How To Sell Steam Games : What It Is And How To Use It

How to sell steam games

How to sell steam games

Selling games on Steam seems to be a little tricky. Yeah, it’s a lot of processes. But once you can grab it, you can easily do it next time. After you develop a game, it is necessary to upload it to Steam. Because Steam is a vast platform for gamers and developers.

After all, it’s useless if you can’t make money from your game. That’s why game developers choose Steam to make a desirable amount of profit.

Suppose you made a game and upload it to Steam. Surprisingly, it became famous, and you made a good amount of money. What will you do next? Hopefully, you will develop more games and become rich. For this reason, you should know how to sell games on Steam. So, let’s break it down.

How to sell a game on steam?

Once you have completely developed a game, you can sell it on steam. But first, you must know how to publish games on Steam. There are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. Signup to ‘Steamworks’, which is the backend to developers where you can upload your games and manage them.
  2. Visit the Steamworks website. Then log in with your regular steam account.
  3. Click ‘Signup’ on Game Developer or Publisher option. You will find every detailed information that will come in handy while uploading your game. Such as payment information, tax information, product submission fee, rules, and guidelines.
  4. After reading the information, click ‘Continue’ for the next page.
  5. After that, you have to fill up a form with legal information about your company. If you alone made a game without any company, you can enter ‘Sole Proprietorship’. This can be included in the Company form field.
  6. Check again after filling the form to confirm it. The press ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  7. You need to pay $100 to upload your game on Steam. This $100 is to stop people from uploading whatever they want. Hopefully, you will make a revenue of more than 100 USD.
  8. Besides, you will need a bank account to pay. Also, this account will be used to collect your revenues. You can choose PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, whatever you have.
  9. At this time, you will get access to various tools of Steamworks. These tools will assist you in publishing your game on Steam.
  10. If you want to use some steam achievements, leaderboards you can use Steamworks API.
  11. Now it’s time to upload your game. Unfortunately, there is not any simple upload button to upload it immediately. Download Steam CMD and Steamworks SDK from Google. Steamworks website should have the latest SDK. It will take time to put in the right commands and wait until your game uploads.
  12. Then you should start setting up your game page like uploading screenshots, trailers, and all. Once you set all the Steamworks settings properly, this game will appear in your library automatically. Even though the game was not published yet, you can play the game as a developer.
  13. Now it’s time to publish your store page, which you have designed with screenshots, trailers and all. It’s not like uploading your game.
  14. If you publish the store page, it will be visible to the gamers. But they can not play the game yet. Because your game needs approval, and someone will check your game if it’s working correctly. If everything’s okay, it will show up in no time.
  15. Finally, hit the publish button on launch day. Otherwise, players can’t download and play the game.
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How to sell steam games

How to Sell a Game You Made on Steam?

You can make a profit from your game from Steam. For this reason, you need to know how to sell steam games. After uploading, you can sell steam keys. The steam key is one of the best ways to promote or even sell your game. Generally speaking, the steam key is some random combination of words. Anyone can unlock a game with steam keys. As a developer you only you can generate the Steam key for your game.

However, you can sell your steam keys to your friends or others. Besides, if you don’t want others to play your game before launch, you can sell them retail keys. So, they will be able to play the game after launch.

Surprisingly, you can generate steam or retail keys as many as you want. You can sell these keys on other platforms, your website, and so on. Steam allows that! What’s more interesting is Steam won’t take any cut from your key business! Sounds pretty good, right?

How to resell a game on Steam?

You can’t resell a game from your library. There are rumors that you can resell Steam games in the future. Developers are working on it. However, if you have gifts in your account, you can sell them on g2a.

But do you know how to sell Steam games on g2a? Here are the processes to sell those games on g2a:

  1. At first, select the game that you want to sell and click ‘Send gift’. You will find a box where you can mail your gift. Put one of your Gmail accounts and simply gift yourself
  2. Write a recipient’s first name and some sweet gift message if you want. Then send it.
  3. Now find out the Gmail that you just sent to yourself. Simply copy the gift link.
  4. Go to the g2a website and select selling under your account. Click sell new items and select ‘Steam gift’. Press ‘Next’ to everything that comes after.
  5. A form will show up where you have to paste your link and game name. Set the price for the game. After finishing the form select ‘Sell an item’. You should be able to see a note that ‘Your product has been added successfully’. Easy money!
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Although g2a will cut some from your earning, it’s worth it. Suppose you are selling a $15 game. After selling, you will get around $12-$14.

Steam Refunds

Surprisingly, Steam has an official refund policy. If you face problems with any of your owned games, you can return them. Follow the process:

  1. At first, log in to your Steam account. Go to ‘Help.’
  2. Scroll down and click ‘A Purchase.’
  3. If any of your games are eligible for a refund, they will show up. Click on the game that you want a refund.
  4. Then you have to select a problem that you are facing.
  5. After that, choose ‘I’d like to request a refund.’
  6. A request form will appear. Fill the form and submit it.
  7. Finally, a confirmation email will come if it’s successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Steam?

Steam is one of the most popular cloud-based gaming libraries. Anyone can buy games and store them in their personal account library. Players can download their owned games from their library. Also, you can develop a game and release it to steam. Steam contains thousands of games as well as DLC’s. As steam has a huge amount of users, a good game can be easily profitable.

How do I sell my Steam games?

Simply, it’s not possible to sell steam games unless it’s a gift. But you can refund your owned games.

  1. At first, go to your Steam account and choose ‘Help.’
  2. Scroll down and click ‘A Purchase.’
  3. If any of your games are eligible for a refund, they will show up. Click on the game that you want a refund.
  4. Then you have to select a problem that you are facing.
  5. After that, choose ‘I’d like to request a refund.’
  6. A request form will appear. Fill the form and submit it.
  7. Finally, a confirmation email will come if it’s successful.

How can I get my game on Steam?

If you upload your game on Steam, it will automatically show on your library. But there are several processes to upload a game on Steam.

  1. Sign up for ‘Steamworks.’
  2. Fill up the forms.
  3. Set up your bank account information and pay 100 USD.
  4. Upload the game.
  5. Set up your page.
  6. Finally, publish your game on launch day.

Besides, there are a lot of works to do. So, it can be a lengthy process.

The Final Words

Generally, a game creator knows how hard it is to create a game. To earn from your hard work, you must know to upload games on Steam. So, that you can make a profit while others enjoy the game.

So, what type of game/games are you going to upload on Steam?

Do you have any questions related to how to sell Steam games? If you have any, leave them in the comments.


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