Nova launcher prime apk

nova launcher prime apk

One thing I love about using an Android phone is the ability to customize it to your preference.  You can customize completely how you use the interface from making calls and even accessing some of the applications. Nova Launcher Prime APK is an Android launcher that gives users the complete freedom of customizing whatever they want on their phone.

The users can change their mobile home screen in a way that suits them and even the different ways they can launch apps. There are different kinds of flexibility you get from using this launcher, and you can perform different kinds of tasks. For example, you can make phone calls and many other different things with your phone easily using the launcher.

The good thing about the Nova Launcher Prime APK is the flexibility and all the various options that they do offer the users. Users can take advantage of the different customizations available and make their phone in the way that they desire. These launchers are very great in increasing productivity as you can customize the apps that you use most, and that becomes fast. There are many benefits you get from using the launcher, which you should try out. 



The Nova Launcher Prime APK offers the users one of the best features, and that is the ability to add drawer tabs. Most launchers do offer the users only one tab by default, but with the Nova Launcher Prime APK, you get to create more tabs and name them according to the category.

For example, you can name some for the internet, music, and work. The app drawer is one of the best stop shops for all Android apps that you can get, which is impressive. The other thing that makes this feature great is the ability to arrange it for a style that you like. This feature allows you to find specific apps very fast, which is fantastic easily. 


The other thing that you will notice with the Nova Launcher Prime APK is that you can change how you scroll. You can choose between scrolling vertically or horizontally, which is excellent. This will give you some flexibility compared to just having one form of scrolling on your phone. Setting up this is very simple as you all have to do is choose the view, and you are set.


The Nova Launcher Prime APK gives you one of the best capabilities to customize icons. This ability to change icons completely transforms the look and feel of your smartphone. There are many things you can do with this feature from customizing the app shape, size, and even the label, which is excellent. With the Nova Icon Pack, there are many cool features that you can add and see your phone transform differently.

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There is a Nova scrolling effect that allows the users to perform smooth scrolling on their phones, which is fantastic.  It’s a nice wipe that allows you to scroll faster and get to the app that you want easily.


There are different kinds of swipe gestures that you can use to do a lot with scrolling your phone. The gestures are essential, especially when you assign them to specific tasks on your phone. For example, using a double finger up can open the Nova Launcher Prime APK settings. When you use the double finger down, you can set it up in a way to open Google. There are more customizations that you can do, and they all depend on what you want to be accessing. It’s all up to you to choose the type of customization that suits you best.


Phones are our personal and private devices, so you should always keep things private. The good thing about the Nova Launcher Prime APK is that it offers you the ability to create some hidden files, which is fantastic. This is one of the excellent ways of accessing some apps on your phone faster and convenient without littering the home screen. This folder can be created easily, and it will always appear hidden but can be accessed by tapping on the screen icon. There is a full range of apps that you can hide, and some people can have a hard time locating them.


Not all Android phones offer the users the feature of night mode, which is an excellent feature when it comes to using your phone. The feature can help you spare your eyes, and it is so easy to set it up. At the Nova Launcher Prime APK settings, you can go to Night Mode and easily activate it. You can apply the dark theme to the phone at almost every place, and the best thing is that you can schedule the switch to night mode at either sunrise or sunset.


There are a lot of other features that you can access using the Nova Launcher Prime APK, like access a secret menu. This secrete menu will allow you to do a lot of customization, which is impressive. There are a lot of hidden gems that you can get with the Nova Launcher Prime APK that you can use and make your phone exceptional. I love this launcher because of the look and feel that you get with your phone, which is excellent.



One benefit of the Nova Launcher Prime APK is the complete customization that you get from the app. When you first buy a smartphone, the one thing that you will notice is there are some layouts of the interface that you don’t like. 


The good thing with the Nova Launcher Prime APK is that it has a built-in night mode to the application, which is excellent.

You can turn on the feature and add the dark theme to it, which makes it awesome. The good thing with this feature is it offers you the flexibility to set the time that you want the night mode to start. You can decide to either have the night mode start at sunrise or have it start at noon or any other time you do want it, which is fantastic.

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It’s easy to update new and additional features with the Nova Launcher Prime APK, and it’s easy to do so. EASY TO USE

Using Nova Launcher Prime APK is so simple, and it does not take a lot of effort to step it up, which is fantastic. Using the settings, you will be able to access all the things that you need to do with the app, which is excellent. The steps that you will need to follow are pretty straight forward, and you will be ready to go. Customizing your phone with this application is of the best ways you can easily do and do it quickly.


When installing applications to your phone, you always need to keep in mind how safe an app is. The one thing I love about the Nova Launcher APK is how safe the application is. The primary use of this app is to customize your phone impressively, and it does not steal data from you.



One drawback of the Nova Launcher Prime APK is that you can access more features with the paid version. Features like gestures and notifications are only reserved for the paid version, which is a drawback. 


One thing that I do hate with this application is the fact that you have to give it a lot of permissions, which is annoying. The app will request permission to access the position, network, storage, and many more, which can be annoying. The other thing about giving these permissions is you never know the kind of data that the app can collect from you, which is not safe at all.


However, The Nova Launcher Prime APK is one of the best launchers that you can get. But there are some things that I don’t like with it. Firstly, you will note that this application offers the users many options to choose from when customizing.

Also, One drawback to all the launchers is that they tend to slow down the phone’s performance. Even the best launchers in the game do not always work great as they are often slow. But, You many experiences lag when it comes to opening an app or trying to launch something. However, This often happens when you are using a phone that has been made in China from companies like Gionee.


To conclude, we have highlighted the Nova Launcher Prime APK, which you can install on your phone and start using. Customizing with this application is so easy, and you can do a lot of customs, which is fantastic. We have highlighted some of the best features, advantages, and drawbacks, which will give you an insight into the app.


Does Nova Launcher Prime APK affect your battery?

No, the launcher works similarly to the Android interface and does not drain a lot of battery power.

Does the Nova Launcher slow your phone down?

Yes. Most of the launchers tend to slow down how a phone works, which is a disadvantage.

So, Is Nova Launcher the best launcher?

But, It’s one of the best launchers as it offers the users some of the most amazing features. They cannot get with other launchers.   

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