Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Best Shows on Amazon Prime [ Updated 2019 ]

best shows on amazon prime

What’s better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the fireplace while watching a fantastic show on Amazon Prime? Subscribe for a year, and you have a slew of high-end contents to watch throughout the year. If you are a movie buff like me, I know you have already subscribed to it or planning to. The thing is that with innumerable contents, choosing the right show or movie can be quite a haywire. Don’t worry; give this blog a read, and you will not run out of the best shows on Amazon Prime to watch at least for a month. Read on.

5 Best Shows on Amazon Prime You Must Not Miss Out!

I have listed down the best shows on Amazon Prime based on customer reviews and my verdict after watching the shows. From horror to rom-com, this list has got everything covered. Let’s begin.

1. The Office

This show consists of 9 seasons and each season has at least 20 episodes. Trust me; each show is going to make you laugh like crazy. At times, it may make you cry or angry as well. It’s like going on a roller coaster ride of emotions while watching The Office. This show is about a group of colleagues named Jim, Pam, Dwight, Stanley, Angela, Kevin, Phyllis, Andy, Creed, etc. The protagonist here is the regional manager of the Office, Michael Scott. Michael is someone who doesn’t make enemies. He wants to make friends wherever he goes.

The Office 
The Office

The Office is about the daily things that happen in the real world office. It has sarcastically portrayed issues such as acceptance of the LGBT community, equal pay, sexual harassment, etc. From Dwight to Stanley, every character is goofy and has a role to play in the show. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

2. Dr. House

Dr. House
Dr. House

Dr. House is about the protagonist House Gregory George, his team, and how they solve extremely complicated cases at the hospital. It isn’t everything about medical jargon. It is also about the patient’s lives, history, and how they ended up in the hospital. House is not the stereotype doctor as they show in movies. He is not empathetic towards his patients, or maybe he is, secretly. You will be the best judge to tell that. He can go to any extent to save a patient’s life. He can spy on his patient’s house even. And the most amazing part is that it works!

Dr. House consists of 8 seasons with at least 20 episodes in each season. Dr. House has a history too, and you may start having a soft corner for him as you watch the show. He is smart, intelligent, handsome and has a fantastic sense of humor. Watch it and let me know your feedback. De. Gregory House is not an easy doctor, by the way.

3. Good Omens

Good Omens
Good Omens

This is a six-part series co-produced by the BBC News and Amazon. You will also find the novel with the same name in the market. Good Omens is about how an angel portrayed by Michael Sheen and a devil portrayed by David Tennant survives after an apocalypse is about to hit the Universe. They have to make the team and prevent the apocalypse from occurring and stopping heaven and hell from fighting each other. They just need to do this for the sake of their comfortable lives.

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The best thing about this show is the cast and their storytelling techniques. It consists of tremendous actors like Michael McKean, Adria Arjona, Nick Offerman, and others. With their fantastic storytelling, the show has successfully created some humor out of human history and mythology. You may fall out of bed laughing because this show has some fantastic comedy scenes and dialogues. Give it a watch if you want a good laugh in the middle of the week.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This is one of the best productions of Amazon Prime. Ladies, this show can change your life. If you have ever felt bad about yourself or if you have demeaned in any way. Mrs. Maisel will give you hope. This show is set in the 1950s and revolves around Midge Maisel. Midge is a housewife going to turn into a standup comedian after her husband leaves her. You may have to stop your work because this movie is just captivating. It is the story about a common girl who will break all odds to attain the unattainable goal.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Mrs. Maisel will create a mess in a show. That’s when the introduction of another important character in the film is going to happen. Susie Myerson what a show-stealer the character has been! This show has received the Golden Globe for Best Comedy. It has also bagged the award of the best musical comedy series for this debut performance. The protagonist also takes away the award for the best actress. With such an impressive cast, why don’t save some time and give it a watch?

5. Transparent

Transparent is about accepting your sexuality and not feeling bad about it. It revolves around Maura Pfefferman, who is a transgender woman and will continue out to her family. You will understand the nervous tension that she and her kids go through after she came out in front of them. It is like you are there, and you know the consequences. The show somehow feels very real, and it is the best thing about this show. The human mind and how it works have been shown in-depth here. You may find answers to things you thought will go unanswered.


Also, this show has successfully bagged the Golden  Globe award for the Best Series. Inspired by a novel, this show is also one of the original productions of Amazon. I watched it, and I am reflecting on my perception of the modern world. I bet you too will feel the same. This show has taught me that it’s okay to be different.

These are some of the best shows on Amazon Prime. These shows will make you happy and make you feel a little bit sad when it ends. All in all, the shows are pretty good to invest your time in. the problem is, many people get confused about whether to choose Amazon Prime or Netflix. So here is a short comparison of Amazon Prime vs Netflix for you to make the right decision.

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Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Amazon Prime vs Netflix is an old battle in the field of on-demand video streaming services. Both of them are quite popular throughout the United States and the rest of the world. With time, they will have even more competitors in the industry. The reason for Amazon Prime having higher chances of winning the battle is that people have known Amazon from a very very long time. To clear out the confusion, check out this Amazon Prime vs Netflix based on price, contents and extra features. Let’s begin.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix 


I would say Netlfix is way expensive than Amazon Prime. You need to pay at least $9 to subscribe to Netflix every month. This one is the most basic plan where you can’t share your screen with anyone else. Other plans include $13 and $16. The three packages give you the freedom of accessing a wide plethora of movies, TV shows, etc.  The quality may differ based on your plans.

Amazon Prime, on the other hands, lets you enjoy all its contents with just $119 annual membership. Apart from a wide variety of ad-free contents, you will also enjoy several shopping benefits. You can also stream the same content from two devices. In my opinion, Amazon Prime wins this round entirely.


Netflix is known as the provider of the best contents for both the US and UK audience. From The Haunting of the Hill House to Dark, every content is valuable on Netflix. It has also got a good number of movies and shows on regional languages. You will find contents of every genre, age group and time here on Netflix. The only problem is that the quality of the videos may differ depending on your plan.

Amazon Prime also provides a remarkable collection of TV shows and movies. So what you need to do is just filter the contents according to your preferences. It has the Harry Potter movies and a lot of DC movies as well. You are never going to find these contents on Netflix for sure. You can’t really complain about the quality because it depends on your network connection. Amazon Prime has valuable contents too. It is worth subscribing.

Live TV and extras

Netflix needs you to pay every month, and that’s an annoying thing. They haven’t brought forward a monthly subscription or anything like this. It has no extra features as such to offer.

Amazon Prime lets you enjoy two kinds of premium contents that you will not find in the annual subscription. You can rent or buy these contents to watch later. The prices start at $4, and they may differ. You will find all sorts of contents to rent on Amazon Prime. You can also watch many live shows on HBO, CBS, etc.since these are Amazon Channels. You can also the NFL’s Thursday Night Football live if you have the annual subscription.

So yes, Amazon Prime is again the winner of this round.

Wrapping Up,

You will never run out of contents either on Netflix or on Amazon Prime. Online streaming videos have made life easier for busy people and movie buffs like me. It is almost like a breath of fresh air, which takes you to a different world through TV shows and movies.

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