of Orby is not the greatest. The hard drive size of your DVR is 500 GB. Only 100 hours of HD content can be stored on it. Orby also contains a single tuner and thus prevents the recording of more than one thing at a time. Well, Orby is simple to use and sounds affordable but still not sure whether it is a good alternative. Hopefully, you enjoyed orby tv review



Q) Can I install Orby TV myself (self-installation)?

Yes, it is possible to install Orby TV by ourselves. Otherwise, a technician will charge you $150 to make sure everything is correctly installed. It is costly but choosing a pro is a healthy option. If you are opting for DIY, you will buy a self-installation package at $70. Pay the bill charged with your debit or credit card. It comes with the dish, antenna, and mounting equipment. Ongoing for self-installation, you might misconfigure the system. To avoid any mishap and choose the proper way. Your local channels, as well as streaming other networks, will not be a problem for you in that case.


Q) What are the Orby TV packages?

Monthly charges offer two packages to their customers by Orby TV. 

  • Essential ($40 per 30 days up to four rooms)
  • Extras ($50 per 30 days up to four rooms) 

Exceptional and thrilling about Orby is that the taxes and fees are incorporated in that price. You see for what you paid. 

Orby do not sign any contract while you purchase any equipment. You play entertainment as a prepaid customer for a month. They let you decide after a paid month if you wish to continue 


Q) Is Orby TV Good?

Orby TV is a good option when it comes to considering their customer service. Your report about the issue and sooner (in two hours), the third part person contacts you. Orby is trying to be more and more gentle toward their customers. Well, you can go for Orby sign up, but do consider that it has a long run to go. It is a better choice than DIRECTV and DISH. It sounds affordable as it also adds taxes in the total price. For essential packages, it costs you $0.91 per channel while for extra packages it is $0.74 per channel. The essential package offers access to more than 44 while the extra package gives access to more than 68 packages. Go with excluding sporty channels, otherwise, it can get pricy.


Q) Does Orby TV have DVR? 

Yes, it does have a DVR. Before signing up for the services, you will need to order the Orby TV DVR combo device/receiver. It only costs you $199.99. 100 hours of HD content will be stored on 500 GB storage of the DVR. Make sure that you add DVR service that costs you $4 per month when you order your programming package. While you can have DVR services enabled without a programming package. But it will cost you more. It charges you $12 per month. This will limit you to record only the local channels picked up by your antenna. 


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