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mechanical mods


Mechanical mods are what we call mechanical rods. Mechanical rods, as the name suggests, pure mechanical equipment without any chip circuit control, its operating principle is also very simple, after we are loading the battery, the entire pole, The base of the atomizer is the negative pole. The positive pole only has the positive pole of the battery and the positive pole of the atomizer. The positive pole of the atomizer is connected to the bottom 510 electrode, which is in contact with the positive pole of the battery. Then when we press the switch It will flow from the negative electrode of the battery to the positive electrode – the positive electrode of the atomizer – the heating wire – the negative column of the atomizer, and then back to the negative electrode, forming a process of converting kinetic energy into heat energy.


Initially, the shaft material is usually red copper or brass, but in the past two years, there have been many mechanical rods using other materials, such as: space aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, sterling silver and so on.

The difference in the material used is also directly related to the use of the mechanical rod, because the electrical properties of various metal materials are different (that is, the resistance is different), and the higher resistance will cause loss when the current passes.

That is to say, the material that is placed in the front of the material is better as the mechanical rod of the shaft material. (The lower the resistance, the higher the current passing rate), the electric energy can be exerted as much as possible on the heating wire, and the waste is lost in the rod. The body’s electrical energy is minimized.

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The shape of the mechanical rod is variable, and the diameter can be roughly divided into 22mm, 24mm, 29mm, 32mm, and the most common is 22mm diameter and 24mm diameter.

Players should choose the diameter that matches the nebulizer when purchasing the mechanical rod, otherwise it may happen in this way (hey, you see, that person took a microphone!).

The overall appearance is very variable, such as the shell hollow, the shell is twisted, painted, with a small waist, the sleeve can be replaced, the resin sleeve, the stable wood sleeve, can be described as too numerous .

And the diversified appearance also makes everyone the biggest factor in the mechanical stick.

Important parts and how to choose a good mechanical rod

The structure of the mechanical rod can be said to be very simple, but one of the most tested manufacturing processes is the bottom switch button of this mechanical rod.

The bottom button manufacturing process of a mechanical rod is also one of the keys to measuring the quality of this mechanical rod. Its structural design and manufacturing process are related to the safety and comfort of this mechanical rod.

I think that possessing the following characteristics can be regarded as a good switch design, with a self-locking mechanism (or recessed design), flexible and comfortable, with battery adaptive spring (so that the battery will not shake in the battery compartment, and to some extent To the insulation function), the negative contact of the battery is wide and flat and the periphery is rounded (to prevent arc breakdown), and it is easy to disassemble. C8C586A0-4A19-412c-9BEE-FF39A9FA68C4

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Rods

After introducing the working principle of it, let’s talk about the advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Mechanical Rod.


1, can withstand low ohmic values (of course, the battery should also be able to withstand low ohmic values).

2. Its output is relatively straightforward. It does not need to be ignited by the chip. When it is fully charged, it can get a very good burst, and there is no delay.

3, it has a very good value (sister artifact), comfortable grip, most of the mechanical rods are relatively light, relatively easy to carry relative to the box.

4, the design of the bottom button is very convenient in the correct grip position (not everyone here, certainly some people feel uncomfortable)


1. There is a certain risk in the case of improper operation (the main reason is that the battery quality is not good, or the enthusiast-level player makes the resistance value too low)

2. Can not be on the finished atomizer (also has a certain risk, some finished atomizers may cause short circuit due to design problems, the upper mechanical rod)

3. The drawback is that the mechanical rod is purely mechanically connected and has no chip control output, so its output will gradually decrease with its power, resulting in poor taste.

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