Burning Wins Slot game review

Burning Wins Slot game review

Online slot games at www.daisyslots.com come in all shapes and sizes these days. 

From the elaborately themed all action video slots, to the simple, classic three reelers, there is a lot to choose from for slot game spinners. Burning Wins Slot game review is something of a classic. The game offers just the three reels which is something of a rarity in today’s slot game world. 

What this brings is a timeless feel and some simple slot game fun, as 3 reels make for just 5 pay lines – just like fruit machines of old. Betting starts at 10p in this title, too, which adds to the whole experience of an all inclusive, non-intimidating slot. 

If you like a retro charm to your slots, then this game might just be the one for you. 

About the developer 

The unsung heroes of the Online Cricket Betting ID and online slot game scene are the developers, without a doubt

There are plenty of brands out there doing great work to keep the genre alive. Playson are the developers of Burning Wins and they have done a fine job of making a retro feeling slot while keeping things contemporary at the same time. 

This game shows the wonderful versatility of Playson, who are more than capable of creating all action 3D video slot game experiences, too. Book of Gold: Double Chance and Sakura Dragon, for example, show how Playsoon can really stretch their graphics into games with a real narrative and exciting features. 

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For this slot though, they are able to keep it simple and still provide and engaging slot game. 

About the game 

As mentioned, there is a simple, humble retro charm to the action here. 

Burning Wins uses just 3 reels and 5 pay lines. More than anything, this means that players of all levels can rock up and enjoy this slot. It is just like the sort of fruit machine you would find in an arcade or an old pub, with simplicity being the key to a quality slot game. 

The symbols are, of course, made up of fruit. This classic take on the slot game is all too rare these days and there is definitely something to enjoy about the classic sight of watermelons and bells popping up on the 3 reels. 

The graphics are very simple, harking back to a day long before the video slot game even existed. But again, we must stress that this in not a weakness of Burning Wins, it is a strength, a charm and a reason to give this game a go. 

Look out for 7s and bells as well as the fruit in this simple slot. 

Bonus Features 

Due to the retro theme at hand, there are no bonus features to report. Rather, the game is very simple with just spin after spin and hopefully, the occasional win being the routine. 


Burning Wins Slot game review is like something out of a time machine. In a landscape where slot games are getting more and more complicated, there will always be space for simple, retro games like this one.

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