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First, one TV is known to stream different kinds of channels from all across the country. But unluckily the website is not active and is not displaying or streaming the channels anymore. The only pop-up users are viewing is “Goodbye. FirstOne TV has discontinued his service”. This uncertainty has affected millions of people from European countries and especially from the UK who was fond of watching pirated contents. Following the facts- around 50,000 people used this website daily for watching TV channels from various countries. As this service has been stopped, they have to rely on the better alternatives of FirstOne.

In this article, we will briefly learn over the better alternatives to stream channels. As most of us are already fond of FirstOne TV, it would be better to learn to access the channels through which we can watch online sports, news on other plants from any geographical locations.

A glimpse of FirstOne TV

In the year 2015, FirstOne TV was started, no further details are available for its creator. This site permitted the user to access any TV channel they want and the whole process was simplified. By selecting the geographical location all of the channels (available) show up and you can proceed further with your preference. Various contents like web series, movies, news or drama was also a part of it. The reason for which it again popularity is- it was free to use for everyone. This site also recorded 5 million visitors per month which makes it renowned all over the place. The major traffic producing countries for this website were the UK, US, France, Germany, etc.

firestonetv shutdown

The reason for which this site has stopped is might be the copyright issues. Numbers of websites have shut down because of a similar strike. You might have heard of another popular subreddit Soccer Stream which had gone down a few months ago. The unexpected shutdown of FirstOne TV has broken number of hearts of the streamers. But it has to be accepted that what’s gone is in the past. Speculations are still made that the website might come back or it will open new doors. But up until then, we have to search for better options. Because even if the website will come there are possibilities that feature will not be the same as it used to be earlier. It would be a smart choice to move to other websites to discover and explore more of online streaming.

Best substitution for FirstOne TV

The users who are disappointed with the sudden shutdown of FirstOne TV can try for its other potential alternatives. As the official website is displaying that services are discontinued if you will click anywhere on the website you will be directed to the Amazon site for affiliation. Try the below-mentioned links for further streaming.

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Alternative I

Freeintertv as the first substitute to stream channels online

The first and better option is freeintertv, which works exactly like Firstone TV. There are plenty of channels available here. Initially, you might find some dead information but the team is consistent and striving to serve the users best. Within a few attempts, the link will work and you can enjoy your favorite segment of programs. You will see multiple options to filter the programs of channels in a home page based upon your country or its genre. One more option of the dropdown button is available on the homepage where you can select your country. Here is a list of programs from specific countries will appear and you can select them by a single click. The major Perks of using it is you don’t need any third party involvement or support to access any service. Neither does it require any other tools or plug-in to run the services. Its user interface is known for the modernized and enhanced look.


Before using it is essential for you to know that some of its features are old and you might also find them not-mobile friendly. This website is also blocked in few countries hence if you need to access it, unlock ok the website using VPN.

Alternative II

Mobdro mobile application to watch the channels on Android

Most of the Android users have claimed to be their favorite application for watching the channels ‘live’ on mobile. Though it is neither legally approved as a streaming service nor is an official service, yet its popularity is just amazing. The team of professionals behind this application works consistently to provide regular updates for every link of channels. With this, you can also update the application with high-quality links. The efficiency of the back team is the reason for which every channel of this application works dynamically and in perfect order. The limitation of this website is that it is eligible only for Android and not other OS. This application is also not available on play store because of the copyright issues hence you have to install it directly from their official website.

Mobdro mobile app

Mobdro Website is recommended for the users who are fond of watching live TV and are continuous Android users. It is basically available in two versions-

  • Freemium- as the name suggests this version of Mobdro website is available free for the users. The major perk is it does not run any irrelevant advertisements during the process.
  • Premium- this version has additional features compared to the premium version like it can capture the video and Chromecast. If you are willing to upgrade your installation to the premium version then it can be done through the freemium version directly.

This website is user-friendly and all of its channel links are active and in working status. If you have to categories the channels then you can easily search for any of them by your choice. Apart from their number of filters available on the homepage where you can prefer your channel on the basis of country or genre.

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How Mobdro TV service can be used on a PC?

Mobdro largest streaming platform where user can watch TV shows, movies, news or any other program. It also presents the extreme diverse live TV coverage for the users where they find online streaming easy. Access to the most popular channels like HBO, CBS, AMC, BT sport, ABC, History, Nate Geo and many more is also available for it.

Mobdro is actually designed for Android devices but users have the liberty to use it for PC as well. It can be done by using any mobile emulator on your PC. As emulators are readily available for everyone, you don’t have to pay extra bucks for it. At present plenty of Android, emulators are available for free some of them are BlueStacks, NOX player, Memuplayer and many more.

How Mobdro TV service can be used on a PC

Follow the below-mentioned instruction carefully to install this service-


Before you install it over your PC, it is essential for you to install BlueStacks at first. For this, you have to follow-

  • Download BlueStacks emulator, navigate its location and click “run“.
  • Permit the request and install the program.
  • Click on “finish
  • Now you have to sign in with Gmail account and enter the details.

Once it is installed you can easily use BlueStacks. For installing Mobdro on your PC now follow-

  • Download the apk file of Mobdro
  • Navigate its storage location.
  • Right-click and select “open with BlueStacks”
  • This app will be installed on BlueStacks right then

download mobdro

Once it is done we can use Mobdro without any hindrance. You will also get access to the plethora of information available on this application for PC. Keep in mind to remind save by turning on the VPN settings before streaming through any details.

Alternative III

Free TV is the simplest

As the name itself signifies that all of the accessible content available is free for the users. Users from all across the world can access this website and you can also visit it whenever or wherever you want. This website does not serve any single country and also there are no cases of blocking. Varieties of entertainment programs are available on this website for example if you prefer movie stuff, TV shows, news channels or just songs you can find the diversity here. Another better thing is if you prefer watching reality shows and news channels more than this website is a big go for you. Numbers of news channels are available superficially here and if you want to search for other channels then you have to dig deeper. In case you are in hurry audio do not have time to follow every filter then you can directly search through the “search-box”.

Final words

In this article, we have closely discussed the best alternatives of FirstOne TV. You can use them for streaming the content available online for free. For this specific instance you can feel relieved because no matter one site come or go, online streaming is hard to stop. In case any website falls, online streamers always find a loophole to escape. Although we are not promoting any illegal streaming if it is illegal to stream channels in your country you can do them at your risk.

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