Four Interesting Virtual Ways to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

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Raising money is an important part of running a nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations all have something they’re working toward; that’s the point of a nonprofit, after all. Especially if you’re unable to run in-person events, as you might be right now, you need some creativity to raise money and help your nonprofit function effectively. Here arefour interesting concepts that can help you raise money.

1. Hold an Auction Event Online

Auction events tend to be a great way to help you raise money. Auction events are effective because they allow people to get something out of their donation; if you request donations for the auction items, you can even utilize the money from the auction without having to spend money upfront.

Online silent auctions can be extremely effective because they work very similarly to in-person auctions. Set up the auction to run for longer than you would with an in-person auction; some organizations will run a silent auction for as long as a week, allowing them plenty of time to advertise it.

2. Engage Large Donors With Exclusive Online Events

Large donors are going to be the people that you get most of your funds from. On average, you’re going to get far more than 50% of your funds from people who donate a substantial amount when they donate. It’s a good idea to engage them to make sure they come back for more, and exclusive events are a great way to do it.

You may, for example, want to host streaming events that only donors who donate more than a specific amount have access to. Very large nonprofit organizations may use numbers as high as $25,000 per year, but you can start with numbers as low as $1,000 or even $500.

3. Offer One-On-One Networking Opportunities as Bonuses

There are many donors who might want a chance to learn more about the people who founded the nonprofit that you’re running. If you’re thinking about ways that you can bring in more donations, you might want to consider offering networking opportunities as a bonus.

To assign this bonus, you could offer it in a number of ways to help you raise money. You could have a raffle that people can donate toward, you could choose one donor at random from the complete pool of donors, or you could give the networking opportunity to whoever donates the most over a single event.

4. Create an Appropriate Theme for the Virtual Event

Thematic considerations are important in hosting virtual events. When you’re trying to theme a virtual event, make sure you think about the same things as if you were trying to theme an in-person event. You want to captivate your donors either way.

Most themes for in-person events can transfer pretty well to virtual events. If you want a great theme for your virtual event, think about an in-person event first. Then you’ll be able to transfer the event theme to the virtual space more easily.


As you can see, it’s completely possible for you to host a great virtual event for your nonprofit organization. You just need to think about what your nonprofit organization can benefit the most from. Regardless of what option you use, you can be certain that your nonprofit organization can continue to help you raise money even without in-person events to bolster you.

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